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How The Justice Department Sank The Mega Publisher Merger Deal

"While the country's attention was focused on the midterm elections, Judge Florence Pan unsealed her full opinion. In it, she sided with the federal government's persuasive and creative legal thinking, which focused on harms to an unusual victim: highly paid authors." - Salon

Making A Kinder, Gentler Video Game

It takes a lot of effort - but it's worth it, and backed by science. - Wired

A French Actor In A Cannes Movie Has Been Indicted On Charges Of Rape

Sofiane "Bennacer was part of the 32 emerging actors shortlisted for best newcomer at the Cesar Awards, France’s equivalent to the Oscars. ... But in the wake of the indictment, the Cesar Academy pulled Bennacer out of the nominations process." - Variety

The Oscars Never Satisfy The Masses

It's not because of COVID, and it's not because of the "downbeat" nature of some winners. Let's look at at the slate for 1980, for instance. - Irish Times

What It’s Like To Play Steven Spielberg In A Spielberg-Directed Movie

"In terms of speech, I didn’t bother because who would know what he talked like 60 years ago? And he also didn’t want that. But I wanted to emulate him physically as best I could." - Los Angeles Times

The Sandy Hook Memorial Is Unnervingly Gorgeous

"Suddenly, the project reveals itself: a gentle arc of gravel, loping around the perimeter of the site and wrung with native plantings, including dogwoods, maples, black-eyed Susans, and clump grasses determined to survive the winter." - The New Yorker

Why Some HarperCollins Authors Won’t Cross The Picket Line

"Nobody goes into publishing for the money; it’s a vocation for people who believe in the power of the written word to evoke empathy for and awareness of the human condition. You can’t eat empathy, however." - LitHub

Liverpool Looks To Eurovision To Revive The Town

"Thousands of visitors are expected in the city when it hosts the 2023 song contest in May after 2022 winner Ukraine was unable to host it due to the war." - BBC

Indigenous Elders Who Get To Play Indigenous Elders

It's a relief for Tantoo Cardinal and Wes Studi, two Native actors who have starred in movies together for three decades but never shared a scene, to voice the Moon and Sun in a new Netflix series. - The New York Times

Can Bob Iger Bring Joy Back To The Disneyland?

"More than its streaming services, movies or television series, the Walt Disney Co. matters because of its theme parks, and it is at institutions such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World that we can experience life inside a narrative-driven fantasy world." - Los Angeles Times

How Two Women From New York’s Avant-Garde Theatre Changed Omaha

"Decades before today’s movement for gender parity in the theatre, Terry and Schidman produced their own original work and that of others, like Paula Vogel" and María Irene Fornés. - American Theatre

Irene Cara, Singer Of Fame And Flashdance, Has Died At 63

Cara was a child dancer and singer who found young fame on Electric Company (and in its band) and then became iconic for singing "Fame" in the movie of the same name, and cowriting and singing the title song for Flashdance. - The New York Times

Casablanca Is Looking Pretty Good, At 80

"It was merely warmly received and successful, but not a sensation – but it won best picture, along with awards for its peerless screenplay and elegant direction, and is the rare film whose 'classic' status is practically axiomatic." - The Guardian (UK)

Ending A Theatrical Tradition Means Space To Innovate

Or that's the idea, anyway, at the Prince Edward Island theatre festival that won't perform Anne of Green Gables every year anymore. The artistic director: "The core change here is making space for new shows, new work, and new voices." - CBC

Why Streamers Are Cashing In On True Crime

"Streamers are doubling down on the genre, tapping into the huge appetite for true crime by developing scripted limited series based on actual stories and with notable actors like Nanjiani, many of whom are drawn to the format." - Los Angeles Times

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