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Shipwreck Off The Coast Of Colombia Could Be Worth Billions Of Dollars

Footage of the wreck released last year show that the ship’s hull is still in tact. The surrounding sea floor is scattered with gold ingots, coins, pottery, Spanish cannons dating from 1655, and a Chinese dinner service. - Artnet

Now That These Mosaics Have Been Repatriated To Lebanon, A Scholar Says They’re Fake

"Eight out of nine mosaic panels that the US authorities recently … are not what they seem, according to claims made by Djamila Fellague of the University of Grenoble." (The Manhattan DA's office points out that she hasn't seen the evidence they have.) - The Observer (UK)

For The First Time, The Guggenheim Will Have A Woman As CEO And Director

"The Guggenheim Museum announced that Mariët Westermann, currently vice chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi, will be the next director and CEO of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, which oversees four museums around the world. She succeeds Richard Armstrong, who has held the role for the last 15 years." - ARTnews

If Gens Z And Alpha Can’t Read Cursive, Will Brands Change Their Logos?

Coca-Cola. Coors. Hallmark. Even Instagram - all with cursive script logos. Are they distinctive enough to stay, or will they follow Eddie Bauer and Johnson & Johnson into the land of angular type? - Fast Company

The Vatican Makes It Easier To Visit An Ancient Roman Necropolis

"In the past, organized tours of the necropolis were generally only granted to approved groups of academics, students and other specialists." Now, anyone with a ticket has the same access. - NPR

Athletes Are Reshaping Parts Of The Art Market

"Many sports figures are being courted by galleries, auction houses, art shows and museums." - The New York Times

The Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall Is Gorgeous

But is it the right place for art? - Hyperallergic

Chicago’s High School Teachers Created A Nationally Prominent Museum

"Wander back in time, not to 1987, but to September 1982. ... Chicago Public Schools system would treat Spanish-speaking students as if they were learning-disabled." - Chicago Sun-Times

The Art Market Is Sagging A Bit

So you (or someone, anyway) can get a Rothko for only $22 million, instead of $30 million. - The New York Times

Mass Resignations Of Documenta Selection Committee: “No Room For Ideas”

“In the current circumstances we do not believe that there is a space in Germany for an open exchange of ideas and the development of complex and nuanced artistic approaches that documenta artists and curators deserve,” the curators wrote in their letter. - ARTnews

Newest-Gen Versions Of AI Image Creators Upend Everything

With the advent of AI image synthesis, it's looking increasingly like the future of media creation for many will come through the aid of creative machines that can replicate any artistic style, format, or medium. Media reality is becoming completely fluid and malleable. - Ars Technica

Art Institute Of Chicago’s Ex-Payroll Manager Sentenced To Prison For Embezzling $2.3 Million

Michael Maurello will serve three years in prison followed by three years of supervised release. He had pled guilty to falsifying the Institute's financial records in order to funnel payroll money into his personal accounts from 2007 to 2020. - MSN (Chicago Tribune)

The High-Tech Scans That Will Help Restore Historic Ukrainian Buildings Ravaged By Russian Bombing

Architects, engineers and other volunteers are taking careful high-definition photographs and laser scans of historic buildings around Ukraine — those that have been bombed and some that might yet be — so that photogrammetry can be used to create detailed construction plans for rebuilding. - The World

He Thought He Had Stumbled Into Owning A Chuck Close Painting. Then He Tried To Sell It…

The auctioneer started the bidding at $40,000. Mr. Herman perked up. The camera crew leaned in. Then: crickets. By 1:32, with no live bids, it was all over. - The New York Times

Orlando Museum Of Art May Just Settle Its Lawsuit Against Its Former Director Over The Fake Basquiat Exhibition

Mentioned almost in passing in the museum's most recent court filing was this sentence: “The parties are currently engaged in settlement negotiations, the outcome of which has the potential to dispose of further litigation proceedings.” - MSN (Orlando Sentinel)

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