Friday, September 24, 2021

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A Revolution In How/Why We Work

The moral structure of work is up for grabs. And with labor-friendly economic conditions, workers have little to lose by making creative demands on employers. We now have space to reimagine how work fits into a good life. - The New York Times

Newly Discovered Fossil Footprints Suggest Humans Were in North America 21,000 Years Ago

Until now, scientists believed humans travelled south into the Americas when this ice barrier began to melt –  16,500 years ago. But we have discovered  fossil footprints that suggest humans first set foot on the continent thousands of years earlier. - The Conversation

Honest Brokers And The Clement Greenberg Problem

Greenberg had made it clear that the single most lucrative move for a modern-day critic was to announce the newest new thing, the coming revolution that would sweep everything else aside. And he had proven so influential that... - Ted Gioia

Has Philosophy Really Been Replaced By Science?

A perennial favorite of this alleged replacement of philosophy with science is the claim that, while philosophers haven’t been able to really get ahead on the issue, science tells us unequivocally that there is no free will. - 3 Quarks Daily

The Next Era: The “Exponential Age”

The Exponential Age is challenging our assumptions about globalization. A car can be designed in Guiyang and assembled in California with remarkable ease. But it also represents an inversion of globalization—a return to the local. Strategy + Business

Clearing Up Simplicity: The Fallacies Of Occam’s Razor

Cited widely in science, but often misunderstood, for some it’s invaluable, hinting at profound truths about the nature of knowledge. For others it’s worse than useless. - Prospect

Thomas Mann And The Case For Keeping Politics Out Of Art

Thomas Mann was not wrong to worry over democracy’s tendency to enlist art for its own ends, and he was not wrong to call for artists themselves to resist it. - The New York Times

Do You Spend A Fair Amount Of Time On Facebook?

Then you're more likely to fall prey to manipulative tactics. To put it plainly, crowds aren't always wise. - NiemanLab

Is Social Media Like Alcohol Addiction?

To me, it sounds like alcohol—a social lubricant that can be delightful but also depressing, a popular experience that blends short-term euphoria with long-term regret, a product that leads to painful and even addictive behavior among a significant minority. - The Atlantic

Science Works On Explaining How Much Sleep We Need

Although great progress has been made in developing sophisticated models and explaining phenomena such as circadian rhythms, jetlag and details of EEG recordings of the sleeping brain, these advances are belied by the difficulty of developing a general quantitative theory for why we sleep. - Aeon

Researchers Explore What Juices The Echo Chamber

“You really don’t know whether this person making a good-sounding argument is really smart, is really educated, or whether they’re just reading off something that they read on Twitter.” - NiemanLab

Our Notions Of Privacy Are Ancient. Do They Fit In Our Modern World?

The evolutionary biologist E O Wilson once said of the source of human challenges in the 21st century that ‘we have palaeolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology’. - Psyche

Reframing Disinformation

“It turns a huge question about the nature of democracy in the digital age – what if the people believe crazy things, and now everyone knows it? – into a technocratic negotiation between tech companies, media companies, think tanks, and universities.” - Irish Times

Are We Looking In The Wrong Places For The Sources Of Disinformation?

The Commission on Information Disorder is the latest (and most creepily named) addition to a new field of knowledge production that emerged during the Trump years at the juncture of media, academia, and policy research: Big Disinfo. - Harper's

The Developing World Is Collapsing Under COVID And Its A Danger To All

Unless the Western world wakes up, and helps out the developing world with vaccines and treatments, we may be facing a situation in which millions, or even billions, of people will feel compelled either to embrace Chinese authoritarianism or to migrate. - spiked

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