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Ukraine Ballet Comes To US

Some 60 dancers who fled the war make up The United Ukrainian Ballet. With help from local dance professionals and city officials, the company is based in The Hague. - NPR

Was This Antarctica’s First-Ever Professional Outdoor Dance Performance?

Probably. Earlier this week, members of the Ballet Folklórico Nacional Argentino and Compañía Nacional de Danza Contemporánea traveled from Buenos Aires down to Argentina's Base Marambio and performed in snowsuits as the temperature hit 19°F. (It's summer there.) - Buenos Aires Herald

Meet The Hottest Talents In Dance Who Don’t Go Onstage

"A lot of people work behind the scenes to put dance on stage. Here are some of the current talents, new and established, who are busy making bodies look glorious, transforming the atmosphere on stage and helping to tell stories in dance." - The Guardian

Dance As Political Tool

Although few of us recognize dance performance as overtly political, using dance for political messaging is nothing new. - Washington Post

Ukraine’s Ballet-In-Exile Gets Settled In The Hague

No, it's got nothing to do with the International Criminal Court.  The Netherlands' administrative capital is where the United Ukrainian Ballet, a company assembled from professional dancers who have fled the war and work to promote Ukraine and its arts abroad, has been given a home. - The New York Times

Even Now, Dance Company Auditions Aren’t Like They Were Before COVID

"Even as in-person auditions make a comeback, they don't quite look the same as they once did." Auditioning by video has become normalized, and the practice of multiple companies auditioning dancers together over several days is spreading. - Dance Magazine

Coaching Balanchine And Robbins In New York

Kyra Nichols returns to help City Ballet figure some things out: "How can a dancer replace force with something more free? How can she explore the possibilities of effortless dancing, the kind that Nichols was known for." - The New York Times

Black Dancers In Pacific Northwest Ballet Reflect On Their Careers

When you see more people who look like you onstage, it makes you want to go and it makes you want to bring people with you. If there are people who look like you, it’s more inviting. - Seattle Times

The Dancers Who Escaped Russia

If the war has made refugees out of some Ukrainian dancers, it's made soldiers out of others. - 60 Minutes

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Appoints Choreographer Aszure Barton Artist-In-Residence

"The appointment follows a long vacancy after resident choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo's departure in 2018. ... (While) Cerrudo lived in Chicago full-time and, until 2015, was also a dancer in the company, Barton's tenure is likely to be more transient. She'll come to Chicago for two weeks here, four weeks there." - Chicago Tribune

Rennie Harris Has Created A Curriculum To Train Dance Teachers In Hip-Hop

"Over the course of his decades-long career, Harris ... has been a guiding force, ushering hip-hop and street dance into new spaces and championing their history and legacy. ... Rennie Harris University builds on the principles that have shaped its founder's career, bringing them into the classroom." - The New York Times

All Robots Should Dance — Just Like M3GAN Does

Choreoroboticist Kate Sicchio: "It's really interesting to have this unfamiliar device do this uncanny human thing. It’s similar to why we love putting googly eyes on everything. This makes it human even though it's not supposed to be. And that becomes funny or endearing somehow." - Inverse

Dance Artists Of Color Are Getting More Chances To Lead

Kiyon Ross at Pacific Northwest Ballet: "The skills you learn as a choreographer are definitely transferable to being a leader. ... You have to have a certain kind of authority over the room—not an oppressive kind of authority, there just needs to be someone running the show." - Dance Magazine

Justin Peck Has Created New York City Ballet’s First Evening-Length Abstract Ballet In 55 Years

Which is to say, not since George Balanchine's Jewels (1967).  Premiering this week, Peck's Copland: Dance Episodes is also City Ballet's first use of Aaron Copland's three classic ballet scores: Rodeo, Billy the Kid, and Appalachian Spring. Joshua Barone looks in the creative team in rehearsal. - The New York Times

Carlos Acosta And Birmingham Royal Ballet Launch A Second Company

As with ABT Studio, Ailey II, and other companies (largely in the US), BRB2 will offer limited-term contracts (in this case, two years) to dancers just finishing school, giving them experience beyond just the corps de ballet before starting full-fledged careers.  BRB2's first UK tour will be this spring. - SeeingDance

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