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Russian Playwright And Director Now On Trial Over Production Which Allegedly “Justifies Terrorism”

Playwright Svetlana Petriychuk and director Zhenya Berkovich have been imprisoned for a year for their staging of Finist, the Brave Falcon. Putin's government argues that the script justifies terrorism; the defendants say the piece is a cautionary tale and observe that the production was underwritten by the Russian Culture Ministry. - AP

Remember The Choreographer Who Attacked A Critic With Dog Poop? Now There’s A Play About It.

To be more precise, there is a play about creating a play about the incident, which made headlines worldwide and got the choreographer fired from two posts. The piece, titled The Dog Poop Attack and currently at the Theatertreffen festival in Berlin, is making rather a splash. - The New York Times

Broadway Is More Expensive Than Ever. But Where Are The Audiences?

It feels a bit like the Roaring '20s - appropriate since the current Broadway season also features a musical adaptation of "The Great Gatsby." And like the '20s, there are signs of a looming crash. - NPR

Behind The Scenes Of Twelve Opening Nights (Or Matinees) In Nine Days

"I suggested to the Culture desk’s editors that it might be interesting if we sent a reporter and photographer to every opening, chronicling these moments of hope at a time of challenge. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.” - The New York Times

Despite Rising Ticket Sales And Donations, Minnesota’s Guthrie Theatre Is Running A Deficit

Artistic Director Joseph Haj: "While I believe that the Guthrie is faring well in relative terms … it is important to acknowledge that the Guthrie is not immune to these industry-wide challenges.” - MPR

Rhinebeck, The Little New York Town Where New Musicals Start Their Big Journeys

"At a moment when regional theatres and foundations are cutting funding, particularly for new-work development, Rhinebeck has become a beacon of just how much is still possible with limited resources.” - American Theatre

Mickey, Elsa, Princess Jasmine, And Other Costumed Characters Say Union Yes

That is, the actors playing the costumed characters at California’s Disneyland have voted to join Actors’ Equity. The workers "often endure injury and discomfort due to the physical nature of their jobs,” including aggressive, intentional injuries popularized on social media. - Los Angeles Times (MSN)

Bebe Newirth Loves Old Theatres

That is, the ones with more ghosts. - The New York Times

The Weird Case of The Stereophonic Cast Recording

The thing is, “Stereophonic’s cast recording is not pretending to bring the album from the show’s universe into the real world. It delivers finished versions of the songs sparking intense power struggles on stage — which you learn throughout the course of the play are being relegated to album outtakes.” - Vulture

We Have Now Reached Peak Theater, And It’s All Downhill From Here

"Spring 2024 saw a frenzy of new shows opening in the face of two formidable obstacles: costs that have nearly doubled over a decade and an audience almost 20% smaller than it was pre-pandemic. … As the Jazz Age attests, bubbles can be fun." But this one may soon burst. - Vulture (MSN)

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Seattle Invasion

“In the past, there seemed to be more movement from L.A. and the Bay Area to OSF, especially in terms of artists, so it’s an exciting moment to have a greater conversation and relationship between Seattle and this theater.” - Seattle Times

There’s Another Problem With That New York State Tax Credit For Producing Broadway Shows

To put it bluntly, a subsidy meant to support commercially risky work like A Strange Loop or Stereophonic or a revival of Ibsen's An Enemy of the People shouldn't be going to Phantom and The Lion King as well. - The New York Times

New York State’s Tax Credit For Broadway Shows Is Taking Too Damn Long To Work

"(The $3 million per production credit) has been lauded as a lifeline for the struggling theatre industry, ... (yet) funds often do not arrive until at least 18 to 24 months after the application has been submitted, which can be long after the shows shut on the Great White Way." - Forbes

“Mockingbird” Sets New Touring Record

For the one-week, eight performance engagement at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA (May 7-12, 2024), the play grossed $2,286,768.75, setting a record for highest grossing week of a play on tour across North America. - Broadway World

Getting Meta: A Regional Theater’s Play About A Regional Theater’s Search For An Artistic Director

"Oakland playwright Jonathan Spector jokes that if his satire Best Available had a trigger warning, it would be 'realistic portrayals of working in nonprofit theater.' ... To write the show, Spector … interviewed dozens of artistic directors nationwide about how they got their posts." - San Francisco Chronicle (MSN)

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