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Looking At The Financial State Of Dance In the U.S.

"Multiple reports published since last summer have shed long-awaited light on the fiscal health of the country’s dance sector. What those numbers say isn’t simple to summarize. … (For instance,) even when the changes in dollar amounts appear positive, adjustments for inflation erase most gains (and deepen losses)." - Dance Magazine

How Robert Garland Is Navigating His First Season In Charge At Dance Theater Of Harlem

“Garland is big on history. His passion for linking ballet to the events of the real world, past and present, is an important part of his vision." - The New York Times

The Outsider Queer Trio Running — Entirely Together — The Ballet National De Marseille

"(Marine) Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel are the trio behind (La)Horde. They met 14 years ago on Paris’s queer club scene and ... started helping each other out with projects. Over time it coalesced into something official and since 2019 they have been (BNM's) artistic directors." - The Guardian

“Not Every Giselle Has To Be Fragile And Petite”: New English National Ballet AD Aaron Watkin

"A lot of people in the culture have grown up with a certain physical ideal. The more traditionally minded are bound to the idea that certain characters have to be small, innocent looking blondes. But … it’s not only small women who have their hearts broken." - The Telegraph (UK) (MSN)

Alvin Ailey Company Performance In Birmingham, Alabama Cancelled Mid-Show Due To “Cold Temperatures Backstage”

The performance on Feb. 17 began 40 minutes late, the company did one piece, then there was another 40-minute wait before the audience was told the show was over. The dancers' contract requires a backstage temperature of 72°F.; the venue claims the temperature was 68°F to 70°F. - WBMA (Birmingham, AL)

Merging American Sign Language Into Choreography Aimed At General Audiences

"(There's) a wider shift in the performing arts, one that is more artistically fulfilling for Deaf and ASL-fluent artists and that also repositions accessibility: Rather than something tacked on to and separate from the performance, (ASL) is something deeply ingrained and integrated." - Dance Magazine

Alonzo King: Attaching Dance To The World

That prospect of dance having a life and an urgency beyond an arrangement of steps has fueled King’s path as a dancer and a choreographer. - The New York Times

Choreographer Fatima Robinson Says The Dance World Has Changed Dramatically In Her Time

That includes, in recent years, TikTok trends. “I find it so much fun. It’s an inspiring place to go to find out how young people are moving their bodies - young and old,” Robinson says. - NPR

Does Perfection Have To Be The Measure Of Ballet?

Is it possible to imagine the ballet world without a primary teleology of aesthetic perfectionism and a baseline of low self-worth? Is it possible for our culture at large to stop conceiving of art and fame in this way? - Hedgehog Review

The Choreographer Who Came Up With Emma Stone’s Totally Insane Dance In “Poor Things”

Buenos Aires-born, Berlin-based dancemaker Constanza Macras also choreographed the warped courtly dance and the chase/fight in the woods in The Favourite. She says that working in film offers something "that you never get in theater. … The camera is really a choreographic work as well." - The New York Times

BodyTraffic Aims To Be LA’s Dance Company

For most of its existence BODYTRAFFIC has been better known and more appreciated outside of LA than in its hometown, in great part because LA has not built the infrastructure necessary for dance. - Forbes

A Transformative $60 Million Gift To San Francisco Ballet

San Francisco Ballet has received a groundbreaking gift: It announced on Thursday that it had secured a $60 million contribution from an anonymous donor, the largest in the company’s 91-year history and one of the biggest ever to an American dance company. - The New York Times

Meet The Mother Of Contemporary African Dance

"Germaine Acogny studied dance at the École Simon-Siégel in Paris. She was the only black student (there) and a teacher criticised her 'big butt and flat feet' liberally. After graduating, Acogny returned to post-independence Senegal and developed a style that blended her classical training with traditional, African-inspired movement." - The Guardian

Cleveland Ballet’s New Artistic Director On Stabilizing The Company After A Wild Few Months

After this past fall's revelations of misconduct that led to the resignation of executive director Michael Krasnyansky and the firing of artistic director Gladisa Guadalupe (Krasnyansky's spouse), the company's director of repertoire, Timour Bourtasenkov, was appointed to succeed Guadalupe. In a Q&A, he talks about the work ahead. - Dance Magazine

Bharathanatyam: A Newcomer’s Guide

Writer and dancer Lakshmi Thiagarajan explains some of the origins and history of the South Asian classical dance form, the components of a traditional performance, and how a solo dancer can portray multiple characters with no change of costume or makeup. - Psyche

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