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The Sudden Devastation In Libya’s City Of Poets

In instants on September 11, the floodwaters "destroyed a cradle of Libyan culture" - by neglect and design from authorities who don't care for rebellious poets. - The New York Times

School Book Bans Show No Signs Of Slowing

Two thirds of people in the U.S. oppose book bans, so why is there such an increase? - NPR

Studios Allege They’ve Presented Their Final Offer To Writers

A "best and final offer" before today's meetings may lead to a deal soon, but the writers say this is a management-side leak and that the WGA needs to stay focused and strong. - The Hollywood Reporter

AI Is Coming For Video Game Jobs Too

Game developers: "The last world we want to live in is the one where the robots get to make all the creative decisions and we don't." - CBC

Is This Very Popular French Theme Park Selling A Reactionary Version Of French History?

"Puy du Fou has been voted the best amusement park on Earth despite having no rides, just swashbuckling re-enactment shows with fireballs, sword fights, shipwrecks and chariot races that draw millions in France, … despite criticism from some ... that its traditionalist framing of history is spurring rightwing culture wars." - The Guardian

City Of Baltimore Tops Up Its Support Of The Arts

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced additional investments in the arts through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for a combined total of $6.25 million focused on supporting arts and cultural institutions led by diverse artists and groups. - CBS News

Southbank’s New Leaders Have A Plan

Mark Ball and Aaron Wright are eager to recapture that past glory and make new connections with a programme in which established artists, rising stars and rebels rub shoulders, and different, hybrid modes of presentation are celebrated. - The Stage

California Will Provide Money To Help Small Arts Groups Comply With New Employment Law

"Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a budget trailer bill allocating an estimated $11.5 million to small performing arts organizations to help them recover from the pandemic and comply with AB5, the 2019 law requiring more workers to be paid as employees instead of independent contractors." - MSN (San Francisco Chronicle)

New York’s Live Performance Industry Convenes Its First Meeting

Mayor Eric Adams convened the inaugural meeting of the first-ever Live Performance Industry Council, which features a mix of leaders representing the theater, music and dance industries from the city’s arenas, cultural institutions, unions, nonprofit sector and city government. - The Hollywood Reporter

City Of San Francisco Appoints Its First-Ever Drag Laureate

"D'Arcy Drollinger …, who was initially caught off guard by the nomination, has found herself at the forefront of a long-brewing culture war. With anti-trans legislation spreading across the US and bills banning drag performance being passed in various states, her first months in the role have been a whirlwind." - The Guardian

Disney Co. To Pour $60 Billion Into Its Theme Parks And Cruise Line

"(The conglomerate) says it has more than 1,000 acres of land for future development at its six existing theme park sites around the world. It … also plans to nearly double the capacity of its cruise line, adding two ships in fiscal 2025 and another in 2026." - Reuters

Study: Australians Have Slowed Down Their Consumption Of Arts Events

Among them, this year’s survey finds that while the same proportion of Australians attended events and festivals as in 2019 and 2022, they are now attending less frequently. Weekly attendance has dropped across all art forms, with Australians choosing only to attend every few months. - ArtsHub

The Enduring Power Of Fairies

The Flower Fairies' influence has endured: they continue to be popular around the world – big in Japan and in Italy, where Gucci released a children's range featuring Barker's prints in 2022. Billie Eilish recently had Flower Fairies tattooed on her hand, while their whimsical, floral aesthetic can be seen in the TikTok "fairycore" trend. - BBC

How London Is Trying To Help Low-Income Artists

A long-term cultural programme in Thames­mead in south-east London has provided artists with low-rent studios and access to affordable housing. Since it began five years ago, it has also produced more than 1,000 job opportunities. - The Art Newspaper

Melbourne Gets A New Performing Arts Center

The venue will house a proscenium theatre with a capacity of 600, as well as a 200-seat studio theatre, two rehearsal studios and function spaces. It also features a soundshell, designed for festivals and outdoor events. - Limelight

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