Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Are NFTs A Bubble Or A Revolution?

Clearly, it's not just visual art that is part of this market: "Virtually any asset could be sold for an astronomical amount." - El País (Spain)

That’s No Rubens, Artificial Intelligence Says Of A 2.5 Million Pound Painting

Re that Samson and Delilah purchase, National Gallery, er. "I was so shocked. ... We repeated the experiments to be really sure that we were not making a mistake and the result was always the same. Every patch, every single square, came out as fake, with more than 90% probability." - The Observer (UK)

Ireland Grapples With Seeing Its History In Color

Colorizing film might have gone out the window, but with two new books using the process to add color into black-and-white photographs of the 19th and 20th centuries, ethical questions arise. One writer describes the process as "part of the democratisation of history, a tool to develop empathy and a connection with the past." - Irish Times

Richmond Tries To Figure Out What Should Replace The Removed Confederate Statues

"Public art is widely viewed as a tool to tell a more complete and honest narrative of Richmond’s struggles with equality. And how the city decides to uplift people and places with public art has the potential to be a nationwide model, or a litany of pitfalls to avoid." - The Guardian (UK)

Looted Ancient Gilgamesh Tablet Returned To Iraq

The Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby—whose billionaire owner Steve Green founded the Museum of the Bible in 2018—purchased the tablet from Christie’s for nearly $2m in 2014, with the intent to display it at the museum. - The Art Newspaper

Joint Acquisition: Some Museums Are Starting To Purchase Art Together

As museums struggle to regain financial stability after pandemic lockdowns, answer calls to diversify their collections, and watch art prices soar ever higher, the option of splitting costs and sharing possession of new artworks is catching on. - ARTnews

You Can Now 3D-Print Yourself A Whole Gallery’s Worth Of Miniature Historical Statuary

A user of the 3D-printing platform Sketchfab has assembled digital renderings, ready to download and print fabricate, of artworks ranging from an ancient Egyptian funerary mask to Bernini's fountain in Rome's Piazza Navona to Hussar armor. - Hyperallergic

Turnaround: Benin Artists Offer Contemporary Bronzes To British Museum

The Ahiamwen Guild of artists and bronze casters says it wants to change the terms of the debate by giving the British Museum contemporary artworks, untainted by any history of looting, that showcase Benin City’s modern-day culture. - Reuters

What’s Behind The Proliferation Of All Those Immersive Van Gogh Rooms?

At least five companies — including, controversially, one major museum — have stepped up with immersive exhibits based on the life and work of the famous Dutch painter. Nearly 40 different Van Gogh rooms have opened (or will soon) across the U.S. so far. - Bloomberg

How Jasper Johns Changed Modern Art — And My Life: Jerry Saltz

"Looking at Johns's work, I sometimes almost no longer feel like a person. I wonder if I have died in the instants between synapses of looking, knowing, then not knowing again. I step outside myself and become more than one person seeing in different ways." - New York Magazine

The Met Museum Is Selling Art To Raise Money. Should It?

As sloppy as AAMD’s new rule is, being born of a rattled, anxious moment, it’s clear who it’s intended to help, and it’s not the museums that house big modern and contemporary collections with hot brand names. - National Review

Dutch Police Arrest Suspect In Thefts Of Van Gogh And Frans Hals Paintings

DNA evidence at the crime scenes, museums in suburban Amsterdam (van Gogh's The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring) and Leerdam (Hals's Two Laughing Boys with a Mug of Beer) led investigators to a previously convicted thief. The artworks have not been recovered. - The New York Times

Kerry James Marshall To Design Stained Glass Windows For Washington National Cathedral

The new work, which will replace windows depicting Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson which were removed in 2017, will be Marshall's first in stained glass. The windows, accompanied by a poem by Elizabeth Alexander etched on stone tablets, will be installed in 2023. - The Washington Post

Picasso’s Daughter Pays French Taxes With Nine Artworks

“It is an honour for our country to welcome these new artworks by Picasso. They will enrich and deepen our cultural heritage." - ARTnews

Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Black? Hollywood’s Going To Be All Over It (And Vice Versa)

Yes, Anish Kapoor purchased exclusive rights to the color for visual art, but the entertainment world sees numerous uses for it and has been itching to put it to work. But Vantablack's complicated application technique has been a hindrance —until a recent, surprisingly simple innovation. - Fast Company

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