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The Ethics Of Fandom

Sports fandom raises a number of interesting and important philosophical issues such as the connection between sports fandom and identity, and whether it is better to be a committed fan of a particular team or to appreciate the sport from a more neutral perspective. - Aeon

The Return Of Physical Media

When streaming fatigue strikes, guess what? DVDs and Blu-Rays are right there. - The Verge

As The Hotly Anticipated Live-Action ‘Avatar’ Sputters On Netflix, Is This Genre Over?

If an animated movie or series is good enough, or in the case of Avatar: The Last Airbender far beyond simply “good,” why mess with live-action remakes? - CBC

Art Shows The Reality Of War In A Way The News Can’t Quite Reach

Thinking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, for instance, “to come close to the feeling and texture of war as it is lived behind the lines – and behind front doors – it is necessary to turn to the work of Ukrainian artists, writers, playwrights and filmmakers." - The Guardian (UK)

The Heartbreak At The Center Of Miyazaki’s The Boy And The Heron

“Many scenes and images in The Boy and the Heron echo those from his earlier films, only this time they’re rendered in service of a story almost wholly about the profound ravages of war.” - The Atlantic

The Culture Wars Come For AI

What we’re seeing here is the collapse of a long and interesting discussion about AI bias into a tense, obfuscating exchange between anti-woke culture warriors and a hypercautious tech giant with a large comms team. - Intelligencer (MSN)

What Will The Arts Canon Look Like In 2050?

In terms of defining the canon in 2050, preservation of the “now” is a big question, but so is whether a preserved work can actually be presented again in the future. - ArtHub

Those Who Are In Love With Chaos

The researchers came up with a term to describe the motivation behind these all-purpose conspiracy mongers. They called it the “need for chaos,” which they defined as “a mindset to gain status” by destroying the established order. - The Atlantic (MSN)

How We Picture Sound In Our Minds

​​​​If you think of a sound, such as a dog barking, a loved one’s voice, or a favorite tune, to what extent can you hear that sound in your mind? Not at all? As vividly as actually hearing it in real time and space? Somewhere in between? - Nautilus

Machines That Can Read Minds Are Teaching Us About Ourselves

Results are overturning assumptions about brain anatomy, for example, revealing that regions often have much fuzzier boundaries and job descriptions than was thought. - Nature

Antilogic And The Ancient Art Of Suspending Judgment

Antilogic was a form of contradiction that caused a person to simultaneously believe opposite things about a single event or phenomenon, without any way out or means of resolving the contradictory views in which they had become ensnared. - Psyche

The State Of Today’s Culture

The fastest growing sector of the culture economy is distraction. Or call it scrolling or swiping or wasting time or whatever you want. But it’s not art or entertainment, just ceaseless activity. - Honest Broker

Ways Of Looking At Art

In a YouGov survey released in 2023, nearly half of Americans said they didn’t consider themselves artistic. At 58 percent, even more respondents said they weren’t familiar with famous artistic movements or styles. - Vox

Debunking Reasons For Looking At Art

Art, I have preached, is for bildung, self-development, especially within the context of an undergraduate education. Art helps you to become a deeper, freer version of yourself, etc., etc., blah blah blah, you’ve heard the song a thousand times. So what’s the difference between that and “art is good for us”? - Salmagundi

The Web As We Know It Is About To Change

Seeking information using a search engine could be almost completely replaced by this new generation of large language model-powered systems. - The Wall Street Journal

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