Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Which Countries In Europe Are Using “Vaccine Passports” For Arts Venues, And How

"Countries across Europe are extending the use of so called vaccine passports or health passes to allow for entry into bars, cultural sites or sporting events, but some countries are employing them more than others. Here's what you need to know." - The Local

Young People Are Using France’s Culture Pass To Buy … Manga

Granted, the program was only just gearing up when the pandemic closed arts venues, but officials' hopes that 18-year-olds would use their few-strings-attached €300 to sample high culture are being punctured by reality. - The New York Times

DC Has Re-Emerged As A Broadway Tryout Town

The post-pandemic (and possibly post-45) change: "As theater returns to robust live-ness, Washington has been cast in a significant role once again, as a test-market locale with sophisticated theater tastes." - Washington Post

The League Of Unfortunate Writers

When your book release happens the same week - or day - that most of your country locks down for a pandemic, well ... that was 2020 for many writers. - NPR

HBO Streaming Sees Big Surge In Subscribers

With its 2.8 million Q2 2021 subscribers, HBO Max now has 47 million subscribers in the United States, and a total of 67 million subscribers worldwide. That’s not bad at all considering HBO Max is just over a year old. - Fast Company

Netflix Growth Slows Dramatically

The company "added a mere 1.5 million paying members globally in the second quarter, which is down 85% from the same period last year, when it reported 10.1 million subscriber additions." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

France Now Requires COVID Pass For Visiting All Cultural Institutions

"Beginning July 21, the 'pass sanitaire' or 'health pass' will be required for venues with more than 50 people. Visitors over 18 will be required to show a QR code with a record of full vaccination, or a negative ... test from the previous 48 hours." - Artnet

South Korea Is Becoming A Bigger Player In Hollywood

Korean-language programs have seen a surge in demand following drama “Parasite” winning best picture at last year’s Academy Awards and “Minari” receiving critical acclaim. Los Angeles Times

It’s A Weird Performance Summer

Do you need a mask? Does the venue require social distancing? What about proof of vaccination? It all depends. - The New York Times

What’s Getting People Back To The Cinema?

One Alamo Drafthouse audience member: "“I love movies and I have to be in the theater to see a movie. Like, to me, that’s the only way to watch movies." - Los Angeles Times

High-Tech Analysis Of *Exactly* How Museumgoers Look At Art

At a museum in Bologna, cameras and sensors of the ShareArt system record how many people view particular works, for how long, from how far away, and where exactly they concentrate their gaze. This data could help optimize gallery layout and even the scheduling of exhibits. - Bloomberg CityLab

Yay! We Can Go To The Movies Again! But What Does That Even Mean Anymore?

As people start returning to cinemas rather than watching feature films at home as their only option, A.O. Scott considers whether the distinctions between movies, television, and streaming video are collapsing for good — and what we may be losing in the process. - The New York Times

You’ll Still Be Wearing Masks At Performances In England, Even After July 19

Freedom Day (as Boris Johnson has called it) will see all COVID-related legal restrictions on arts venues lifted, but the Society of London Theatres and UK Theatre will continue to "strongly encourage" all audience members to mask up. - WhatsOnStage (London)

Men Still Don’t Read Women

This remains true, with big financial and other consequences: "Why does this matter? For a start, it narrows men’s experiences of the world." - The Guardian (UK)

People Are Returning To Movie Theatres. Just Not Enough Of Them

With pandemic limitations in mind, as of early July, the overall domestic box office has reached $1.05 billion in ticket sales, down 42.3% from 2020 and down 81.3% from 2019. - Variety

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