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Can Anyone ‘Win’ From The Purchase Of TikTok?

“All of TikTok’s potential suitors would be facing an uphill battle to close a deal. The first challenge will be raising enough money. Only a small number of the world’s largest companies likely have enough cash on hand,” and then there’s the fact that ByteDance isn’t interested in selling. - Wired

Anna Deavere Smith On Learning To Listen To Americans

Stereotypes come about when we stop looking. Why we stop looking is something we all need to discern for ourselves. When we stop looking, we erase the particularness of how humans present themselves physically and vocally. It does not take long to make a judgment. - Washington Post

Filter Wars: How Our Digital Life Is Killing Creativity

"In any industry what matters is not what you’re making, but how many followers you have. Do you want to do something, do you want to make an album, put out a book? Okay, but who is your audience? That’s pretty bad, it severely limits who enters the cultural industry." - El Pais

How Game Theory Is Improving The Accuracy Of AI

The new work, which uses games to improve AI, stands in contrast to past approaches, which measured an AI program’s success via its mastery of games. - Quanta

It Sure Seems Like AI Is Not Living Up To The Hype

"It feels like another sign that A.I. is not even close to living up to its hype. In my eyes, it’s looking less like an all-powerful being and more like a bad intern whose work is so unreliable that it’s often easier to do the task yourself." - The New York Times

The Art Of Memory: Forgetting Might Be A Tool For Remembering

Thinking of memory as an adaptive trait has a less obvious and perhaps more interesting corollary: “Viewed through this lens, it is apparent that what we often see as the flaws of memory are also its features.” - The New Yorker

Wilderness, A Concept

Rooted in the thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and David Brower, this idea influences people who love wild places as well as those who consciously avoid them. - Hedgehog Review

Feeling Uncreative? Put Down Your Phone

"I still don’t believe any important work is done on mobile, I think an excess of this is a very clear signal of a distracted team looking to fill time, look busy and feel important. You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things." - HotTakes

50 Years Ago, A Modernist Despaired Of What Had Happened To Utopian Visions

Pretty soon the majority of Americans, and of people in other, industrialized nations, will be living in vast suburban tracts … our old downtown areas will become tourist attractions, probably operated by Walt Disney Enterprises, and kept much cleaner and safer and prettier by the Disney people than our present bureaucracies maintain them now. - The Atlantic

How Notions Of Apocalypse Shape Our Challenges

We have found that discussions of the apocalypse unite the ancient and modern, the religious and secular, and the revelatory and the rational. They show how a term with roots in classical Greece and early Christianity helps us articulate our deepest anxieties today. - The Conversation

Kids’ Interest in Reading Is Dying. What’s The Reason?

At least among one audience, books are dying. Alarmingly, it’s the exact audience whose departure from reading might actually presage a catastrophe for the publishing industry—and for the entire concept of pleasure reading as a common pursuit. - Slate

Reinventing The Meaning Of Work In Europe

 Data suggest that something is amiss: across Europe, the average proportion of 15-29-year-olds not in work nor education or training exceeds the EU’s 9% target. Last year in France, the figure peaked at 12.5%. Yet a Europe-wide study has found that young people value work just as much as older generations. - Eurozine

Reaching For Historical Parallels: Why Thucydides Still Resonates

Thucydides knew that we did not have full control of the analogies that shape our deliberations, especially in public life. Our analogical vocabulary is woven directly into the cultural fabric, a product of the contingencies that shape collective memory. - Aeon

Work Sucks. But What Could Replace It?

It’s no wonder that anti-work thought has gained such traction in recent years. - The New Yorker

Kurt Cobain, 1994 And The Rise Of “Authenticity”

The embrace of Nirvana showed how the recording industry has changed tactics to embrace what was once underground culture. - 3 Quarks Daily

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