Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Report: Worldwide Building Of Arts Facilities Was $5.9 Billion Last Year

Despite last year’s dip, there’s reason to think that the cultural sector is coming back strong. Even amid global uncertainty about travel, cities doubled down on investment in cultural attractions. - Artnet

Young People Are Using France’s Culture Pass To Buy … Manga

Granted, the program was only just gearing up when the pandemic closed arts venues, but officials' hopes that 18-year-olds would use their few-strings-attached €300 to sample high culture are being punctured by reality. - The New York Times

‘Total Public-Led Reboot’ Necessary For Arts Sector In Australia To Survive COVID: Study

"Australia's arts and cultural sector needs a reconstruction program of substantial, coordinated and sustained public investment if it is to survive, let alone 'snap back', after the COVID shutdown that has shredded the plans and budgets of arts organisations and artists." - The Guardian

Abusive Philanthropy…

When donors require stewardship – due to insistent input on the inner workings of the organization, threats of withholding financial support, or continual adamant requirements to be thanked or recognized at every possible opportunity – the organization is drained of its energy. - LinkedIn

Working At An Amazon Warehouse Is Dangerous, And Getting Injured There Is Worse

Getting injured can happen quickly in a bustling Amazon warehouse. Then there's trying to get the company to respond. - Boston Globe

Too Much Screen Time Can Literally Make Some People Sick

And when we say "literally," we mean it: "These symptoms fall into three categories: nausea, oculomotor issues, and general disorientation." - FastCompany

When A Revered Musician Makes Very Bad Choices

Eric Clapton's "dangerous stance on vaccines has forced yet another conversation about the importance of 'separating the music from the man.'" - Los Angeles Times

A Lackluster Opening Olympics

Unfortunately, the messaging was muddled — the ideas crowding one another out — by a ceremony most notable for how small and muted the staging felt, an effect amplified by the empty stadium. - Washington Post

Misconceptions About The Relationship Between Arts And Sports

While there are many sports devotees in the Australian arts sector (as a search for the Twitter hashtag #aflartsmafia reveals), the fallacy continues that loving the arts and loving sport are somehow incompatible. - ArtsHub

Can US Cultural Policy Better Reflect American Values?

The US is one of the largest markets for cultural goods, so it makes good sense that our country has taken a leading role in fighting the looting of cultural artefacts. - The Art Newspaper

The Olympics May No Longer Be Sustainable In Their Present Form

Whether it’s the young people and local businesses left traumatized by evictions due to London 2012 Games, the elderly tenants whose homes were destroyed to make way for the new National Stadium in Shinjuku, ahead of Tokyo 2020. - Fast Company

‘Unprecedented’, ‘Historic’: California Budgets $616 Million For Arts

Yes, that's for a single budget year, 2021-22. (The board president of Californians for the Arts remembers 2003-04, when the state arts council had less than $1 million for the year; this coming year it will have $128 million.) - San Francisco Chronicle

Italy, Like France, Will Require COVID Vaccine ‘Green Pass’ To Enter Arts Venues

The rule will also apply to stadiums, gyms, and indoor restaurants. Said prime minister Mario Draghi, "Without vaccinations, we’d have to close everything again." - The Guardian

UNESCO Keeps Venice Off List Of World Heritage Sites In Danger

It seems that last week's announcement of a cruise ship ban had the desired effect. (Now the question is whether the ban will stick.) - Yahoo! (AP)

UK Report: 80,000 Jobs, £4 billion, Lost In The Arts Sector During COVID

According to the report, music, performing and visual arts have also lost 26% of jobs – 80,000 – due to the Covid-19 pandemic. - The Stage

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