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LA’s New Basketball Palace Is Stuffed With Art

Sculpture, murals and digital art installations by artists including Refik Anadol, Jennifer Steinkamp, Charles Gaines and Glenn Kaino will be on view throughout the campus of the privately funded new home of the N.B.A.’s Clippers. - The New York Times

Washington DC Has Some Ugly Brutalist Buildings. Here’s How Some Architects Would Fix Them.

"A lover of brutalism might blanch to learn that the (National Building Museum) has gathered proposals from six architecture firms for reimagining six of our most polarizing buildings. … The buildings featured are at least 50 years old. Most are out of favor with both contemporary tastes and technology." - The Washington Post (MSN)

The Picassos In That For-Women-Only Exhibition In Tasmania? They’re Fakes, Artist Confesses

Kirsha Kaechele, the artist-curator behind the "Ladies Lounge" installation at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), said she painted the faux-Picassos specifically for this project ("to match the color scheme") and has been waiting for weeks for someone to figure that out. - The Guardian

Did LACMA’s Exhibition Of Korean Art Include Forgeries? Evidently So.

"At least four works by artists from South Korea shown at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art may be fakes, according to leading experts. … The paintings were included in an exhibition that closed on June 30 titled 'Korean Treasures from the Chester and Cameron Chang Collection.'" - Artnet

For The Second Time In A Week, A Controversial Statue Of A Woman Has Been Beheaded

Seven days after someone in Austria decapitated a sculpture of the Virgin Mary giving birth, a vandal took advantage of Hurricane Beryl's strike on Houston to behead Shahzia Shikander's work Witness, which for some reason the organization Texas Right to Life has declared a "Satanic abortion idol." - The New York Times

Ex-Cop In New Orleans Indicted For Art Theft Insurance Fraud

"The indictment alleges that Christian Claus, 55, falsely claimed valuable paintings were stolen from his New Orleans residence in order to collect insurance money. … The indictment further accuses Claus of bribing a fellow officer to document the purported theft in the police report." - Tampa Free Press

After Half A Century Of Delays, A Contemporary Art Museum Opens In Milan

"The Brera Modern will be inaugurated this fall, 52 years and 39 Italian governments after it was first envisioned. The new museum, just a few doors from Milan’s Brera Painting Gallery, will house more than 100 contemporary art works that belong to Brera’s collection that have mostly been relegated to storage." - AP

New York’s First Immersive Art Space Takes A Pause On Art

Located at the historic Emigrant Savings Bank building in Manhattan’s Financial District, the HdL has begun hosting non-art events, including puppy yoga, pilates, and an immersive whiskey tasting with Irish storytellers. - ARTnews

In Liverpool, The Walker Art Gallery Has Decided To Confront Its Colonial Past

“For decades, the sculpture gallery has had mostly blindingly white marble works, which were exclusively of white people. Now it does not. The intervention is part of a community-led project exploring the gallery’s links to slavery, colonialism and empire, of which there are many.” - The Guardian (UK)

Vandals In Austrian Cathedral Behead Sculpture Of Virgin Mary Giving Birth

"Created by Austrian artist Esther Strauß, Crowning drew intense ire from some conservative Christians who viewed the work as ‘blasphemous’ and ‘scandalous’ before an unknown party took matters into their own hands and sawed off Mary’s head.” - Hyperallergic

The Artist Who Won The Turner Prize Might Not Want To Be An Artist Anymore

“‘The problem is not the art, it is the condition of capitalism and the market, and the way that this whole gig operates,’ said. He added that he had been avoiding going to his studio.” - The New York Times

What To Do With A ‘Stately Home’ In Britain?

Invite in some street artists, and let them do what they want - with the grounds, anyway. - BBC

An Insider’s Look At Dineh Weaving Traditions

The Dineh (Navajo) tradition of weaving is about more than the art - it’s about food, culture, and Churro sheep. - NPR

Is Temu Ripping Off An Indigenous Beaded Earring Artist?

Uh ... is the Pope Catholic? “It's an unfortunately common experience for Indigenous artists, according to Meika Ellis, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property who's based in Ottawa.” - CBC

Improbably, A Brilliant Park Rises In Brooklyn

Finally, a long stretch of nothing happening, of innumerable plans, tradeoffs, controversies, objections, and delays — that whole impasto of New York–style dithering — has been overwhelmed by the vivid, sensual presence of one of the city’s great public spaces. - New York Magazine (MSN)

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