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AI Is Actually Going To Increase The Value Of Human-Made Art

"We have changed our collective tastes in response to technological progress in the past. We’ll now do it again, without even noticing that it’s happening. And if history is any indication, our tastes will evolve in a way that rigs the game in favor of human artists." - Wired

Kate Bush And Big Mama Thornton Still Aren’t In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

How is this possible? "Today, just 8.48% of the inductees are women." - The Guardian (UK)

Bollywood Actor Attacked By Hatchet-Wielding Man Outside Los Angeles Area Gym

Aman Dhaliwal is an actor who has appeared in Punjabi, Hindi, and Telegu films. "The suspect approached the victim in the parking lot ... and began to attack him with a hatchet and knife." - Los Angeles Times

The Contentious Fate Of The Rockwells From The FDR White House

Legal filings show that "one side of the family has accused the other of deceit and fraud, of secretly loaning the works to the White House as part of an effort to boost an ownership claim on them." Then there's the other side. - The New York Times

Is It Possible To Learn To Chef Online?

Yes, but "if your laptop isn’t being flecked with olive oil spatter during a decathlon of online cooking classes, you’re probably doing something wrong. Of course, you’re probably doing something wrong anyway." - Fast Company

In The Years Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq, Hollywood Has Addressed The War Only A Few Times

Basically, "Americans simply did not want to hear about it" early on, and now? "There’s reason to be pessimistic about the risk-averse, IP-addicted studios of the 21st century dipping back into a war that it rarely bothered to engage with in the first place." - The Guardian (UK)

Art In Istanbul After The Earthquakes

Multiple exhibitions in Istanbul seem to nearly predict the pain and agony of the recent earthquakes that have killed at least 55,000 people - partly because the artists understand "the fragility of the buildings people see as their sanctuaries." - Hyperallergic

This Year’s Best Picture Winner Signals A Linguistic Change In Hollywood

It's complex - see the Indigenous villains in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but "Increasing use of non-English languages and subtitles demonstrates both a trend toward linguistic realism in Hollywood and also broader acceptance of linguistic diversity." - Raw Story

The Future Of AI In Hollywood – Fact Or Fiction?

At SXSW, there's a lot of discussion around what AI could do for (or against) the movies. But "for all the hype, some remain skeptical, wondering how much of the excitement is venture capital-fueled froth." - Los Angeles Times

Poet Warsan Shire’s Influences Include Toni Morrison – And The Goosebumps Series

Not to mention luck at the library: "I found Krik? Krak!, a short story collection by Edwidge Danticat, in the Ealing Road Library and fell in love. This book raised me." - The Guardian (UK)

As In Hollywood, Bollywood Actors Have A Complex Relationship With Paparazzi

"Stars rely on them for publicity and they depend on stars to make a living. But this relationship can also turn toxic" - and some paparazzi blame social media for "an insatiable appetite for celebrity content." - BBC

Superfans Of ‘A Little Life’ Are Extending The Adaptation’s Theatrical Run

The reviews are in, and, like the book, the play sounds, er, challenging. But the show has been extended thanks to fans who attend "wearing A Little Life-themed sweatshirts and holding copies of the book aloft or cradling them like tiny babies." - LitHub

Let’s Take A Moment To Celebrate The Mistakes This Year’s Oscars Didn’t Make

Because honestly, a lot of things went right (not including the too-frequent Cocaine Bear jokes). For one (big) thing, in a much better choice than last year, "They gave out all the awards during the telecast." - NPR

Anna Netrebko Didn’t Denounce Putin, But The Met Must Still Pay Her Contract

An arbitrator "in a decision issued last month that has not been previously reported, ruled that the Met should compensate Netrebko for 13 canceled performances," which means the opera company owes the Russian soprano more than $200,000. - The New York Times

King Charles Taps Andrew Lloyd Webber For His Coronation Song

It's not their first meet-up. Before the pandemic, when he was merely the crown prince, Charles summoned Webber to fix the problem "that there wasn’t enough access for young people to go and learn how to play the church organ." - Washington Post

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