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Margaret Atwood And Wayne McGregor Make A Ballet Out Of “MaddAddam”

Atwood says, "I just want to know how you are going to get around the giant blue penises."  McGregor's only response (other than laughter) is "It's not a literal interpretation but a leap of faith." - Financial Times

At 108, This Woman May Be The World’s Oldest Active Dancer

Eileen Kramer started dancing professionally in 1939 and lived in India, Europe, and the US before returning to Australia at 99.  She now lives in a care home and, due to balance issues, can only perform while seated, but her latest dance film was made this year. - The Sydney Morning Herald

A Hula Dance Renaissance

Some hula masters are experimenting with the form itself, choreographing dances to nontraditional music, say, or creating longer dramas that address contemporary issues, like AIDS and immigration. - Dance Magazine

Dance And Incarceration — Both Inside And Outside The Prison

"(There's) a growing array of artists using dance to shed light on issues surrounding incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline and the justice system as a whole. Some are teaching dance and choreography directly to inmates. Others are using their personal experience as the foundation for concert works addressing these complex, and sometimes controversial, themes." - The Guardian

Are NFTs The Way To Help Choreographers Keep Control Of Their Own Intellectual Property?

"Even if centralized platforms like TikTok and YouTube have issues, they also help people build brands, increase their audiences and distribute their content. Likewise, blockchain-based tools are not perfect solutions but do help people reclaim ownership of their work on the internet." - CoinDesk

Research: People Dance More When The Bass Is Turned Up

Results from 43 attenders who agreed to wear a headband revealed they moved 11.8% more, on average, when the VLF speakers were turned on. Cameron noted this meant people danced more vigorously, or with more exaggerated movements. - The Guardian

As Breakdancing Becomes An Olympic Sport, The Rest Of The Dance World Gets Serious About It

"There's increasing professionalisation of the form: in 2024 Sadler's Wells is opening a hip-hop academy at their new theatre in Stratford to train 16- to 19-year-olds; and there's new interest from sports scientists, ...  which is the kind of thing that happens when your passion becomes an Olympic sport." - The Guardian

Good News For Dance In Arts Council England Funding Round (As Long As You’re Not A Big Company In London)

The Royal Opera House, which includes the Royal Ballet, got the biggest cut (9%), while English National Ballet, Rambert, and Sadler's Wells saw their grants reduced as well. Meanwhile, many regional and smaller-scale companies received more money, and the funding pool for dance as a whole rose by 12%. - Bachtrack

The Inimitable Mr. B (A New Biography)

Balanchine is an unusual subject for what critics like to call, and I’ll go there, a magisterial biography. He was a shy, somewhat receding figure. He had a facial tic, a nervous fluttering under one eye, that got him called “the rat” as a child. - The New York Times

A Hula Renaissance

Real hula is primal, archetypal, esoteric and ever- evolving. And it’s now shared digitally all over the world. This is a good thing, because it helps authentic hula spread, not just via more hula schools but also through conferences, theatrical performances and festivals in the 50th state. - Dance Magazine

Where Many Have Faltered, Boston Dance Theatre Aims To Step On Sure Ground

"Unlike the members of the Boston Ballet, who are on season-long salary, local contemporary troupes pay their dancers by the hour for rehearsals and performances." BDT's founder "hopes to put the six-member troupe on salary by next year and hire a development director and a booking agency." - WBUR

Pacific Northwest Ballet Has A Black Principal Dancer For The First Time In Its History

The 50-year-old company named Jonathan Batista, a dancer from Brazil who trained in England, as principal. He says, "It takes a lot of willingness and discipline for you to really maintain the integrity of who you are as a person." - KOMO (Seattle)

Fired Costume Designer Sues Paul Taylor Dance Company For Gender Discrimination

Barbara Delo started with the company in September 2021, shortly after having a baby, and was dismissed this past July.  She claims that she was discriminated against for being a nursing mother and reprimanded for bringing her infant to work and on tours. - The New York Times

Sydney Dance Company And Rafael Bonachela Will Have Five More Years Together

"Sydney Dance Company artistic director Rafael Bonachela has had his contract renewed for another five years, which will take his tenure to 19 years and one of the longest in recent memory at a major (Australian) performing arts organisation." - Australian Financial Review

The 21st-Century Hula Renaissance

"Forget Hollywood images of lithe women in coconut bras and grass skirts. ... Real hula is primal, archetypal, esoteric and ever- evolving. And it's now shared digitally all over the world." - Dance Magazine

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