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Why Audiences And Actors Remain Enthralled With That Sordid, Squalid “Streetcar Named Desire”

Sordid? Squalid? That's pretty much how a lot of critics reacted to the play when it was new. Yet for decades it has been getting high-profile, star-powered revivals every few years. Why? Not just for its meaty roles, writes Michael Billington, but also for "its air of tantalising ambiguity." - The Guardian

Ten Things For The Theatre Industry To Consider For 2023

Lyn Gardner: "6) Safeguarding. We don't expect people in other professions to do their jobs well without proper safeguards, checks and balances in place; we don't expect them to work long hours for free. Yet in theatre, we do. We should welcome whistleblowers." - The Stage

Yiddish Theatre In New York Is Alive And Well

"At one point in time, New York was home to more than 50 Yiddish theatres. … Today, reflecting both the relative decline and the cultural persistence of this unique heritage, there are two remaining Yiddish theatres in the city, New Yiddish Rep and National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene." - American Theatre

“Die Hard” As A Low-Budget, One-Man Stage Play (It Works!)

In Yippee Ki Yay, running through this week in London and then touring Britain, poet/playwright Richard Marsh uses just a few props and 75 minutes' worth of verse to recreate Hollywood's greatest big-budget fighting-terrorists-at-Christmastime movie. - The New York Times

Building The Instrument That’s At The Heart Of Broadway’s “The Piano Lesson”

"That piano is so central ... that (August) Wilson's script dedicates half of its mandate for the play's setting to a description of the instrument. ... The seemingly obvious artistry of the piano speaks to intense research, precise dramaturgy and the arduous labor that brought its design to fruition." - Broadway News

“The Whale” Was Originally A Play — A Powerful One, Say Those Who Have Done It

Says Shuler Hensley, who's played the 600-pound Charlie in New York and London: "It's a brilliant ending, because audience members have constantly told me they couldn't breathe afterwards. They didn't know what to do, whether to applaud or get up or move because they've become so connected to Charlie." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Arizona Theatre Company Gets A New Artistic Director

Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) has named Matt August, a director and educator, their new artistic director. He succeeds Sean Daniels, who will serve as director of the new Recovery Project at Florida Studio Theatre. - American Theatre

Russian Troops Are Destroying Mariupol’s Drama Theater To Hide Evidence Of Bombing And War Crimes: Report

Recent video from Ukraine shows a bulldozer tearing down the back of the ruined theater, which Russian fighter planes bombed last March while hundreds of families were sheltering in its basement; over 300 people died. The city's mayor, currently in exile, says the occupiers plan to leave the façade intact. - BBC

Important Lessons About How Theatres Work From The Victory Gardens Fiasco

The conflict seems to come down to addressing the gap between what boards can do legally and what they should do to build trust, transparency, and community, especially as theaters continue to proclaim their desire to create diverse artistic visions and attract new audiences. - Chicago Reader

Broadway’s “Funny Girl” Sets A New Box Office Record For A Single Week

The revival, starring Lea Michele and Tovah Feldshuh, grossed $2,005,696.80 last week, breaking the all-time record set by Mean Girls in 2018. - Broadway News

Broadway Is Having Trouble Selling Tickets

“Nobody wants to admit that they’re not selling tickets. Because of COVID, now Broadway is sort of admitting … sales are down, audiences are not coming back. - AMNY

Royal Shakespeare Company’s Income Rebounds (Big Time)

In 2020/21, when activities were restricted due to lockdowns, the RSC’s box office income was £94,000. This rose to £12.5 million for 2021/22, and total income for 2021/22 was £39.7 million, 62% of which was self-generated from box office sales, commercial trading and fundraising. - The Stage

Garth Drabinsky Adds Antitrust Claims To His Countersuit Against Actos’ Equity Over “Paradise Square”

"This summer, Actors' Equity Association filed lawsuits against a Paradise Square producing entity in both state and federal court. ... After those lawsuits were filed, producer Garth Drabinsky sued AEA for defamation and related claims. This past week, he filed an amended complaint adding antitrust claims." - Broadway World

What’s In The New Actors’ Equity Broadway Contract

"(The just-ratified agreement) provides pay increases for those working on Broadway and, in a move prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, allows producers to make short-term hires to cover absent actors." - The New York Times

Flood Of Books Seek To Explain Sondheim’s Influence On Theatre

Many of the current crop of works can be classified as either “I worked with Steve” books or “I had an ongoing professional and intermittently contentious correspondence with Steve” books. - The New York Times

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