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In San Francisco, A First-Ever Sensory-Friendly “Nutcracker” For Kids

"The idea is for the show to be a relaxed, shush-free, shame-free environment. ... House lights will be kept on (and) guests will also be free to move, talk, or dance as they please throughout the show. ... Potentially startling moments during the full-length show will be removed or modified." - CBS San Francisco

The Days Of TikTok Dance Videos Becoming Viral Megahits Are Ending

Unless, that is, you're already famous; Lizzo's dance videos easily draw a million viewers.  Earlier in TikTok's history, before there were mountains of content, it was easier for an unknown to catch users' attention; now, the pandemic days when folks were cooped up at home watching videos are gone. - Yahoo! (Bloomberg)

This Choreographer Wanted To Move Back Home To San Diego To Live And Work.  It Shouldn’t Have Been This Difficult.

"Exorbitant venue rental costs, cultural ignorance, a dismissive response to concerns of racial inequalities and funding models that make artistic careers a bleak option for survival have become a common occurrence in America's finest city." Just ask Jeremy McQueen, founder of the Black Iris Project. - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Alexei Ratmansky Will Leave ABT This Summer

Considered by many the greatest living ballet choreographer, Ratmansky will have been artist-in-residence at American Ballet Theater for more than 13 years when he steps down upon expiration of his contract next June. - AP

San Francisco Ballet Uses AI-Generated Art To Promote Its “Nutcracker,” And Backlash Ensues

Said one of many Instagram commenters, "This AI art looks like CRAP, I can't believe you did this instead of hiring real artists." Another: "A despicable decision, especially for an arts org." Says a company spokesperson, "In the spirit of Bay Area ingenuity, we tried something new." - The San Francisco Standard

The Dance Data Project Looks At The Gender Balance In Leadership Changes In 2022

"(This report) details changes among artistic directors, executive directors, associate artistic directors, and resident choreographers at dance venues, ballet companies, contemporary/modern companies, and prominent schools/conservatories." - Dance Data Project

Atlanta Ballet Eliminates Its Low-Paying Apprentice Program And Will Expand Its Corps Instead

"Going forward, entry-level dancers who pass the main company audition will start as full company members, earning entry-level pay based on a collective-bargaining-agreement scale. ... Last season's roster of 39 company members, six of whom were apprentices, now comprises 40 company dancers and no apprentices." - Pointe Magazine

Here Are Half A Dozen Dance Companies Who Are Thriving Despite The Field’s Post-Pandemic Troubles

"Now expenses are high, earned income from ticket sales is limited, touring remains complicated and budget deficits loom large. Against these odds, a few organizations are doing better than ever, thanks to innovative partnerships, new business models, increased commitments by funders ..., or some combination thereof." - Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine’s 25 Dancers To Watch In 2023

These trailblazers and breakout stars are forging their own paths through our field. - Dance Magazine

What Set Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Apart As A Dancer

He was, of course, flexible and precise and disciplined, but in addition, "his dancing was animated and enhanced by an all-too elusive quality: a generous spirit." - The New York Times

A Great Year For Books About Dance

Biographies of Nijinska, Balanchine, Graham and others. Wendy Perron's annual survey points you to the must-reads. - Wendy Perron

How George Balanchine Made Classical Ballet American

Jennifer Homans: "He was absorbing modernism from Europe and interest in the motorcar, the airplane, the train, the speed, ... the idea that there (would) be a transformation of society. He took everything from the Russian Revolution to Bauhaus to Diaghilev to Weimar culture. Then in America, he absorbed popular culture." - The Nation

How The Australian Ballet Became A Leader In Injury Prevention

Built on a foundation of sports medicine and run in partnership with a research university, the company's program is countered on daily conditioning exercises, before morning class, done with staff physiotherapists whom the dancers can alert to any small problems before they become big ones. - The Age (Melbourne)

How A Seattle Dance Company Bought A Church

“When came in and showed us how they were going to love the space, to use it for art and dance, it was everything that Bill, in a perfect world, wanted." - Crosscut

Some Fears About The Future Of Choreography

Difficult conversations about intention, taste, and editing are vital for the sake of developing successful new work. With focused training, and subsequent appropriate delivery happening on both sides of the studio, these imperative, complex exchanges seem all the more feasible. - Gramilano

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