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New Theory: Children Made Stone-Age Owl-Like Carvings

"Archaeologists have previously suggested that they were symbols of goddesses that were placed on deceased people as a burial offering. It is debated whether the engravings are of owls, people or other figures." - New Scientist

Ukraine Detains Eight People Over Banksy Theft

According to Kyiv's governor, "'The image is in good condition and in the hands of the authorities.' Other works in the area thought also to be the work of Banksy are under police protection, he said." - The Guardian (UK)

Woman Artist Finally Gets Old Master Cred

After her death in 1689 in Brussels, Michaelina Wautier largely became a footnote in art history, occasionally drawing a mention here or there. Much of her work came to be attributed to other artists, often men. - The New York Times

Check Out The Huge New Mosaics By Yayoi Kusama And Kiki Smith At Grand Central Station

The artworks, four by Smith and one by Kusama, are in the soon-to-open Grand Central Madison, an addition to the historic train terminal built for new service by the Long Island Rail Road to the East Side of Manhattan. - Untapped Cities

Sydney’s Big New Contemporary Art Museum Has More Works By Women Than By Men

"Fifty-three percent of works on display in Sydney Modern's exhibition spaces, its corridors and terraces are made by women. Five of nine site-specific art commissions funded by private donations are the creations of female artists." - The Sydney Morning Herald

Italian Government Fights Over Museum Policy: Free Museums?

During the election campaign Giorgia Meloni, defined culture as a “cardinal strategic point”, noting that the country’s arts industry generates roughly €85bn annually. The party promised to wipe out a left-wing “cultural hegemony” within arts institutions, and cut museum ticket prices to attract visitors. - The Art Newspaper

Twenty-Five Years Ago The YBA’s Took The Art World By Storm. Here’s Where They Are Today

The YBAs are now all middle-aged. Hirst is 57, Emin 59, the Chapmans 56 and 60 respectively, and the years have been kind to them. They are still figures who command attention and whose work has come-hither appeal to a certain type of collector. - The Critic

Phillips Collection Gets A New Director

He replaces Dorothy Kosinski, who led the Phillips since 2008, increased endowment from $18 million to $100 million, expanded art holdings from 2,000 to more than 6,000 objects, and made diversity and inclusion a major focus. - Washington Post

The Guy Who Smashed Stuff At The Dallas Museum Of Art Called 911 On Himself

"'Hey, I'm in the Dallas Museum of Art,' he told a dispatcher nearly 15 minutes after police say he entered. 'Come get me.' The calls show the museum security force appeared to have no knowledge an intruder was inside the building (that) night." - MSN (The Dallas Morning News)

St. Mark’s In Venice Has New Glass Barriers To Protect It From Flooding

The big floodgates out in the lagoon aren't enough: the Piazza San Marco is the lowest point in the city.  What's more, the heavy floods of recent years have inflicted heavy water and salt damage on the church and its artworks. So far, the new barriers have worked. - Euronews

Berlin’s Massive New Museum Of The 20th Century Under Attack As “Climate Killer”

There has been growing criticism of its main construction material, concrete – one of the highest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions – and of its open and transparent internal structure, which will require a highly sophisticated ventilation system to maintain temperature and humidity levels. - The Guardian

Artwork Rescued Before The Bombing Of Kyiv Goes On Show In Spain

Titled “In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine, 1900–1930s,” the show is branded as the most comprehensive survey of Ukraine’s avant-garde movement. - Artnet

Plans For Makeover Of London’s National Gallery Assailed As “Clownish”

The architect of the controversial Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery in London has publicly hit back at plans to completely rebuild it, accusing the new designer of “making our building look like a circus clown”. - The Art Newspaper

Qatar Announces New Round Of Big New Museums

In the run-up to the tournament, the country’s authority for cultural institutions and heritage sites has announced a wave of future construction projects—and revealed the first details of the museums that will house the country’s extensive art collections. - The Art Newspaper

The Rijksmuseum Declares Three More Vermeers Authentic.  But Is That A Self-Interested Decision?

Amsterdam's flagship museum is, after all, about to present the largest Vermeer exhibition in history, so increasing the artist's slim corpus could very much benefit the institution.  And there's definitely scholarly disagreement over these paintings, especially Girl With a Flute. - ARTnews

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