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A City’s Nearly 40 Public Sculptures Get Their Yearly Baths

"Zach Tatti, an art conservator, (has) made his annual trek to Philadelphia to clean and restore sculptures throughout the city. It's been a tradition for Tatti's family business since the 1980s, through an agreement with his father, Steve, and the (city's) Association for Public Art." - MSN (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Vandals Who Attacked Degas In DC’s National Gallery Are Charged

If convicted, Martin and Smith face a maximum sentence of five years in prison as well as a fine of up to $250,000. - ARTnews

One Of Van Gogh’s Last Paintings Has Gone Missing (We Think)

For a century after van Gogh gathered flowers and placed them in an earthen vase to paint, the artwork’s provenance could be easily traced, and the piece was often exhibited in museums for visitors to admire. Now the painting has vanished from public view, its whereabouts unknown. - The New York Times

Using Medieval Tools And Techniques To Rebuild Notre-Dame’s Medieval Roof

"The use of hand tools to rebuild the roof that flames turned into ashes in 2019 is a deliberate, considered choice, especially since power tools would undoubtedly have done the work more quickly. The aim is … to ensure that the centuries-old art of hand-fashioning wood lives on." - AP

Beirut’s Leading Museum Is Back, Three Years After Being Wrecked By That Port Explosion

"Lebanon's Sursock Museum has reopened, three years after a deadly explosion in Beirut's port — set off by tons of improperly stored chemicals — reduced many of its treasured (artworks) to ashes. The reopening Friday night offered Beirutis a rare bright spot in a country reeling from a crippling economic crisis." - AP

Italy Is Raising Museum Ticket Prices (Slightly) To Fund Recovery From Recent Floods

"Following catastrophic floods that have crippled the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy has announced a plan to raise museum admission fees across the country by €1 in an attempt to help save 'cultural heritage' that has been damaged." - ARTnews

This Artist Has Had A Solid Career, And Now He’d Like To Sell Another Artist His Name

"If he finds a buyer, he will be prohibited from being Darren Bader the contemporary artist, and that identity will be taken over by the buyer. ... If the buyer wants to keep making trademark Bader works, they’re welcome to take a crack at it." - The New York Times

The British Team Trying To Preserve, And Restore, As Many Banksys As Possible

"If you owned a valuable painting you'd keep it inside, in correct lighting and temperatures but outside art is open to all the elements - whatever the weather - along with grime, plant life and dog wee." - BBC

A New York City Artist Is Paralyzed After Being Shoved On The Subway

Artist and illustrator Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy's "designs have been featured in outlets such as Chicago Magazine and NPR, and she won an American Illustration award in 2021." - Hyperallergic

US Supreme Court Justices Engage In Fierce Art Criticism Debate

Kagan’s dissent was not mild, either—it reads as strenuously as a vintage art-critical piece by, say, Clement Greenberg, slamming Harold Rosenberg—thus producing an image of two liberal Justices going hammer and tongs over brow-furrowing matters of aesthetics and the marketplace. - The New Yorker

Are We Asking Too Much Of Public Art?

It must be said that no work of art interrogates anyone or anything. This linguistic tic is endemic to the art scene and unproductively cliché. The action of questioning in a focused, rigorous, probing, and relentless manner is something that humans do, not inanimate objects. - Hyperallergic

Colorado Museum To Close American Indian Exhibit

The exhibit was first established in 1978, in collaboration with Indigenous representatives. A description of the exhibit on the museum’s website says visitors could see “authentic reconstructed dwellings.”  But the museum said despite that collaboration, the exhibit failed to avoid insensitive depictions of Native American culture. - Colorado Public Radio

Report: Documenting How Artists Are Getting Screwed By Museums And Galleries

Data gathered from more than 100 contributors outlines a status quo in which artists are expected to work for low (or no) money, even when labouring on exhibitions and commissions for Britain’s grandest institutions. - Apollo

Thousands Of Trafficked Antiquities Recovered In Raids In Southern Italy

"Italian police have arrested 21 out of 51 suspects in an operation which included hundreds of officers, authorities said. … Those arrested are under investigation for 'numerous clandestine excavations, receiving stolen goods and illicit marketing, nationally and internationally, of very important archaeological finds.'" - CNN

How Electric Tech Is Changing Car Design

Inside, electric car dashboards often light up like spaceships as part of a bid to communicate intelligence rather than aggression. - Dezeen

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