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Marcelo Gomes Will Be Directing Dresden’s Ballet Company

With Semperoper Ballett artistic director Aaron S. Watkins leaving this summer to take over English National Ballet, Gomes — who's been coach and ballet master at the Semperoper since he resigned from ABT in 2017 — will fill Watkins's post for, at least initially, the 2023-24 season. - Dance for You

For The First Time, The Trisha Brown Dance Company Has Engaged An Outside Choreographer

Judith Sánchez Ruíz, who danced with the company from 2006 to 2009, will choreograph a work titled Let's Talk About Bleeding next year. Says the company's executive director, "We're happy to do Trisha's work forever, but we feel the field is asking for something more." - The New York Times

NYC Ballet Star Accuses Company Of “Body Shaming”

The renowned troupe “strongly encouraged” star dancer Ashley Bouder, 38, not to perform in its star-studded fall gala because of her “appearance,” Bouder posted this week on Instagram. “I have hit my proverbial wall,” Bouder wrote. She accused the company of longstanding “systemic” and “institutionalized” body-shaming. - New York Post

The Choreographer With Two Shows Opening On Broadway, Plus A National Tour

Plus, Jennifer Weber choreographed a Disney+ movie. "Dancers appreciate how Weber runs rehearsals — her clear authority, her directorial eye — but also how she allows them the freedom to be themselves." - The New York Times

Why Cassa Pancho Founded Britain’s Ballet Black

"While I was in ballet training, I was often told that Black people did not have the physique, cultural interest or right hair type for classical ballet." So she founded her own dance school. - Metro (UK)

Dancer Has Leg Amputated, Then Carries On Dancing

"After my amputation, it's kind of the same way. I don't look the same as other 21-year-olds my age, but I can still make my body look beautiful, I can still do the things that other kids do." - People

Jacob’s Pillow Will Rebuild The Burned-Down Doris Duke Theater

The dance festival's second stage was destroyed by a fire almost exactly two years ago. A lead grant of $10 million grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, plus insurance payouts and further donations, will fund a new $30 million theater to open in 2025. - The New York Times

Why Andy Blankenbuehler, Choreographer Of “Hamilton”, Decided He Had To Create A Musical Of His Own

"There's a lot of storytelling ability in dance, but in musical theater, people champion words first. And so many times as a dancer, you don't feel integral. You don't feel like you are helping the story really come around." So he created Only Gold. - MSN (The Washington Post)

The Dance Data Project Looks At How Much Money Artistic And Executive Directors Make

"This Data Byte examines artistic & executive director reportable compensation increases (or decreases) in relation to the overall budget of the largest 50 U.S. ballet and classically inspired companies ... from fiscal year 2016 to fiscal year 2020." - Dance Data Project

Misty Copeland Shares What It Took To Become A Star Dancer

"It wasn't until ballet came into my life that I started to feel that I could be a person, a person in the world, like I could express myself. It was like I'd gone 13 years of my life without truly expressing what was inside of me or feeling comfortable in my skin. And it was ballet." - NPR

Choreographer Sean Dorsey’s Work Takes A Major Turn

"His four previous works, each two or three years in the making, have combined dance, music and storytelling to preserve LGBTQ history and illuminate the past, drawing on archival research and oral histories. ... Now, for the first time, his dance is looking to the future." - San Francisco Chronicle

Turning Margaret Atwood’s ‘MaddAdam’ Into Dance

Imagine making a ballet of this: "The novels that constitute the MaddAddam trilogy are set in a world where genetic engineering has produced a variety of new creatures: raccoon-skunk hybrid pets; guard dogs who look sweetly domestic but are as ferocious as wolves; and supersized pigs." - The Globe and Mail

A British Ballet Star Unites Ukrainian And Russian Exiles In Dance Of Defiance

Xander Parish, a star at the Mariinsky Ballet, fled at the start of the war. Last weekend, he led Ukrainian and Russian ballet exiles in a performance. "I wanted to gather us all, to be able to reunite us in our love of dance," he said. - The Observer (UK)

An English National Ballet Dancer On The Clarifying Impacts Of The COVID Shutdowns

Prescious Adams credits the time spent training in lockdown with giving her technique more clarity – “I think of my body as this geometrical puzzle; the physics of dance makes much more sense to me now” – and says the pandemic humanised the ballet world. - The Guardian

Julie Kent Has Made A Huge Difference For The Washington Ballet

"When Kent arrived in Washington, she brought a radiant star power that was undeniable. ... While praise for Kent is uniform in the dance community, it's not clear that the company has always risen to her expectations, or that audiences have been able to grasp her vision." - Washington City Paper

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