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Reach people in the arts.

There's no better way than AJ. We have 45,000-55,000 readers every day. And over the course of a typical month, we reach more than 250,000 unique users, serving more than 1.5 million pages.

Get your message in front of the most discerning, most informed arts audience on the net. Critics, arts journalists, collectors, orchestra managers, arts administrators, artists and arts professionals of every stripe make AJ a daily must-stop. If you want to reach the arts audience, AJ is the place to do it.

Over half our advertising is repeat business from advertisers who have found that AJ delivers the audience they want to reach. No, we don't have fancy readership metrics, but we do deliver a highly-targeted quality audience. If the arts audience is who you're trying to reach, AJ's the place.

Two Ways to Advertise

1. Classifieds
Our classified ads are the best way of advertising arts jobs, announcing events or opportunities. Our readers see the classifieds as content they want to read rather than ads they try to ignore. This is how to reach the arts world.Most of our advertisers are repeat clients.

  • Premium Classifieds include a 100X100px image with your ad. The background is shaded, and premium ads are placed first in the center column of the ArtsJournal website and at the top of the column in our newsletters.
  • Regular Classifieds are text only, with a headline, body and link.

Placing a classified ad is easy - and it will be seen on the AJ website and in the 120,000 newsletters we send out each week. The CPM rate is very low - less than $1 for 1000 views. For more details and to see our affordable rates, go here. To place a classified ad, go here.

2. Banner Ads
We offer a few options:

  • Position 1: 728X90 top banner - site-wide and at the top of all our newsletters.
  • Position 2: 300X250- placed across the top of the center column .

Contact for current rates and to reserve your space.

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