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What Sadler’s Wells Has Planned For Its New East London Outpost

"Sadler’s Wells East is due to open later this year in London’s Queen Elizabeth Park, site of the 2012 Olympic Games. The 550-seat auditorium, which sits opposite the Olympic Stadium (now home to West Ham United football club), will be the fourth stage programmed by Sadler’s Wells." - Dance Magazine

Silent Demonstration During Performance Calls For Getty Museum To Stop Underpaying Dancers

Last Sunday, as dancers carried heavy sheets of metal and glass in Joan Jonas’s Mirror Piece I & II, audience members from Los Angeles's performance community held signs saying "Fair Pay 4 Dancers" and "Getty We C U Paying Performers Poorly" (meaning about half what MOMA paid for the same piece). - Hyperallergic

The “Yoda-Like Guru” Of Tap Dance

The youngsters who studied with Gene Medler at the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble remain devoted to him and his teaching methods for years after they graduate, and among his alums is Michelle Dorrance. One key is Medler's "student mind-set": he didn't start learning tap until age 27. - The New York Times

Now That Breakdancing Is An Olympic Sport, Will Dancers Get Paid Like Athletes?

"The 2024 Olympics could be a turning point for dancers who are accustomed to making a living performing and teaching." What's more, "like dancers, athletes have short professional careers, but Olympic success can extend their shelf life: There’s a well-constructed off-ramp for Olympic athletes." - Dance Magazine

Badass Bathing Beauties: A Brief History Of Synchronized Swimming

"Now known at the highest level as 'artistic swimming,' it was for decades one of the few athletic activities women could pursue, albeit in uncomfortable, baggy, not-exactly-aerodynamic attire. Despite — or perhaps because of — its popularity, synchronized swimming’s status as a legitimate sport would be contested for just as long." - The American Scholar

Remembering Shelley Duvall’s Olive Oyl Dance

Dance “people” will recognize the innate beauty of her pose that is rooted in the cartoon version of OO as gangly. Even in her clodhopper shoes, this Olive Oyl is luscious. - ArtsMeme

Dance Neuroscience Says Your Brain Is Connected To Your Body – And Vice Versa

But seriously: “Sophisticated imaging technology has helped reveal that dance’s multifaceted demands engage the mind as intensively as the body; that dance can root our minds more firmly in our physical selves; and that dancing together can help us relate to each other.” - The New York Times

Evaluating The Career Of Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Michael Linsmeier As He Leaves The Profession

He grew up on a dairy farm, but took tap and ballet. He “was in middle school when a recruiter from Richmond’s Virginia School of the Arts visited the Wolfmeyer School and invited him to spend his high school years there,” launching the dance portion of his career. - Oregon ArtsWatch

What Will It Take To Revitalize The Twin Cities’ Ballet Scene?

New director Lauren Post, currently dancing Romeo and Juliet with ABT’s corps de ballet at the Met, has some ideas: Focus on education first, and eventually, “Minneapolis could be a destination for classical ballet training, and potentially even for a strong local company.” - Pioneer Press

Wayne McGregor Reappointed As Artistic Director Of Venice Dance Biennale

The Biennale's board of directors said Thursday that the British choreographer will remain at the helm of its Dance Department in 2025 and 2026. He has held the position since 2021. - ANSA (Italy)

A Look At The Dance Offerings At The Venice Biennale

Choreographer Wayne McGregor, artistic director of the Biennale's dance division, made a point of selecting work that he describes as "innovative, edgy, and perhaps more difficult to like." - Dance Magazine

Dancers Fired By Syracuse City Ballet Win “Vindicating” Settlement

"The settlement, which includes back pay and an apology, … came after the National Labor Relations Board ruled recently that the Syracuse City Ballet was wrong to fire the dancers, who went on strike in part to protest what they described as unsafe working conditions." - The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) (MSN)

John Neumeier Concludes His 51 Years Directing Hamburg Ballet

"Neumeier is 85, which might seem like a decent age to retire. But choosing to go was difficult for him. 'It was a rational decision, not an emotional one. … When I started approaching 50 years here, I thought, I don’t want a downward slide.” - The New York Times

Good News For Vancouver’s Ballet BC And Dancers’ Paychecks

A big donation means dancers will get paid for the entire year. The board chair: "We are extremely proud to be able to set this precedent in the hopes that it will galvanize other companies and philanthropists to provide greater support for dancers.” - Stir (Canada)

First Ever: Dancers Competing In The Olympics This Summer

Thirty-two dancers total—16 b-boys and 16 b-girls—will compete battle-style in Paris’ Place de la Concorde to sold-out crowds on August 9 and 10. Qualifying competitions have been going on since 2022. - Dance Magazine

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