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US Architect Of Hermitage’s Planned Moscow Branch Unceremoniously Dumped

Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture says his firm worked for years on a design, got necessary approvals — and stopped getting any communication from Moscow "just when we were ready to pour the concrete." After a year, he learned he'd been replaced with a local firm. - The Art Newspaper

Five-Ton, 12-Point Glass Star Installed Atop Highest Tower Of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família

The 23-foot-wide ornament now sits 453 feet above Barcelona, crowning the basilica's Virgin Mary Tower. Some of the neighbors are mightily irked by the star, and even more concerned about a proposed giant stairway to the church's entrance that could involve demolishing three city blocks. - The Guardian

Skeptical Eyebrows Are Being Raised Over Planned Changes At Notre-Dame in Paris

These changes include replacing rarely-used confession booths in the nave with art installations, installing new lights at head height rather than near the high ceiling, benches instead of the old straw chairs, changing the placement of the baptistery and tabernacle, and reworking the side chapels. - Yahoo! (AFP)

Looted Ancient Sculptures From Palmyra Returned To Syria

The sculptures dating from the second or third century were smuggled into Switzerland in 2009 or 2010, before the outbreak of the Syrian war. Customs officers discovered them, along with one looted piece from Libya and five from Yemen, during a routine check at the freeport in 2013. - The Art Newspaper

Met Museum Gets $125 Million To Jumpstart Modern Wing

The gift represents an important leap forward for the Met project, which is now expected to cost about $500 million and calls for creating 80,000 square feet of galleries and public space with an architect to be announced this winter. - The New York Times

How The Guerilla Girls Got Their Groove

“We discovered early on that if you could make someone who disagreed with you laugh, then you had a hook inside their brain. Once you were in there, you just might be able to change their minds about things.” - Glass Tire

This Year’s ArtBasel Stupid Art Trick: Cheetos Dust!

Because taping a goddamn banana to a wall was not enough, no, the art world needed to do something even more stupid involving food. At sea! - Hyperallergic

A Global Shortage Of Paint

The pandemic has created a labor shortage of plant workers and drivers that has clogged up supply chains in the face of rising demand for paint, especially for construction and home improvement projects. - Hyperallergic

Mosque Dating To Earliest Decades Of Islam Uncovered In Iraq

The mud structure in the southern province of Dhi Qar is small, roughly 26 feet by 16 feet and has been dated to 679 CE, less than 50 years after the prophet Muhammad's death. - Al Jazeera

Art Basel Miami Returns – But Will Collectors?

As Art Basel returns to the Miami Beach Convention Center from Thursday through Saturday with 253 galleries from 36 countries and territories, it meets a pent-up demand — you could say that the supply chain for a certain kind of prestige fair has been unclogged. - The New York Times

Team Finds Ancient Iliad Mosaic 100 Miles North Of London

A decade on from uncovering the remains of King Richard III under a car park, the university’s archaeological team have unearthed a Roman mosaic featuring the great Greek hero of Achilles in battle with brave Hector during the Trojan War. - AP

Developers In Britain Are Challenged To Stop Destroying And Start Retrofitting

That's in order to save the world - no, really. "Our throwaway building culture is one of the key reasons that UK construction has such an appalling carbon footprint. The planning system could make re-use of existing buildings the default." - The Guardian (UK)

Repatriation Of Benin’s Bronzes Should Be Only The Beginning

Museums in Europe and the U.S. have more to do to help Nigeria showcase the bronzes safely and well, argues an advisor to a new museum in Nigeria. "It will take time, patience, and deep discussions about establishing practices that will guide these decisions going forward." - Hyperallergic

An Ancient University Gets An Addition And A Makeover

Rowan Moore is mostly a fan of two Oxford colleges' innovations, but he adds, "All of leaves me wishing there was more work like this outside the privileged enclaves of Oxford." - The Observer (UK)

Quinnipiac University Closes Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum

The museum had only been open since 2012. Donors are concerned: Where will all of their artifacts end up? - The New York Times

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