Sunday, October 17, 2021

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How Opera Invented The Modern Fan

Theater impresarios quickly recognized them as their ideal audience: the true-blue fans who reliably subscribed to the whole opera season; bought programs, auto­graphed photos; and drummed up the anticipation and conversation that kept theaters in business. - LitHub

The Benefit Of Watching Horror Movies

People can derive pleasure from recreational horror, whether in a haunted attraction or in front of the screen. For some, it is about maximum stimulation; those people are the adrenaline junkies. But for others, it is about keeping fear at a tolerable level. Aeon

Rotten Tomatoes And Measuring The Divide Between Critics And Audience

The new Disney Plus documentary on Dr Anthony Fauci, which explores the personal side of the controversial figure, has a certified 91 percent approval rating from critics and a mere 2 percent from audiences. - The Spectator

Spain To Give Every 18-Year-Old A €400 Culture Pass

The program, budgeted for 2022, is similar to those established in France (€300) and Italy (€500). A key difference is that the money will be divided so that not all of it can be spent only on theater tickets or books or opera. - The Local (Spain)

Boston Ballet Debuts Free Streaming Platform, Including Virtual Reality

ÜNI, as the site is called, wasn't created to stream the company's live performances: each work on the platform was choreographed especially for digital video, and a few of them includes VR versions that can be controlled by the viewer. - The Boston Globe

Country Music Is Losing Some Devoted Fans As The Culture Wars Rage On

The stereotype of country music lovers being only Southern and Midwestern conservatives isn't really true — yet. As some industry stars take controversial stands on some issues (e.g., vaccines) and keep silent on others (George Floyd and BLM), some fans are turning away. - MSN (The Washington Post)

Is Releasing A Movie Only In Theaters Elitist And Unfair?

"How is it that a quintessentially democratic cultural activity — buying a ticket and some popcorn and finding a seat in the dark — has been reclassified as a snobbish, specialized fetish?" A.O. Scott has an answer to that question. - The New York Times

More Than Half Of British Theatres Have Gone Back To In-Person-Only Performances

"Research has found that 56% of publicly subsidised theatres that had at least one online performance during the first 18 months of the pandemic have none scheduled for the autumn season." - The Guardian

Progress: Italy’s Arts Venues Allowed To Open At Full Capacity

"After months of struggling with an income from 50% houses the Council of Ministers has decided that theatres, cinemas, and cultural venues in the white zones (and currently all of Italy is in that category), can augment their capacity to 100%." - Gramilano (Milan)

European Movie Box Office Down 70 Percent In 2020

European movie theaters suffered a 70.4% year-on-year drop to €2.6 billion ($3 billion) in box office revenue in 2020. In terms of admissions, there was an annual drop of 68.4% to 430 million tickets sold. - Variety

First Time: UK Audiences For Streaming Beat Traditional TV

Out of almost a thousand 18-70 year olds who watch at least 5 hours of television per week, more are watching via streaming platforms than traditional pay-TV services, according to research conducted by the National Research Group. - Variety

A Fire In London Means The UK Is Missing Subtitles And Transcriptions

The interconnected world can be a real pain when TV subtitles and audio transcriptions just disappear into the smoke - and Deaf and blind audience members aren't happy. - BBC

This Year’s Turner Prize: Too Worthy For Its Own Good?

The prize was supposed to be populist, but now, and for the past few years, it seems to be idealist instead. " The traditional criteria for judging the prize... seem to be out of the window. - The Guardian (UK)

How Did Fox News’s Right-Wing Late-Night TV Host Beat Stephen Colbert In The Ratings?

Not only because Greg Gutfeld has no conservative competition in his time slot. "Right-wing comedy has become both a viable business strategy and a crucial element of conservative politics. … Whether or not this comedy is to your taste, it's working for Gutfeld and his audience." - The Conversation

To Make Its Concert Halls COVID-Safe, Singapore Goes High-Tech

State-of-the-art filterless air purifiers and an "ionisation curtain" (a row of snake plants with ionisers attached to draw in aerosols) at the front of the stage are among the measures being taken to reassure live audiences. - The Straits Times (Singapore)

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