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2,500 Strip On Australian Beach For Spencer Tunick Piece On Skin Cancer

The installation is American photographer Spencer Tunick's latest project, aimed at encouraging Australians to get regular skin checks. Legislation was changed to allow public nudity on the beach for the first time. Australia is the country in the world worst affected by skin cancer. - BBC

UK Museum Returns Trove Of Bronzes To Benin

The Horniman Museum in south-east London is returning 72 items, including so-called Benin Bronzes, to Nigerian ownership - making it the first in the UK to officially take such action on this scale. - BBC

You Knew It Would Happen: Popular AI Image Generator Starts Censoring

One user on Stable Diffusion’s sub-reddit said the removal of NSFW content was “censorship,” and “against the spirit philosophy of Open Source community.” Said the user: “To choose to do NSFW content or not, should be in the hands of the end user, no in a limited/censored model.” - The Verge

The Architect Who Made Modernism Colombian

"If (Rogelio Salmona is) relatively unknown outside Colombia, that's perhaps because his work is difficult to categorize, distant from both the pure rationality of high Modernism and the historicism of his postmodern contemporaries.  Above all, Salmona was recognized for his career-long experiments with ... brick." - T — The New York Times Style Magazine

The Vatican’s $2 Billion Bathtub

One of the most valuable items in Rome is a bathtub that has been estimated to be worth $2 billion. And you thought your bathroom renovation was expensive. The bathtub—more technically known as a “porphyry basin”—is today housed in the round hall in the Pio Clementino Museum. - The Daily Beast

Why Does The Mythology Of The “Lost City of Atlantis” Still Fascinate?

The confrontation is intriguing and raises many issues of which the most basic is the simple question: why has the story of Atlantis – compared with other ancient myths – maintained its popularity for so long? What is the essential attraction of the tale? - The Observer

But Wait, These ‘Roman Forgeries’ Aren’t Fake At All

There was reason to think the gold coins weren't Roman: "A fraudster in Vienna frequently duped collectors in the 18th century, when the coins were found in Transylvania, or modern-day Romania, the researchers said." - The New York Times

As The Museum Of London Prepares To Move, The City Of London Prepares To Demolish

As the museum prepares to move, the City of London would really like to demolish the old building. But "this is a test case for the argument that old buildings should be kept for the sake of the carbon embodied in their fabric." - The Observer (UK)

The Sandy Hook Memorial Is Unnervingly Gorgeous

"Suddenly, the project reveals itself: a gentle arc of gravel, loping around the perimeter of the site and wrung with native plantings, including dogwoods, maples, black-eyed Susans, and clump grasses determined to survive the winter." - The New Yorker

The Minnesota Rest Stop That May Join The National Register Of Historic Places

There are only 10 on the Register - nine in South Dakota, one in Arkansas - but the 50+-year-old brick rest stop near Alexandria "is considered a gem of 1970s modernist 'funk/revival.'" - MPR

Museums’ Big New Security Concern: Which Visitors Might Attack Art?

With the attacks showing no sign of abating, museum directors across Europe are settling into a nervous new equilibrium, fearful for the works in their care but unwilling to compromise on making visitors feel welcome. - The New York Times

Buffalo’s Albright-Knox Completes Expansion, Will Reopen With A New Name

A $20 million commitment from New York State, announced Monday by Gov. Kathy Hochul, completes the Buffalo museum’s $230 million capital campaign, believed to be the largest for a cultural institution in the history of western New York. - The New York Times

Leader Of Notre-Dame Cathedral Restoration Says We’ll Be Shocked When We See The Cleaned Walls

Yes, "a shock" is the term used by the army general overseeing the project for visitors' anticipated reaction to the interior stonework once centuries' worth of dirt and smoke have been peeled away, adhering to a coat of latex which cleaners are spraying on and then removing. - The Art Newspaper

Italy May Have To Raise Museum Ticket Prices Because Of The Climate-Protesting Art Vandals

"Following a climate protest in which activists threw flour on a Warhol-painted BMW in Milan, Italy's cultural minister warned that museum admission prices could rise as museums increase security measures put in place to foil future climate protests." - ARTnews

Banksy Claims Clothing Brand Stole His Images, Urges Fans To Steal Clothing

On Friday, November 18, the anonymous graffiti artist took to Instagram to accuse the clothing retailer of using his work without his permission before telling his 11.7 million followers to shoplift from one of its stores. - Paper Magazine

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