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A Short History Of Over-The-Top Art World Feuds

Here are four more beefs between art-world honchos, spanning from the ‘50s to the aughts, that are, regardless of when they took place, truly for the ages. - Artnet

Opera Australia Posts A $4.9 Million Deficit

Marking the milestone of 50 years of performing at the Sydney Opera House in 2023, OA presented 30 productions: 14 operas, 13 concerts and recitals, and three musicals. Total box office revenue was just over $65.7m, sharply down from the previous year’s $79.8m. - Limelight

Public Radio’s Foundation Is Leaking. Some Real Planning Is In Order

Just like with the plumbing in our house, public radio can’t wait any longer to take action on the leaks in its foundation. They aren’t going to disappear. In fact, more critical systems will fail if we allow the problems to fester. - Current

Diversity Problem: Few UK Arts Workers Come From The Working Class

While 23% of the UK workforce is from a working-class background, working-class people are underrepresented in every area of arts and culture. They make up 8.4% of those working in film, TV, radio and photography, while in museums, archives and libraries, the proportion is only 5.2%. - The Guardian

Study: Are AI Large Language Models Developing Theory Of Mind?

What defines us as humans is the concept of theory of mind: the ability to track other people’s mental states. Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT have led to intense debate about the possibility that these models exhibit behaviour that is indistinguishable from human behaviour in theory of mind tasks.  - Nature

What Our Inner Voices Tell Us

For psychologists and other researchers, inner speech presents a puzzle – it’s a huge part of our lives, yet so difficult to study. After all, in real life, when it comes to other people’s inner speech, there is no audio with closed captions. - Psyche

Turkish President Erdoğan Says The Eurovision Song Contest Is A Danger To The Traditional Family

"In a speech following a Cabinet meeting, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described participants at the contest as the 'Trojan horses of social corruption' and said his government was right to keep Turkey out of the pan-European pop competition since 2012." - AP

How Roulette Became New York’s Music Lab

Pursuing an aesthetic guided as much by John Coltrane as by John Cage, Roulette became a crucial laboratory for the downtown-music scene, providing artists like John Zorn, Shelley Hirsch, George Lewis, Ikue Mori and many more with space, resources and recorded documentation of their work. - The New York Times

Hong Kong’s Major Arts District Warns That It Could Shut Down Without More Funding By Summer’s End

"Henry Tang, chairman of (the) West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, told the government that it must address the district’s funding crisis by August if its museums and performing arts center are to avoid closure. … The WKCD recorded net losses that (soared) from $111 million (US) in 2021 to $199 million in 2022." - ArtAsiaPacific

How Copyright Has Killed Music (Except For Taylor Swift)

If giving people money encourages them to create, then surely giving them more money would encourage them to create more music, right? The answer is actually no. Throughout music history, copyright’s incentive has often been dialed up too high and, counterintuitively, has led to less creativity.  - The Hill

Russian Playwright And Director Now On Trial Over Production Which Allegedly “Justifies Terrorism”

Playwright Svetlana Petriychuk and director Zhenya Berkovich have been imprisoned for a year for their staging of Finist, the Brave Falcon. Putin's government argues that the script justifies terrorism; the defendants say the piece is a cautionary tale and observe that the production was underwritten by the Russian Culture Ministry. - AP

Christie’s Auction Sale Has Good Night, Despite Cyber Attack

It was a "reassuringly solid result of $346.5m ($413.3m with fees) from its Modern evening sale—within its pre-sale estimate of $340m-$493.5m (calculated without fees)." - The Art Newspaper

Fraud Trial Begins For Ozy Media Co-Founder Carlos Watson

The former MSNBC morning news anchor created the digital news media company Ozy in 2013. Prosecutors allege that, as it failed to make money, Watson falsified visitor statistics, forged financial documents, and had his co-founder impersonate a YouTube executive on a call with Goldman Sachs. - The Daily Beast (Yahoo!)

A Year After Its “Year Of Culture” Honors, Leeds’ Arts Scene Is Collapsing

Last year, the city of Leeds held a year-long celebration of culture. This year, however, artists and ­creatives in the West Yorkshire city are being forced out of their workshops and galleries, and say the dwindling number of spaces is crushing Leeds’s creative scene. -The Guardian

Penguin Random House Lays Off Publishers Of Two Of Its Most Prominent Imprints

"The Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, a Penguin Random House division, announced Monday the dismissals of Alfred A. Knopf publisher Reagan Arthur and Pantheon/Schocken publisher Lisa Lucas. A publishing official … said that the restructuring was for financial reasons." - AP

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