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The Copyright Office Needs A Rethink About AI

Just as a photographer walks around a city or forest looking for compelling scenes to photograph, so an AI artist explores the “latent space” of images a tool like Midjourney can produce. In a literal, pixel-by-pixel sense, images are produced by the software, not the artist. - Ars Technica

A Growing Grassroots Backlash To Book Bans

As the new school year begins, parents of public school students in Miami have become more engaged than ever in resisting the mandate of the DeSantis administration. - The Guardian

What This AI-Created Image Tells Us About The Future Of Art

"If art is meant to be a portal, then the art of the future will have not one single exit, but unlimited gateways... This transition, as we are now experiencing it in the early days of the AI overhaul, will test our relationship to reality." - Wired

The Similarities Between Hollywood Strikes And The Auto Workers Strike

The pay gap between CEOs and average workers is unsustainable. Moreover, labor must have access to financial information (to satisfy themselves about profits and costs), share in the gains during good economic times and not bear the brunt of corporate financial insecurity when management cannot accurately gauge industry shifts. - Washington Post

In Los Angeles, Where The Dancing Is Alcohol-Free

And not just free of alcohol, but fully sober. "This is Natural High, a renegade alcohol- and substance-free dance party that pops up in outdoor spaces around the city." - Los Angeles Times

The City Of The Dead Is Being Bulldozed

In Egypt, President Sisi has grand plans "for a highway cruelly named the Passage of Paradise, a series of flyover bridges that the government claims will relieve some of Cairo’s notorious traffic congestion" - and displace millions of the alive and dead. - The New York Times

This Man Created An App That Tells Us When It’s Safe To Pee

At least, when it's safe to leave a movie theatre to pee. "Longer movies have more; for example, we have six Peetimes for Oppenheimer. Most movies have two or three.-" The Observer (UK)

A Forgotten Artemisia Gentileschi Painting Is Found In A Royal Storeroom

The painting emerged "during attempts to trace all the paintings sold off across Europe after Charles I’s execution, which included seven recorded Gentileschi paintings." - The Observer (UK)

The Sudden Devastation In Libya’s City Of Poets

In instants on September 11, the floodwaters "destroyed a cradle of Libyan culture" - by neglect and design from authorities who don't care for rebellious poets. - The New York Times

The Long Tail Is Dead

The end of Netflix's DVD service heralds the era of the very, very short tail - because, weirdly, "faced with even more options, people just gave up entirely." - Slate

English Evolves By Mistake

Susie Dent "is on a mission to revive English’s lost positives' – words such as 'feckful,' 'couth,' ruly' and 'full of gorm.' In modern English, they survive only in their negative forms, but once, we aspired to be ruthful (full of compassion) or ept." - The Guardian (UK)

There’s A Genre Of Music In Star Wars Called Jizz

But now Disney is trying to wipe away the famous name. "A new official short story collection ... asserts that this style of music is actually called jatz." - Vulture

Getting Old, Says Former Young British Artist Sarah Lucas, Is Rather Pleasant

"Of all the golden generation of YBAs who graduated from Goldsmiths 30-odd years ago, Lucas was and remains the biggest slacker." - The Guardian (UK)

School Book Bans Show No Signs Of Slowing

Two thirds of people in the U.S. oppose book bans, so why is there such an increase? - NPR

David Mamet Famously Can’t Stand Critics

Actor Shia LaBeouf personally invited critics to a new Mamet production anyway. - Los Angeles Times

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