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The Gender Divide In Reviews Of The New Cabaret

Young women, whose bodies are at risk in the post-Dobbs United States, get this version, where Sally "doesn’t sing, dance or exist to please others—including, it should be said, us in the audience. Instead, we see a woman who in spite of everything, has chosen herself." - Variety

A Bad Omen: At Le Moulin Rouge In Paris, The Blades Fell Off The Red Windmill

"The blades fell onto the street below in the early hours of the morning. The cause of the collapse is not clear. Police say there were no injuries. The first three letters of the Moulin Rouge sign also fell off." - BBC

Standup Comedian Asks Mother With Fussy Baby To Leave Venue, Brouhaha Breaks Out

"Comedian Arj Barker’s interaction with a mother who brought a seven-month-old baby to his comedy show in Melbourne on Saturday night has sparked outrage, sympathy and debate about the woman’s decision to bring her infant to the gig and his decision to ask her to leave." - The Guardian

In Praise Of Pro Wrestling, America’s Proletarian Theater

"It was just after 3 AM on a Saturday night in South Philadelphia, and I was watching an angry inflatable chicken fight a Japanese otter mascot in the middle of a hastily assembled wrestling ring. Around me, several hundred other spectators chanted, 'Holy shit! Holy shit!'" - The Nation

All The Ways A New Play Changes In Previews

"'The key learning moments for a playwright,' says writer David Eldridge, 'are when you first hear actors read the script, and when the play meets an audience. We’re incredibly rigorous in the rehearsal process. But somehow, when you put it in front of an audience, it exposes unnecessary overwriting.'" - The Guardian

The War On Theatre

In the Educational Theater Association’s most recent survey, 85 percent of American theater teachers expressed concern about censorship. Even Shakespeare is at risk: In Florida, new laws led to the restriction of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to grades 10 through 12 and “Romeo and Juliet” could not be taught. - The New York Times

How Five Actors With Limited Musical Training Became A Band For Broadway’s Stereophonic

“'I was like, as long as someone is musical, any idiot can be in a band,’ Butler said. ‘I can write to whatever level.’ Later Butler realized that this was perhaps naïve.” - The New York Times

An Immersive Kit Kat Club — How Broadway’s Revival Of “Cabaret” Put Together A 75-Minute Prologue

The lobby became the Vault Bar, with an elevated stage and a rotating disco-ball eye. Upstairs is the Red Bar, with dancers behind beaded curtains. Then the Green Bar has sequined fruit on the walls. Dancers move between the spaces on a tightly choreographed schedule, accompanied by a trippy musical mix. - Variety

Climate-Protesting Theatre Vandals Convicted In London

"Five Just Stop Oil protesters have been (convicted) of aggravated trespass after they stormed a performance of Les Misérables in London's West End. Two of (them) were also found guilty of criminal damage after standing on the orchestra pit netting. … The estimated cost to the theatre of cancelling the performance was £60,000." - BBC

An All-Male “Macbeth” Gets Pushback, And The Director Returns It

Alex Burns of Philadelphia's Quintessence Theatre Group has been criticized by a number of female and trans actors for, in effect, robbing them of all-too-rare opportunities. He asks, "When does the community get to abort someone else’s creative impulse or vision or claim it’s not appropriate?" - Broad Street Review (Philadelphia)

Putin’s Government Adds Imprisoned Playwright And Director To List Of “Terrorists And Extremists”

"Russian theatre director Zhenya Berkovich and playwright Svetlana Petriychuk have been added to an official list of 'terrorists and extremists' as they await trial on charges of 'justifying terrorism' … (for) an award-winning play about Russian women who married Islamic State fighters." - Reuters

The Torch-Lighting Ceremony In Greece For The 2024 Olympic Games

"Women dressed as priestesses are at the heart of the ceremony, first held for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Leading the group is an actress who performs the role of high priestess and makes a dramatic appeal to Apollo ... for assistance moments before the torch is lit." - AP

Why Are Broadway Tickets So Much More Expensive Now?

If Broadway feels more expensive than ever before, that’s because it is. Despite crowds that haven’t rebounded to pre-COVID levels, the average ticket price for a Broadway show reached an all time high: $128 in the most recent full season. - Gothamist

Sunset Boulevard, Heading To Broadway, Just Swept The Oliviers In London

The revival of the Andrew Lloyd Webber show won seven Oliviers, matching the totals won by Hamilton, Matilda, and Cabaret. - The Telegraph (UK) (MSN)

Suzan-Lori Parks Hasn’t Stopped Fearlessly Reimagining The United States

“Her plays, inventive provocations whose sometimes scathing visions of race and gender can unsettle audiences, have something to tell us about the troublesome relationship between individual identity and national community” - and they’re having a bit of a renaissance. - The New York Times

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