Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Epic Labor Battle At Sydney Bookstore

Such disputes reflect a growing recognition across the publishing industry that the prestige and attractiveness of working in and adjacent to creative and cultural sectors – and the passion of its workers – can also form the preconditions for low wages and insecure work. - The Guardian

The Man Who’s Saving Rohingya Folk Tales

Mohammed Rezuwan is himself one of the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya driven out of Myanmar by that country's military and mobs. He now travels around the refugee camps at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, recording and translating his people's traditional stories. - PRX's The World

How Activists Got New York The Beautiful New Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library

The much-praised new branch of the New York Public Library, across 5th Avenue from the famous flagship, wasn't supposed to happen. The NYPL board was bent on selling the branch property — until The Nation reported on the plan and advocates set furiously to work. - The Nation

Why English Is Such A Chaotic Collection Of Letters And Pronunciations

From the early Middle Ages, various European languages adopted and adapted the Latin alphabet. So why did English end up with a far more inconsistent orthography than any other? - Aeon

France May Just Be A Bit Ambivalent About Teaching Its Regional Languages

In the 19th century, French schools were forbidden to teach in Breton, Basque, Provençal, Corsican, etc. Starting in the 1970s, interest revived and some schools started to use them. Now a new law has forbidden immersive education in regional languages; activists are furious. - Global Voices

The Singular Voice Of Janet Malcolm

The kind of writing that Malcolm practiced so beautifully had been disappearing for a long time when she died, and today it is nearly gone. n+one

Why Eric Carle’s Whimsical Books Are So Important For Children – And Adults

Jonathan Kozol: "There’s nothing wrong with treating children or yourself to a bit of whimsy and wonderment and unimportant foolishness in a world that’s all too full of tears." - The New York Times

A Memoir Of What Hollywood Men Took And Took And Took From A Young Star

Theoretically, things are different in a post-#MeToo Hollywood from when Mena Suvari was a young star. She thinks they should be, and adds, "If I can shave off a summer of suffering for someone, I want to.” - Los Angeles Times

The Disappearing Antonyms Of ‘Grumpy’ Words

Weird factoid: In Old English, people could be couth, kempt, and ruthful. - LitHub

Little Free Library Tries To Break Free Of Its White, Wealthy Neighborhood Stereotype

LFLs are often criticized for their placement. A new program in Detroit aims to change that access, and the books behind the glass doors as well. - LitHub

The League Of Unfortunate Writers

When your book release happens the same week - or day - that most of your country locks down for a pandemic, well ... that was 2020 for many writers. - NPR

Where AI Is Scariest? Its Ability To Speak

Artificial intelligence is an ethical quagmire. Its power can be more than a little nauseating. But there’s a kind of unique horror to the capabilities of natural language processing. - The New Yorker

How Much Of Your Life Has Been Determined By Fiction?

"There is a kind of bibliomancy, the use of books in divination, to being a reader of fiction. This magical concept begins while book browsing." - LitHub

Spain’s Hot Young Poet Is A Hospital Laundry Worker

Begoña M. Rueda, 29, just won the prestigious Premio Hiperión (her seventh award, one for each of her books) for Laundry Service, a collection about her work washing the linens of the sick and dead through the pandemic in an unglamorous port town. (in English) - El País (Spain)

Who Figured Out How To Type Chinese Characters On A QWERTY Keyboard? A Political Prisoner

Zhi Bingyi had an engineering Ph.D. and a German wife, so when the Cultural Revolution hit, he was, of course, declared a reactionary. Trapped in solitary confinement, he began a thought process that ultimately helped transform China. - Psyche

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