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An Indiana University Wants To Sell Its Valuable Museum Art To Pay For Renovating Dorms

Valparaiso, a Lutheran university in northwestern Indiana that is struggling with the declining enrollment seen at many schools, is planning to sell several works from the collection of its Brauer Museum of Art to raise $10 million for the renovation of two freshman dormitories, which it sees as key to securing its future. - The New York Times

The Cost (And Rewards) Of Building The Great Cathedrals

We think of these buildings as expressions of faith, but they were more than that. They were ways of conceptualising faith in stone and glass — what the scholastic philosopher Peter Abelard called “geometrised theology”. - The Critic

One Of Japan’s Most Honored Architects Calls For Building Fewer Buildings

"There has been an inextricable link between new buildings and economic growth in the 20th century, but that relationship must change because the climate impact from unfettered development is so great, says Kengo Kuma." - Bloomberg CityLab

The Challenges Of Shaking Off Museums’ Colonial Legacies

The essential difficulty is that the vast majority of art museum professionals have limited training in how to identify and address contemporary manifestations of this history. - Hyperallergic

A Change Of Leadership At The Whitney

Weinberg’s departure is not entirely unexpected given his age, 68, and his long tenure at the museum. But his departure also signals an inevitable changing of the guard that promises to substantially alter the landscape of the museum world — particularly in New York. - The New York Times

Whitney Workers Agree To New Contract With Big Raises

The new contract "will increase salaries by 30 percent, on average, with entry-level employees set to receive a greater raise, to $54,101 from $40,500. Employees will also receive a one-time bonus of $1,000 because the deal was ratified." - The New York Times

LACMA Says It’s Raised Almost All The Money For Its New Building

"The Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced on Tuesday that its $750-million fundraising campaign for a new building — the David Geffen Galleries, designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor — is 98% complete, now standing at $736 million." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Painters Have Been Flouting The Physics Of Shadows For Centuries, And Most Of Us Barely Notice

"The rules of physics that apply in a real scene appear to be optional in a painting; they can be obeyed or ignored at the discretion of the artist to enhance the painting's intended effect. ... Our visual brain uses a simpler, reduced physics to understand the world." - The MIT Press Reader

Art On Abortion Removed From Idaho College – It’s Against The Law?

Idaho Code 18-8705 states that public funds cannot be used “to perform or promote abortion, provide counseling in favor of abortion, make referral for abortion, or provide facilities for abortion or for training to provide or perform abortion.” - Hyperallergic

After Ten Years, The Light Installation On The San Francisco Bay Bridge Goes Dark

Artist Leo Villareal's "Bay Lights" was supposed to be up for two years, and it wasn't designed to withstand the elements for a decade. Enough lights had burned out that it was taken down — to be redesigned and reinstalled, if $11 million can be raised to do so. - The New York Times

David Chipperfield Wins Pritzker Prize For Architecture

"Organizers called Chipperfield's work — more than 100 projects over four decades ranging from cultural, civic and academic buildings to urban planning to residences, and including a recent addition to Berlin's famed Museum Island complex — 'subtle yet powerful, subdued yet elegant.'" - AP

Notre-Dame In Paris Sets A Reopening Date

"The reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral is going fast enough to allow its reopening to visitors at the end of 2024, less than six years after a fire ravaged (it), French officials said Monday. ... Yet it will be too late for the Paris Olympic Games scheduled in summer next year." - AP

Swamped By Demand For Vermeer Tickets, The Rijksmuseum’s Servers Just Give Up

"'Due to huge demand for extra tickets for the Vermeer exhibition, the website is experiencing problems,' the Rijksmuseum announced on Monday. 'Ticket sales have been shut down until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working hard to resolve the situation.'" - ARTnews

Climate Protestors Hit The Rijksmuseum

In lieu of splattering protected artworks with illicit liquids, XR printed a large banner depicting waist-deep floodwater in Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” (1642) in front of the original painting, commanding museum visitors to “rise up” faster than the sea. - Hyperallergic

ChatGPT’s Alternative Facts Of Art History

I have to admit, ChatGPT’s summary of “The Case Against Art History” sounds convincing on first scan. It feels like it summarizes something in the manner of a typical academic abstract. When I reread it, however, I realize that what it describes is not very specific. - ARTnet

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