Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Choreographer Drew McOnie On What Success Looks Like

"Success isn’t how many awards you win, or how many five-star reviews you get. Success is built on how quickly you bounce back, how you take the lessons. Everything in between is just wounded ego.” - The Guardian

Amar Ramasar, Last Remaining NY City Ballet Dancer Involved In Sexting Scandal, Will Retire

The 39-year-old's decision to end his 20-year career with the company next May comes three years after the scandal roiled City Ballet and two weeks after colleague Georgina Pazcoguin revealed in a book that he would regularly tweak her nipples as a greeting. - The New York Times

ABT Executive Director Says She Will Depart To Work On Social Impact Fund

Kara Medoff Barnett will be leaving to lead social impact marketing and strategy at First Republic Bank and develop the recently established First Republic Foundation. - The New York Times

From Cretan Bull-Vaulting To Simone Biles: A Brief History Of Gymnastics

Yes, circa 1500 BC, leaps and vaults were done on or from the back of a live bull, not an inanimate, leather-covered "horse." - Smithsonian Magazine

Documentary: What Made Alvin Ailey Ailey

 The Ailey company has performed on six continents for millions of people. His 1960 ballet “Revelations" is considered a cultural treasure. - Washington Post

New Data On Who Leads America’s Dance Companies

There have been 207 Artistic Directors employed by the Largest 50 US ballet companies to date. Of the 207 Artistic Directors, only 60 have been women (29%), and the remaining 147 have been men (71%). - Dance Data Project

American Ballet Theatre Predicts Massive Audiences In The Fall

Performance-starved audiences may flock to Lincoln Center after the ABT resumes indoor live performances this fall, the ED says. "There is so much pent-up demand for the performing arts, so much pent-up demand for collective activities and experiences and the joy of celebrating together." - CNBC

From Street To Stage To School And Back Again, Philadelphia Keeps House Dancing Real

Philly didn't invent house, but it made the style its own. The city's home to several professional companies (notably Rennie Harris Puremovement, the world's longest-running street dance troupe), house dance is taught at the University of the Arts, and itinerant parties keep the scene's roots healthy. - KQED

Oregon Ballet Theatre Acknowledges It Fired Artistic Director Kevin Irving

"It is true that the Board approved a resolution to end his tenure with the company," read a statement released by an OBT spokesperson. "This resolution was a thoughtful, considered Board decision with sufficient reason and authority to act." - Portland Tribune

Dance’s Role In African Culture

Although "dance uses a progression of steps and movements to resonate with the speed and beat of a piece of music and coordinates the body in a cadenced manner, most African dances are segregated body movements that can be very hard to organize intellectually." - Global Sister Report

You Probably Hadn’t Heard Of The National Ballet Of Canada’s New Director. That’s Good.

Hope Muir: "I feel like more people like me, who weren't necessarily huge stars, are going to end up in these roles, with a somewhat different approach to what ballet can be: more diverse, with more access and transparency about what you are doing." - The New York Times

What Ever Became Of Joy Womack, The American Who Joined, And Quit, The Bolshoi Ballet?

At 15 she entered the Bolshoi's school; by 17 she was a company soloist. In 2013, aged 19, she claimed she couldn't get solos without paying bribes and left for the Kremlin Ballet. In 2016 she quit again, beginning a professional journey that literally circled the globe. - SeeingDance

Dance Choreography Can Make Humans More Comfortable With Robots

For instance, "areas of robotics research like social navigation, where robots update their paths to account for nearby humans’ movements, implicitly build upon dance improvisation." - Scientific American

How One Broadway Dancer Survived The Loss Of All Of His Income

He danced on his rooftop - and, after losing his health insurance and all his gigs, opened a flower business. - BBC

Turning Point: COVID Lockdown Has Freed Dance From Its Confines

We have embodied elements of resistance—resisting what a “dancer” looks like, what a dance “should” look like. And perhaps most importantly, we have resisted the isolation and fear of this pandemic. - Zocalo

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