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Rhiannon Giddens: Country Music Belongs To Everyone

"All of these comments, which range from simply ignorant to downright misogynoir, presuppose that commercial country music is a legacy that belongs only to white, rural southerners. And that supposition is just plain wrong." - The Guardian

Merriam-Webster Breaks The Internet Over Grammar Change

"It is permissible in English for a preposition to be what you end a sentence with," the dictionary publisher said in a post shared on Instagram last week. - NPR

More Music Removed From TikTok

TikTok says up to 30% of what it calls "popular songs" could be lost. But some industry estimates say up to 80% of all music on TikTok could be muted. - BBC

A Surge In Online Book Clubs Followed By New Friendships In Real Life

User numbers of an app called “Bookclubs,” designed to help organize clubs, grew 240% from 2020 to 2021. Since then, its user base has been roughly doubling annually, the company says. The app currently has just under one million users with accounts. - The Wall Street Journal

The Refined Art Of Campaigning For An Oscar

To campaign for an Oscar, as for the Presidency, you need a narrative—some compelling story, decided on by a combination of the nominee, campaign strategists, and the media, that gives voters a warm, happy, check-the-box feeling. - The New Yorker

Maps Show Us Not Only Where We Are But Who We Are

Cartography has become one of the most successful technologies we have developed for understanding the world around us. At the same time, maps have become important cultural and artistic objects that we value greatly. - The Conversation

Literary Festivals Are Now Having To Worry About Safety And Risk Management

For instance, moderators at the Perth Festival Writers’ Weekend in Australia were sent a memo titled "Facilitator safety tips." Among those tips: discussing with panelists in advance what are off-limits topics and ending (or simply forgoing) audience Q&As if they risk becoming too inflammatory. - The Guardian

Why Is Debate On College Campuses So Difficult These Days?

The fact of the matter is that the problem is not our students. It is us: faculty and administrators who are too afraid—of random people on social media, hard-core activists, irritable alumni, assorted “friends” of Harvard—to allow a culture of open debate and dialogue to flourish. - The Wall Street Journal

For Its 30th Anniversary, An Oral History Of “Schindler’s List”

"Speaking to those who labored to get the film onscreen — including stars Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, composer John Williams, agent Michael Ovitz and Martin Scorsese ... — what follows is the most complete telling of one of the most important movies not just of Spielberg’s career." - The Hollywood Reporter

Philosophy, Folk Wisdom, And Rethinking Values

I still believe in philosophy’s capacity to seek truth, but I’m conscious that I’ve tethered myself to an academic heritage plagued by formidable demons. - Aeon

The Photographer Whom Kirill Serebrennikov Calls “A Russian Cartier-Bresson”

"(Dmitri Markov's) subjects were always the most vulnerable in society: orphans, alcoholics, addicts, homeless people, the very old and dying, conscripts and children. It was a side of Russia absent from bombastic official narratives under Putin, but one that was instantly recognisable to most Russians." - The Guardian

In 1995 A Crowd Gathered To Describe Data On The Internet…

By the end of the long weekend, the eclectic crowd had created a radical system for describing and discovering online content that still directly powers web search today, and which paved the way for how all content is labelled and discovered on the open web. - Aeon

North Carolina Theatre In Raleigh Cancels Season And Files For Bankruptcy

"The theater’s board announced the decision Friday, citing 'external forces during and after the pandemic,' including higher production costs, the loss of corporate and personal sponsorships, a decline in sales and a slow return of audiences to live venues." - The News & Observer (Raleigh) (MSN)

How Disney Built The Disney Adult Industrial Complex

Whether Disney adults are embarrassing or enchanting is largely a matter of opinion. What is missing from endless comment sections is the fact that they are a creation of the Walt Disney Company – a character constructed just as carefully as Elsa or Donald Duck. - New Statesman

John Waters Is Making His First Movie In 20 Years

The film, set to begin shooting in Baltimore (of course) later this year, is an adaptation of Waters's 2022 novel Liarmouth (subtitled "A Feel-Bad Romance"). Aubrey Plaza will star as a compulsive liar and scammer named Marsha Sprinkle. - The Guardian

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