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Hannah Arendt’s Case Against Authenticity

What does it mean to discover one’s true, authentic self? To act from a place of authenticity? Is there a truer self within the self that can be uncovered? What are we really talking about when we talk about authenticity? - Aeon

A Growing Threat To Good Science: Self-Censorship

In a recent paper published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Cory Clark and 38 co-authors argue that, in science, censorship often flows from within, as scientists choose to avoid certain areas of research, or to avoid publishing controversial results. - Undark

Why Silicon Valley Is Exploring Guaranteed Income

It is a critical moment for guaranteed income, which has been touted by the OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman, the Tesla chief executive Elon Musk, the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, the Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff and others. - The New York Times

Climate Change, Pandemics… We Face Global Threats. Our National Governments Aren’t Equipped

This basic mismatch between the scale of the problem and the scale of possible solutions is a source of many of today’s failures of global governance. Nation-states and the global governance institutions they have formed simply aren’t fit for the task of managing things. - Aeon

A Neurocognitive Ability Scientists Are Linking To Creativity

By examining how creative people process salient information, the researchers aimed to uncover a fundamental mechanism that could explain the unique attentional patterns observed in creative individuals. - Psypost

Look, Social Media Is Nothing Like Cigarettes

“Tobacco is clearly and definitively harmful. The research on social media is more ambiguous and complicated. While some youth are harmed by it … others benefit from or even thrive on it.”  - Slate (MSN)

As When Harry Met Sally Turns 35, Here Are Some Questions We Have About The Iconic Flick

Some things are similar. For instance, like a lot of us, "Harry and Sally are a pair of lonely people who got their hearts broken by people they fell in love with before they really got to know them.” But can straight men and straight women really be just friends? - Salon

Britain Might Be In Line For A Full Cultural Reboot

The Arts Council England chair has a five-point plan, and he thinks now, with the new government, is the time to realize it. - The Observer (UK)

There Is No Such Thing As A Song Of The Summer

Sorry, those who love to rank the bops and decide which one comes out on top, the idea is “more of a cultural myth or a shared hallucination than a hard-and-fast label.” - The Atlantic

The Idea Of “Timeless” Art Is Transitory

There was in the 19th century, a growing feeling that, far from there being universal standards of taste and beauty, every age needed to find its own style of artistic expression: The idea of the “spirit of the age” had arrived. - Wall Street Journal

Does Embracing Local Customs Increase Immigrants’ Sense Of Belonging?

Does adhering to the ‘rules’ of a new home, ie embracing a new way of life, itself produce that much-needed sense of belonging? Does adopting the manners and habits of the local place itself suffice to fulfil this need? - Psyche

Why Your Brain Needs Other People

It seems counterintuitive in the age of neuroscience, but I increasingly think that how cognitively impaired you are is a function of the social context in which you find yourself. - The Guardian

AI Is Showing Us What’s Similar Among All Lifeforms

Across that chasm of difference between bats and seals, whales and humans, the unlikeliest new intelligence of computers have been able to discover more that’s similar than might have once been supposed, though even Melville could recognize in the whale a kindred creature “both ponderous and profound." - 3 Quarks Daily

How Your Brain Decides What To Remember

The brain tags experiences worth remembering by repeatedly sending out sudden and powerful high-frequency brain waves. Known as “sharp wave ripples,” these waves, kicked up by the firing of many thousands of neurons within milliseconds of one another, are “like a fireworks show in the brain.” - Wired

Pop Culture Is Mired In Stucktopia

“Our new fictional nightmares are all about being trapped: mice running in an endless maze, too cowed by the complexity of the system to plow through the dead ends and find freedom.” - The New York Times

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