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Paradise For Young Playwrights: Jeremy O. Harris Leads A Residency In The Hills Of Tuscany

"(They're) eating gourmet meals in a medieval village turned boutique hotel with breathtaking views of the postcard-perfect Val d'Orcia countryside. With access to a sauna and spa, as well as pasta-making classes and truffle-hunting, they are very much in a pinch-me-I-can't-believe-it's-true state." - The New York Times

The Extraordinary Puppets Of Broadway’s “The Life Of Pi”

"Finn Caldwell, the production's puppetry director, and two of those Olivier-winning puppeteers, Fred Davis and Scarlet Wilderink, sat down at the Schoenfeld one morning last week to talk about bringing the show's puppets to life — and then, in several scenes, to vivid and often gruesome death." - The New York Times

Here’s What The New, Animal-Free Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Will Look Like

"The 75 performers from 18 countries will include performers on a triangular high wire 25 feet off the ground, crisscrossing flying trapeze artists, a spinning double wheel powered by acrobats and BMX trail bikes, unicycle riders and skateboarders doing flips and tricks." - AP

Broadway Shows Are Looking A Little… Cheap, Lately

Scenic downsizing is all the rage in Midtown for a range of reasons — skyrocketing costs, cold concepts, quick turnarounds. As a result, storied houses are morphing into university black boxes; shows into showcases; dramas into drab-a-thons. - New York Post

How Aaron Sorkin Is Remaking The Script Of “Camelot” Into Something Today’s Audiences Can Stomach

The songs "How to Handle a Woman" and "What Do the Simple Folk Do?" haven't aged well, and the book of the Lerner & Loewe musical, always a weakness, is even worse today. So the producers asked Sorkin to do what he did with To Kill a Mockingbird. - The New York Times

How Theatre Is Doing In A Post-Pandemic (Yeah, We Know) World

The more pressing question, now that theatres are back in some kind of business, is: How is business? Are audiences coming back at anything like pre-pandemic levels? And are theatres able to make ends meet? The evidence is mixed, and seems to vary by region. - American Theatre

Can Streaming Broadway Shows Help Sell In-Person Tickets? Very Possibly, If It Can Be Made To Happen

"While the general consensus among industry experts is that digital access provides an opportunity for Broadway to reach new audiences and tap new revenue streams, they told TheWrap that there are many financial and logistical challenges that stand in the way of a broader rollout." - Yahoo! (TheWrap)

Playwrights Sarah Ruhl And Samuel D. Hunter On Religion And Theater

Hunter: "I think people have been really reticent to talk about spirituality or religion in these kinds of 'secular spaces.'" Ruhl: "For me, theater is very much a sacred space. … I think of theater almost as an incarnation of 'the word made flesh.'" - The Christian Science Monitor

When Good Stage Design Reinforces A Character’s Internal Journey

"In devising an onstage gateway to Ally’s imagination, 'We were like, what if the portal is actually her notebook?' said Sammy Lopez, co-director. 'And what if we gave the audience the opportunity to jump into the notebook with Ally?'" - The New York Times

Suzan-Lori Parks Is Making A Musical

And it's not just any musical - it's an attempt to adapt the 1972 movie The Harder They Come, the movie that introduced a worldwide audience to reggae via star and musician Jimmy Cliff. - Slate

When Acting Is A Lifeline To Freedom

"The Actors’ Gang Prison Project is a rehabilitation program that offers theater programming to 14 California state prisons, a reentry facility and an L.A. County probation camp" - and it's celebrating 40 years since its inaugural production. - Los Angeles Times

Superfans Of ‘A Little Life’ Are Extending The Adaptation’s Theatrical Run

The reviews are in, and, like the book, the play sounds, er, challenging. But the show has been extended thanks to fans who attend "wearing A Little Life-themed sweatshirts and holding copies of the book aloft or cradling them like tiny babies." - LitHub

Actors Rehearsing For ‘Room’ Were Gathered In The Middle Of Rehearsal And Laid Off

The show was meant to open on Broadway April 3. Producer Hunter Arnold "told the cast and crew — and soon after, the public — that a lead producer had decided not to 'fulfill their obligations to the production' because of personal reasons." - The New York Times

Post-Pandemic: A New Sense Of Collaboration In Theatre?

I feel that we’re in a kind of new and important phase where directors especially, who never get to hang out with each other, feel like we all are trying to build community in a way that I don’t feel was as present pre-pandemic. There’s dialogue happening, and the idea of competition just doesn’t feel like the right way. - American Theatre

How Broadway Was Tied Up With Signature Bank

The New York-based institution is the favored bank of many Broadway theaters, producers, and related businesses; when New York state regulators closed Signature last Sunday, there was genuine fear that those businesses could lose everything but the FDIC-insured $250,000. For now, though, they're okay. - Broadway News

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