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Sydney Australia’s Plan To Try To Stabilize Its Creative Sector

Key findings by the City include that Greater Sydney has the largest creative workforce in the country, but the number of artists who live in the local area decreased by 11% from 2011 to 2021. - ArtsHub

What Ails Us: Government Support For The Arts On The Wane

The historically lamentable lack of government support for the arts in the U.S. is taking another turn for the worse. California and San Francisco are facing large deficits, and meager support for the arts here is certain to decline further. - San Francisco Classical Voice

France Gets Its First Museum Of Cheese (What Took So Long?)

The Musée du Fromage, opening this weekend on Île Saint-Louis in central Paris, will feature demonstrations of how several different varieties (out of hundreds in France) are made, how to "read" the milk, the importance of bacteria, and the big effects that small details can have. - The Guardian

How Algorithms Are Changing Performance Art

We are in a feedback loop in which social media edifies and dictates taste. In a time of strained attention, where every next post in the feed threatens to be a succession plan for what came before it, content makers are looking to land on the grid and stick there. - Artnet

Hey, Stranded University Of The Arts Students, Come On Down To Texas A&M!

"Texas A&M University has extended an offer to students affected by the surprise closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, allowing them to apply for transfer for the fall semester. … The school has 20 to 30 spots in its performance and visual studies programs that it could confidently fill." - Artnet

Florida Governor Vetoes Millions In Arts Grants

The Governor vetoed $32 million in grants that would have supported 663 arts and culture organizations around the State of Florida through the Division of Arts and Culture. Less than 10 years ago, Florida ranked third in the United States for arts funding. The FY25 budget puts Florida squarely at the bottom. - Broward Arts Calendar

Who Tried To Steal Graceland?

The story “began with a brazen plot that made international headlines in May: Naussany Investments, a company that did not seem to exist, run by people who did not seem to exist, had filed a claim seeking control of Graceland over what they alleged was an unpaid debt.” - NBC News

Why Did The Washington Post Hire A Publisher And Incoming Editor At The Center Of Britain’s Hacking Scandal?

Both, “when they worked as journalists in London two decades ago, used fraudulently obtained phone and company records in newspaper articles, according to a former colleague, a published account of a private investigator and an analysis of newspaper archives.” Seems fine; no notes. - The New York Times

The Magic Kingdom Is Very, Very Expensive Now

A lot of people heading to Disney theme parks go into significant debt for the trip, especially parents with kids under 18 - who mostly say they have no regrets. - Los Angeles Times (MSN)

The Powerful President Of France’s National Film Board Gets A Three-Year Suspended Sentence

That sentence is for sexual assault of his godson in 2021 - after which Dominque Boutonnat “was re-upped by the French government in 2022 in spite of the fact that he had been indicted on sexual assault charge.” - Variety

Reconnecting Lincoln Center To Its West Side

The design team needs to start by reimagining Lincoln Center as a full square. Currently, three sides of Lincoln Center welcome the public with the fountain, a landscaped plaza, picturesque views of performance spaces and seating for respite. On the fourth, the concrete wall that went up in the 1960s separates. - The New York Times

In Praise Of Generous Critics

Generosity, commensurability, conversation—how calm, how dispassionate these words can seem. They do not, however, mean that the critic must be uncritical or mild-mannered. Far from it. - Yale Review

Record-Breaking Heat Causes Greece To Close Acropolis

On both Wednesday and Thursday, authorities closed the landmark from noon to 5 pm due to temperatures that rose above 40°C (104°F). - AP

Five Books To Help You Get Past Your Creative Block

Blocks tend to crop up when we put undue pressure on ourselves to perform or to attempt lofty tasks. These books dispense practical advice on managing one’s ambitions, or describe feeling stuck with such precision and humor that they remind us that we’re not alone and the state won’t last forever. - The Atlantic

If Your Mind’s Eye Can’t Form Pictures As You Think…

If you ask me to describe someone I cannot see at that moment, or something, I have no idea how to do it since my mind forms no pictures. The idea that a mind could form pictures is, to me, science fiction. - Hedgehog Review

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