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Study: Year Into Pandemic, Audience Values Arts More

65% of respondents said they preferred in-person to online cultural activities. Only 9% favored online experiences, while a more significant 26% is defined as “digitally agnostic,” either preferring the two about equally or opting to make decisions based on content. - Hyperallergic

Germany’s New Government Appoints A High-Profile Culture Minister

Claudia Roth, one of the Green Party's top leaders and vice president of the federal parliament, started her career as a theater worker and later managed a German rock band. The left-leaning three-party coalition now in charge plans to make culture a high priority. - Deutsche Welle

Toronto’s 127-Year-Old Massey Hall Gets A Massive Update

The goal of restoring a building, preserving its character while also updating it to suit today's needs, was a monumental task done under the scrutiny of heritage departments and building inspectors, and many of Canada's top musicians and music historians. - CBC

Land Acknowledgements Are Exhibitionist Pabulum

"A land acknowledgment is what you give when you have no intention of giving land. It is like a receipt provided by a highway robber, noting all the jewels and gold coins he has stolen. ... It is difficult to exaggerate the superficiality of these statements." - The Atlantic

The Power Of Generating PR

Perhaps the Australian journalist who screwed up his country's only interview with Adele was trying to resist her massive PR team. But the performer (& her team) also convinced Spotify to change its automatic shuffle. In short, power cuts many ways. - The Observer (UK)

As The Pandemic Ticks Toward A Third Year, The Arts Are More Important To Us Than Ever

"For arts institutions looking to make the changes the public wants to see, the numbers couldn’t be clearer: lowering ticket and entry prices should be at the top of their list." Also important: "Improving equity and inclusion ... and engaging more diverse groups." - Hyperallergic

The Man Trying To Fix DC’s Broken Arts Commission

It is one of the country’s leaders in funding — its $38 million is one of the nation’s largest per capita — but it has been mired in controversy. Since 2018, it has weathered a censorship scandal, turf battles with the mayor and a series of short-tenured executive directors. - Washington Post

Is The Working Class Shut Out Of Today’s Art?

It’s not possible to live authentically as a member of the working class without self-annihilating or folding oneself into the straitjacket of the middle class — either way, the collateral damage is the integrity of one’s art. The Smart Set

Shortened Comic-Con Returns, But Many Dealers Won’t Attend

No matter the time of year, the energy of Comic-Con thrives in Southern California’s comic book stores — spaces deeply entwined within its culture. - Los Angeles Times

Kafkaesque US Visa System Wreaking Havoc With The Arts

The amount of paperwork required by the USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Service), says Nicki Harper, Los Angeles Opera’s director of artistic operations, plus all the other requirements to obtain an artist’s visa can take on Kafkaesque proportions. - San Francisco Classical Voice

The Real Threat To Academic Freedom Isn’t Cancel Culture, It’s This…

With the privatization and commercialization of higher education, universities are run like businesses, in which a degree becomes a product, students become customers, and the world’s most populous country becomes the biggest overseas market. - The Atlantic

School Protests From A Century Ago Set The Tone For Today’s Controversies

Telling parents you don’t want their kids to have the best possible public schools is never good politics. A full century ago, the most effective school-ban campaign in American history set the pattern: noise, fury, rancor, and fear, but not much change in what schools actually teach. - The Atlantic

How Right-Wingers Tried To Turn Thanksgiving Into A Celebration Of Free Enterprise And Rejection Of Socialism

This was not some scheme dreamed up by Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or even the Cato Institute: this particular intellectual endeavor goes all the way back to the New Deal and FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech. (The Pilgrims, in this view, were proto-socialists mugged by reality.) - Slate

Italy’s “Netflix For The Arts” Is Now Open Across Europe

"ITsART … was rolled out across 26 European countries on Tuesday, with plans to expand into the U.S. and China next year. … Prices range from €2.90 ($3.25) for a movie to €9.90 ($11.10) for an exclusive live opera." - Variety

Africa’s Cultural Institutions Can Teach Us A Few Things About Audience Development

A museum in Benin offers free bus rides to students and recruits popular musicians to help with publicity. MACAAL in Marrakech invited taxi drivers for a Friday couscous lunch, and they started telling family, friends and customers. Those are just a couple of examples. - Hyperallergic

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