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Dancers Fired By Syracuse City Ballet Win “Vindicating” Settlement

"The settlement, which includes back pay and an apology, … came after the National Labor Relations Board ruled recently that the Syracuse City Ballet was wrong to fire the dancers, who went on strike in part to protest what they described as unsafe working conditions." - The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) (MSN)

John Neumeier Concludes His 51 Years Directing Hamburg Ballet

"Neumeier is 85, which might seem like a decent age to retire. But choosing to go was difficult for him. 'It was a rational decision, not an emotional one. … When I started approaching 50 years here, I thought, I don’t want a downward slide.” - The New York Times

Good News For Vancouver’s Ballet BC And Dancers’ Paychecks

A big donation means dancers will get paid for the entire year. The board chair: "We are extremely proud to be able to set this precedent in the hopes that it will galvanize other companies and philanthropists to provide greater support for dancers.” - Stir (Canada)

First Ever: Dancers Competing In The Olympics This Summer

Thirty-two dancers total—16 b-boys and 16 b-girls—will compete battle-style in Paris’ Place de la Concorde to sold-out crowds on August 9 and 10. Qualifying competitions have been going on since 2022. - Dance Magazine

Meet Simone Biles’s Choreographer, Who Trained At The Paris Opera Ballet

"Until now, Grégory Milan wryly considered his life to be 'a series of failures of sorts.' When he turned to gymnastics choreography full-time, in 2017, he was in debt, having started a dance company that never took off, and still reeling from a tumultuous career in ballet." - The New York Times

Dance Company Accuses Louvre Of Stealing Its Idea For Museum Workout

"This spring, art lovers in Paris had the rare chance to participate in an early morning workout at the Louvre, enjoying yoga and dance moves while running through the galleries. … Monica Bill Barnes and Company has accused the Louvre of copying the Museum Workout, its popular program at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art." - Artnet

The Science And Art Of Dad Dancing

"While scientific studies have confirmed that older men do indeed dance differently to their younger counterparts – and this may have evolved as a way of signalling their declining biological fitness – experts argue that dad dancing should be celebrated, not slated, for the numerous benefits it can bring." - The Guardian

Without Its Festival, What’s The Future Of Tap Dancing In New York?

“Tap City has been an important gathering each summer, a hub on a circuit of festivals that combine performances with classes. These festivals have been pivotal to the passing on of a tradition, largely left behind in popular and commercial culture.” And now Tap City might die. - The New York Times

When Mikhail Baryshnikov Left Everything He’d Ever Known

“I remember feeling a sense of comfort and security after seeing some very friendly faces in the getaway car. But I also felt fear that it might turn out another way — that at any second, it could fall apart and become like a bad police movie.” - The New York Times

Is Alessandra Ferri Now Dancing Her Final Role?

"It’s not merely that she’s now 61 — albeit dancing exquisitely — and sharing a stage with dancers one-third her age. It’s also that she’s about to embark on an exciting new chapter as artistic director of the Vienna State Ballet, and plans to devote herself '200%' to the task." - AP

Daniil Simkin Begins A Pivot From Dancing Ballet To Filming It

"On June 25, his production company, Studio Simkin, unveiled one, a seven-minute dance film produced by (and starring) Simkin and choreographed by David Dawson. Shot during the pandemic in April 2021, one represents both a labor of love and where Simkin would like to see his career go eventually." - Pointe Magazine

Atlantic Ballet Of Canada Launches Professional Training Program For Indigenous Dancers

"The two-year program in Moncton, N.B. will accept eight Indigenous dancers in Grade 11. … The (instruction) will be in contemporary style, but also include traditional and ballet, making it a holistic format that will give students access to a wide range of opportunities in their professional careers." - The Canadian Press (MSN)

The Who’s “Quadrophenia” Is Being Turned Into A Ballet

"The ballet is set to tour Plymouth, Edinburgh and Southampton before its official opening at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London on June 24 next year. It will then move to The Lowry in Salford. … Choreographer Paul Roberts and director Rob Ashford are at the helm of the creative team." - Variety

BalletX Receives Its Largest Gift Ever — By A Factor Of Nearly Ten

"(Joan) DeJean ... died in December at age 75 and left BalletX a remarkable gift: $7.4 million. A donation of that size is substantial for any arts group. To BalletX, a bright but mid-sized star in the Philadelphia cultural firmament, it’s enormous." - The Philadelphia Inquirer (MSN)

This New Ballet Company Features Women Lifting Other Women – Literally

“'It’s an amazing experience,’ Annia Hidalgo, one of the Queer the Ballet dancers, . ‘We all speak the same language. It’s movement, it’s art, it’s ballet, it’s queerness.’” - WPIX New York (MSN)

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