Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Finnish Media Checks Itself On Diversity

Finnish media members say they've made progress, but not enough of it. Producers may complain they can't find actors from diverse backgrounds, and so, says one casting directory, "Where diversity among actors is concerned, 'I think a casting director is a must.'" - Variety

Is Social Media Eroding Our Appreciation Of Art?

From influencing creation, curation and perception, there’s no denying social media is changing the way we experience art. It’s an effective tool for generating excitement and keeping audiences engaged. But is it standing in the way of a genuine appreciation of art? - ArtsHub

“Where True Authority Resides” — Oprah Winfrey And The Power Of Confession

"What sets Oprah apart … is her understanding that we crave not only the thrill of seeing secrets exposed but also the pretense that therapeutic peace inevitably follows. Oprah makes money on our hunger as well as on our hunger's aspiration to be resolved." - The Yale Review

What Social Media Needs To Learn From Traditional Media

Even if there were a dozen major social networks, each one would still need to deal with the content dilemmas plaguing the existing juggernauts. There’s no road to healthier online discourse without some level of self-imposed professional guidelines. - Wired

Somalia Gets Its First Public Movie Showing In 30 Years

"The event was held at the National Theatre of Somalia, whose history reflects the tumultuous journey of the African nation. It has been targeted by suicide bombers and used as a base by warlords – and until Wednesday it had never screened a Somali film." - The Guardian (AFP)

BBC Chief Says Culture Wars Make It More Difficult To Be Impartial

"I think the culture wars are raging, I think we've got a real battle on our hands. I walk a tightrope every day on this, but we've got to fight for it." - BBC

Inside The New Academy Movie Museum

While the May Co. building will be celebrated as a fine work of adaptive reuse, what will ultimately define the Academy Museum is its spherical theater, which attaches to the north face of the building via series of bridges, one of which is lined with red carpet. - Los Angeles Times

New Movie Academy Museum Succeeds At Celebrating Movies The Oscars Don’t

Perhaps the most notable alcoves of the Academy Museum are those where it resists the obvious, or at least takes a break from celebrating the already amply celebrated. - Los Angeles Times

Disney CEO: World Is Changing For Talent Contracts

The problem, Bob Chapek said, is that the company has found itself grappling with talent contracts that were struck three or four years ago — long before the race to streaming and before the COVID-19 pandemic upended Hollywood. - Los Angeles Times

Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Black? Hollywood’s Going To Be All Over It (And Vice Versa)

Yes, Anish Kapoor purchased exclusive rights to the color for visual art, but the entertainment world sees numerous uses for it and has been itching to put it to work. But Vantablack's complicated application technique has been a hindrance —until a recent, surprisingly simple innovation. - Fast Company

Netflix Is About To Milk The Hell Out Of Roald Dahl’s Stories

"Netflix has acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC) and will expand their existing deal to … create a universe across animated and live action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theater, consumer products and more." - Variety

Why Podcasts Are So Popular (As A Medium)

 New research finds that of all media, podcast content generates the greatest degree of consumer concentration. - Inside Radio

More Governments Are Censoring Online Content

Governments are limiting or banning applications, content and connectivity itself — and Big Tech companies, rich and powerful as they are, can't or won't fight back. - Axios

The News Shared On Facebook Gets Smaller And Smaller

The percent that are about news — defined broadly, including sports and entertainment — is now somewhere less than 4%. It’s something of a niche interest for Facebook users. - NiemanLab

Looping — Perhaps Hollywood’s Most Surprising, And Most Secretive, Profession

Loopers are the equivalent of extras: they're voice actors who provide realistic background chatter for just about any setting or subject. And no, you can't become one: says one insider, "No one gives up their spots. You have to kill someone to get in." - The Hollywood Reporter

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