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It’s Artists Who Rule New York

If no one industry rules the city, one group of people does: artists. Every year, a new generation of them arrive in New York hoping to make their name. Those of us who aren’t artists come here for them, too. - The New York Times

As Frank Gehry Turns 95, Los Angeles Should Give Him The Disney Hall He Actually Wanted

Improving DTLA desperately needs advocates - and a focus, which the area could provide. “The sorry fact is that the hall has never been the best it can be, and there seems to be far too little motivation to take the place to its necessary next step." - Los Angeles Times

Pro-Palestinian Supporters Drown Out Presenters, Winners At Indie Spirit Awards

"A few attendees stepped outside to acknowledge the incident and see what was going on, but the awards show continued. Host Aidy Bryant said on stage, 'We’re at the beach and people are exercising their freedom of speech.’” - IndieWire

This Law May Deem Many Journalists, And Regular People Online, To Be Hackers

“Some laws operate like hidden trap doors — everyone walks across the trap at one point or another, but only a handful of us actually fall through.” - The Verge

College Students Discover That Even On Vending Machines, Facial Recognition Cameras Track Our Every Move

“The scandal started when a student using the alias SquidKid47 posted an image on Reddit showing a campus vending machine error message, ‘Invenda.Vending.FacialRecognitionApp.exe,’ displayed after the machine failed to launch a facial recognition application." - Ars Technica

The Trigger-Warning Debate

A trigger warning is not a call to censorship as the quoted tweeter above suggests – if there is an instinct for that, it should be enacted in the rehearsal room. But it is entirely right that we ensure our audiences know what it is they are getting into. - Classical Music UK

“Harassment” And “Governance Concerns” Lead Ontario Region’s Arts Fund To Suspend All Activity

"The activities of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund have been paused effective immediately, with the region saying the move was necessary due to 'incidents of harassment of regional staff and governance concerns related to the fund's administration.'" Two board members have resigned; a nonprofit is stepping in with interim funding. - CBC

City of Winnipeg Cuts — No, It Reassigns — Coming Year’s Funding For Public Art

While some artists and observers are criticizing the zeroing-out of Winnipeg Arts Council money for public art, that annual $500,000 will go instead to support capital projects for downtown cultural institutions. Also, the Arts Council's budget for other projects has been restored to the pre-pandemic level of $4.6 million. - Winnipeg Free Press

A Call For Philanthropic Investment In Culture

While some grassroots organizations and organizers do integrate culture into their efforts, the potential to build power in under-resourced and marginalized communities by harnessing culture is not well understood or supported by funders. - Stanford Social Innovation Review

As Traditional Journalism Struggles In Canada, Journalists Take To TikTok

They're demonstrating that there is a demand for watching someone deliver the news when the traditional local TV news landscape is diminishing. But media experts say though some audiences have shifted to less conventional options, local TV news reporting isn't easily replaced once it disappears. - CBC

Dallas Arts Groups Nervously Hope Voters Will Approve Ballot Measure With New Arts Funding

"Dallas residents will vote on a $1.25 billion bond package in May, which includes one of the largest allocations for cultural facilities in decades. The Dallas City Council allocated $75.2 million of the package last Wednesday for cultural facilities or a little over 6% of the package." - KERA (Dallas)

Could The NY Times Win Its Copyright Lawsuit Against OpenAI?

Unlike Google’s search engine, generative AI models sometimes do produce creative works that compete directly with the works they were trained on. And this puts these defendants in a weaker legal position than Google was in a decade ago. - Ars Technica

Britain’s Second City, Effectively Bankrupt, Announces Elimination of All Arts Funding

In Birmingham, which faces a long-brewing cash crisis, "grants to regularly-funded arts organisations will face 50% cuts this year and 100% next financial year." This includes, among others, the City of Birmingham Symphony, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham REP Theatre, IKON Gallery, and Birmingham International Dance Festival. - Birmingham Live

Another Frank Gehry Arts Center Is Under Construction In Downtown L.A.

"Preliminary work has begun on a $335-million expansion of the Colburn School of performing arts designed by Gehry that includes a mid-size concert hall he expects to be in near-constant use for events put on by students, professional artists and academics." - Los Angeles Times (Yahoo!)

The Systematic Destruction Of Gaza’s Buildings

Since October 7 2023, the bombardment of Gaza is reported to have damaged more than 100 historic sites and destroyed 69,700 homes. - The Conversation

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