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We’ve Made Progress. But The Thing About Progress Is It Has To Progress…

Those without the vision to produce art as means toward an end, rather than the end itself, have placated the wealthy donors who are also the users of the product. - Alan Harrison

What If We Stripped Humanities Education Back To First Principles?

The Catherine Project’s commitment, borne out beautifully by our seminars thus far, is that great books are supremely egalitarian: They move and challenge us all alike. Indeed, what proves great books great is that they’ve stood the test of time. - Hedgehog Review

Facebook, Via Instagram, Experiments On Teen Girls

And it harms their mental health - a lot. But "families are trapped. ... Many parents say that they don’t want their children on Instagram, but they allow them to lie about their age and open accounts because, well, that’s what everyone else has done." - The Atlantic

Come On, Britain: Give The Marbles Back

This is important to Greece: "The missing Parthenon frieze in its original state is a reminder of the country’s humiliation by the Turks, and by a British aristocrat." And guess what? Britain can just scan the marbles and 3D print some replacements. - The Guardian (UK)

Australia’s Conservative Government Refuses To Insure Arts Against COVID Closures

"(Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Coalition) government has rejected a call by the Greens and Labor to provide Australia's live performance sector with an insurance guarantee to guard against future cancellations and border closures due to COVID." - The Guardian

Will The Supreme Court Finally Declare Copyright Piracy Theft? (Wait… What?)

For quite some time, there’s been an esoteric debate running in intellectual property circles as to whether copyright infringement is best characterized as thievery. - The Hollywood Reporter

More Than Half Of Arts And Heritage Jobs In UK Were Lost Due To COVID

"(A study) revealed the industry suffered a 60% decline in output because of restrictions. It said about 55% of jobs — 450,000 people — were furloughed in the sector, second only to hospitality, and well above the national average of 16%." - BBC

A New Model For Funding Art?

It pools 100 medium-sized donation of $1,000 each, with the total amount going to one not-for-profit project. Community projects apply and have their applications assessed by the collective of $1,000 donors, who shortlist and select the successful recipient through democratic vote. - ArtsHub

King Solomon’s Mines, Archaeology, And Arguments Over The Old Testament’s Historical Accuracy

New finds at a remote site that's been identified, dismissed, and re-identified as the Israelite monarch's fabled copper mines have reignited debates about whether David and Solomon could have ruled over a great kingdom when no buildings from their period have ever been found. - Smithsonian Magazine

A Climate Change Imperative For Artists

We have to find a new art and a new psychology to penetrate the apathy and the denial that are preventing us making the changes that are inevitable if our world is to survive. - The Guardian

Some Encouraging Data On Whether And When Audiences Will Return

"In this blog, we first examine the historic impact of COVID on performing arts ticket sales and then we use the data to simulate three plausible 'what-if' scenarios – realistic worst-case, realistic best-case, and idealized best-case – to predict the impact of each scenario on ticket sales." - SMU DataArts

What To Learn From Being The Target Of (Deeply) Hateful Attacks For What You Write

Nikole Hannah-Jones on what she's learned: "Power doesn’t flash what it’s going to do. ... It doesn’t signal what it’s going to do. It moves silently behind the scenes and makes impact and then once everything is figured out announces itself." - Los Angeles Times

Republicans Have Escalated From Banning To Wanting To Burn Books

The targeted books are often by Black authors or other authors of color, and/or have queer content. Of course, the wannabe burners are calling the books "pornographic." - NPR

A New University To “Fix” Education? It Needs A Rethink About What’s Broken

UATX’s founders for years have used their various platforms to bemoan the state of higher education and propose how to fix it. They’re about to get a crash course in the real-life challenges of the job. - The New Republic

Why Arts And Humanities Are Crucial To STEM Education And The Tech Industry

In the latest university rankings from Times Higher Education, the top two schools for arts and humanities in the world are, perhaps surprisingly, Stanford and MIT. TES Chief Knowledge Officer Phil Baty explains why, and why it matters. - World Economic Forum

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