Spielberg’s Dreamworks Splits From Disney


“A new deal could mean a fresh start for DreamWorks, which has faced struggles from the inception of the Disney relationship. Sources say the DreamWorks team felt something of a strain from the start because its deal was negotiated with Dick Cook, then chairman of the studio, with the understanding that Disney would invest in DreamWorks’ films and invite DreamWorks to participate in some of its projects. But soon after the deal was made, Cook was ousted and Disney CEO Bob Iger set a strategy of fully financing Disney movies.”

Chailly To Quit Leipzig Gewandhausorchester Four Years Early


What prompted the change of plan is not clear, though a statement issued by the orchestra implies it didn’t want him to leave. The city’s mayor Burkhard Jung is quoted as saying he ‘has conceded’ to Chailly’s desire to leave ‘in recognition of the exceptional accomplishments of Riccardo Chailly in furthering the artistic and international reputation of the Gewandhausorchester.’

Report: Match Funding Is Ineffective At Spurring Donations


Match funding schemes, often used by arts organisations to boost income, were tested in several field experiments as part of the survey, which also assessed how effective these were at encouraging donors to give more. The report said that the match funding experiments carried out found the method had “no significant effects… on donation behaviour”.

Hacking Used To Be Cool (Until It Got Hacked)


“Unlike the open uprising of the liberation leader, the hacker impulse expresses itself via a constellation of minor acts of insurrection, often undertaken by individuals, creatively disguised to deprive authorities of the opportunity to retaliate. Once you’re attuned to this, you see hacks everywhere.”

Google’s Robots Have Been Hallucinating In Images. What’s THAT About?


“The computer-made images feature scrolls of color, swirling lines, stretched faces, floating eyeballs, and uneasy waves of shadow and light. The machines seemed to be hallucinating, and in a way that appeared uncannily human.”

We Are The Stories We Tell? Don’t Believe It


“We story ourselves and we are our stories. There’s a remarkably robust consensus about this claim, not only in the humanities but also in psychotherapy. It’s standardly linked with the idea that self-narration is a good thing, necessary for a full human life.” But it isn’t true.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival Has Been Focused On Diversity. Here’s How It’s Going…


“Once settled in your seat, I suspect the first thing you’d notice would be the unusual ethnic and racial diversity onstage.”

We Asked Music Critics Who Are The World’s Best Orchestras And Conductors…


Five of the world’s greatest orchestras, as collectively ranked, are German….

Dean Jones, The Go-To Leading Man Of Disney’s Golden Age, Dead At 84

dean jones

“Precocious and multitalented as a youth, the boyishly handsome Mr. Jones began his career as a teenage radio host and performer in amateur musical revues. He became a stage actor, and he and Jane Fonda made their Broadway debuts together. But it was not until the mid-1960s that he found his niche, as the affable, hapless, clean-cut Everyman in a series of genial family comedies produced by the Walt Disney Company, beginning in 1965 with That Darn Cat!

Carbuncle Cup 2015: The Worst Building Of The Year In Britain Is –

carbuncle cup 2

– just awful. “It has singed shopfronts, melted cars and caused great gusts of wind to sweep pedestrians off their feet. … Responsible for a catalogue of catastrophes, it is hard to imagine a building causing more damage if it tried.”

The Kids In Brooklyn Who’ve Really Got Opera Figured Out

kids on brooklyn have opera figured out

James Jorden: “It’s not easy to pin down exactly what makes LoftOpera so unlike the myriad other small opera companies that dot New York, but whatever that disparity might be, it makes all the difference.”

Cooper Union Reaches Settlement With NYS Attorney General And Alumni

cooper union

The agreement doesn’t provide for the return of free tuition – yet – but it does end the current litigation over that issue and provide for outside financial oversight.

Oliver Sacks’s Final Article

oliver sacks final article

“Walter, previously a moderate eater, developed a ravenous appetite. ‘He started to gain weight,’ his wife later told me, ‘and his pants changed three sizes in six months.’ … He was also prone to getting ‘stuck’ in various activities – playing the piano, for example, for eight or nine hours at a time. Even more disquieting was the development of an insatiable sexual appetite.”

The One Interview Elena Ferrante Gave To An American Outlet


At least it was long and meaty enough to be made into a two-part Q&A.

Wadsworth Atheneum In Hartford Puts Final Touches On A Comeback


“On Sept. 19, after a five-year, relatively humble $33 million renovation, the Wadsworth is finally reopening the Morgan Memorial Building … and its European galleries, which have been mostly closed since 2009. … For the first time in 50 years all the Wadsworth’s galleries will be open at once.”

For Whom Should (Or Shouldn’t) Broadway Dim Its Lights? It’s Less Simple A Question Than Ever

broadway dimming

“For at least 50 years, New York has honored the passing of lifelong theater-industry participants by briefly dimming the lights of Broadway marquees. But in the social-media era, the decision over whose legacy merits the tradition is kicking up painful public controversy.”

The Sharpest Comedy On Television Aired On HBO This Summer, And You Probably Never Knew It Was There

sharpest comedy on TV

Francine Prose: “Offhandedly mocking our inadequate, improvisatory foreign policy in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, The Brink is so funny, so inventive – and so fearless in what it has to say about geopolitics – that watching it would be pure pleasure were the events it depicts not so uncomfortably close to the perilous reality of the world in which we live.”

Julie Kent’s New Jobs At ABT

julie kent

“Julie Kent, the star ballerina who retired as a principal dancer with American Ballet Theater in June, is taking on several new roles with the company, including as the artistic director of its summer intensive programs for young dancers.”

Ambiguity – How Did It Get To Be So Valued In Art?


“Above all, how did it come to take on, at least for some, a cloak of liberal righteousness, to shift from being an aesthetic to a moral virtue, as if the text that wasn’t clear, that didn’t state its preferences clearly, were ethically superior to the text that does. In every other sphere of expression ambiguity is a flaw. Clarity is prized.”

Italo Calvino Remembers His Youthful Obsession With Hollywood Movies


“Italian spectators barbarously made entering after the film already started a widespread habit, and it still applies today. We can say that back then we already anticipated the most sophisticated of modern narrative techniques, interrupting the temporal thread of the story and transforming it into a puzzle to put back together piece by piece or to accept in the form of a fragmentary body.”

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‘Leathery Authenticity And Baked-In Americana’: Harold Bloom, Rock Critic

harold bloom the band

On The Band’s “The Weight”: “The song’s chorus centers on removing a spiritual load and the narrator’s charitable offer of assuming responsibility for it: ‘Take a load off Fanny, and you put the load right on me.’ Here, you also have the double entendre of ‘fanny’ in the vernacular sense and a rather loose lady. The ‘load’ is the weight of earthliness, of mortality.”

Rock Legends Are Lining Up To Write The Spongebob Squarepants Musical


David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, Aerosmith, Jonathan Coulton, The Flaming Lips, Panic! At the Disco, and They Might Be Giants are just a few of the folks headed to that pineapple under the sea …

Where Did Soviet Architects Get To Have Fun With Their Designs? Bus Stops

soviet bus stops

“Just as 18th-century English follies were often try-outs for new architectural styles, some of these roadside pavilions may have been experiments for bigger things. As such, they were opportunities for local sculptors, architects and builders to flex their creative muscles – and boy did they let rip.”

The Composer Behind That Difficult Opera (And Why He’s Difficult To Know)


“At its best a new production of a well-known opera will provide some marvelous insight into what the work should mean to us. The trouble is, we can’t know in advance how much sense the production is going to make and therefore don’t know how much effort we should put into deciphering what is going on onstage.”

What Place Do The Arts Play In Wellbeing?


“Most indicator systems and other initiatives rooted in wellbeing have historically overlooked the role of arts and culture, and continue to do so.”

Edinburgh Festivals Post (Yet Another) Record Year At The Box Office


“The fringe broke the 2 million barrier for the second year in a row, recording a rise of 5.24% on last year’s figures to 2,298,080, on an increase in productions of 3.79% to 3,314. The Edinburgh International Festival posted ticket sales valued at a record £3.8 million. The number of tickets issued passed 163,500, the highest since 2003.”

The TV Ratings Hit Of Summer 2015? Why Donald Trump, Of Course


“Based on that performance, the Sept. 16 GOP debate with Trump and his competitors at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley is expected to be the most watched event ever on CNN. And the network is cashing in on the anticipation.”

Los Angeles Philharmonic Ups Its Innovation Cred Hiring Opera Director Yuval Sharon


“The L.A. Philharmonic is expected to announced on Wednesday that Sharon will be named as the orchestra’s artist-collaborator, a newly created post that will involve curating projects for the orchestra, with the assistance of the Industry. The projects are expected to embrace multiple artistic genres and will take place at Walt Disney Concert Hall as well as other venues around L.A.”