Sunday, September 26, 2021

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The New York Times’ Tonys Live Blog

The awards, as they happen. - The New York Times

The Tonys Are Part Streaming, Part Network, And After 27 Months, May Be Completely Wild

Buckle up, theatre buttercups: "There are several unusual aspects to this season’s Tonys race." Understatement of the year, NYT. - The New York Times

Karen Olivo Exits Broadway And Works For Something Better

Olivo, an alum of In the Heights, left the Moulin Rouge production over issues including industry silence about Scott Rudin's alleged abuse. She says, "I realized I can actually help my industry in a different way, by caring about the people who are suffering in silence." - Los Angeles Times

What’s Going On With Jagged Little Pill On Broadway?

Trans and nonbinary actors have recently made a range of claims about the show, including a claim from one actor saying that "multiple higher-ups" pressured the actor to postpone a critical surgery. - Vulture

How Have Theatres Specifically By And For BIPOC Folks Weathered The Pandemic?

And not just the pandemic - all that the protests over George Floyd's death wrought, supposedly, in the world? Hm. One AD wonders, "What is meaningful action, and what is simply pandering to patrons?" - American Theatre

The Battle To Change The Williamstown Theatre Festival’s ‘Broken’ Culture

Yikes: "Interviews with 25 current and former festival staffers, department heads, apprentices and interns reveal not a professional springboard but a development program that exposes artists-in-training to repeated safety hazards and a toxic work culture under the guise of prestige." - Los Angeles Times

A Preview Guide To The Oddest Tony Awards Anyone Can Remember

"Originally scheduled for June 7, 2020, the awards have been delayed — and delayed again, after nominations were announced last October — in an attempt to bolster a pandemic-hobbled industry. Here's a look at how we got here after so much uncertainty." - The New York Times

Big Changes In Theatre During The Pandemic, Right? Well…

In many interviews I’ve included a simple question: Apart from a pandemic-necessitated lockdown and now a tentative reopening, have you actually seen change in the industry over the past year? Too often the answer has been a simple “no.” - American Theatre

Twitter As A Critical Medium?

I learned a lot about myself as a critic while live-tweeting, and a lot about criticism: about how and when opinions are formed, and about the effort we critics often put into shaping our initial reaction into more polished and professional forms. - American Theatre

Elia Kazan’s Annotated Script For The First Stage Production Of “A Streetcar Named Desire”

The script, along with 100 pages of unusually detailed notes for the actors, comes from the pre-Broadway New Haven tryout in the fall of 1947. - Gothamist

When Did America’s First Black Theater Open? Exactly 200 Years Ago

"For the price of 25 cents — or, for a nicer seat, a hefty 50 cents — the African Theater" (which opened on Sept. 17, 1821 with Richard III) "entertained hundreds of Black New Yorkers with both classic and original work, alongside operas and ballets." - The New York Times

Five Small Theaters Sue City Of New York Over Vaccine Requirements

The issue: the venues must require audiences to wear masks and be vaccinated, but similar buildings, or even the same one, are exempt from those rules when used for church services. The mandate "applies differently to venues depending on who is speaking and what they are saying." - Gothamist

Is Flying To London To See Ian McKellen’s Hamlet Worth The Risk?

A very 2021 question - and the risk doesn't run one way. - The New York Times

Running A Small Los Angeles Theatre In The Midst Of A Pandemic

It's not exactly easy, but Boyle Heights' Casa 0101 is giving arts and educational opportunities a real go, but it's prepared to go back online if transmission rates go up. - Los Angeles Times

Portland’s Damaso Rodriguez Steps Away From Artists Rep

Shepherding the theatre's downtown building through a sale, debt restructuring, capital campaign and construction isn't easy. Oh, and then there's the pandemic. Rodríguez says his discussions with theatre friends "became kind of existential: 'Why do you do this? What do you want? What’s the future look like?'" - Oregon ArtsWatch

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