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A Connecticut Civilian At A Pilobolus Workshop

"Emily told us to 'start walking' — all of us, in any direction, or all directions, as she and Matt called out instructions. … With everyone gradually picking up on the same gesture and then letting it transform, by the end of this ever-morphing exercise we were dancing en masse, already unified." - Literary Hub

What It Costs To Attend Coachella (Thousands of $) And Why These Fans Say It’s A Bargain

Many people are willing to lay out a lot of money for the experience and party in the VIP section, but it's possible to get by on a budget, too. - BBC

Salman Rushdie Reads From His Memoir About Being Stabbed Onstage

“I confess, I had sometimes imagined my assassin rising up in some public forum or other, and coming for me in just this way. So my first thought when I saw this murderous shape rushing towards me was, ‘So it’s you. Here you are.’” - The Guardian

How Our Obsession With Self-Improvement Is Harming Us

A consequence of the cultural obsession with self-improvement is the hyperfixation on the self. From elaborate skin care regimens to the culling of “toxic” friends from your social circle, some will go through extreme lengths in the name of self-preservation and betterment. - Vox

The Power Players In Arts And Culture In New York City

This inaugural list by Politics NY includes the obvious (directors of prominent institutions like the Morgan Library, Roundabout Theater, BAM, both Mets), the famous (Alan Cumming, Fran Drescher), the officials (government and union types), and the hip. - Politics NY

All That Money Being Spent On The Downtown L.A. Arts District — What Exactly Is It Paying For?

Buildings and facilities, mostly. There's the Grand, the $1 billion apartment/hotel/retail complex, designed by Frank Gehry, which opened across the street from (Gehry's) Disney Hall in 2022. Then there's the $100 million expansion of the Broad Museum and an addition, also designed by Gehry, to the Colburn School. - Los Angeles Times (Yahoo!)

How The O.J. Simpson Trial Changed Television News

"All of a sudden, TV news ... wasn’t just about war and peace, elections and Supreme Court decisions. The salacious, it turns out, rates just as well, and opinions about the news (in this case, daily arguments during the trial) were just as enticing to viewers as the news itself." - The Hollywood Reporter

Beautifully Preserved 2,000-Year-Old Frescoes Uncovered In Pompeii

"Mythical Greek figures ... are depicted on the high black walls of a large banqueting hall. … It was likely the walls' stark colour was chosen to hide the smoke deposits from lamps used during entertaining after sunset. In the shimmering light, the paintings would have almost come to life." - BBC

AGMA Accuses Miami City Ballet Of Union-Busting Campaign

"Miami City Ballet management has begun an aggressive, coordinated union-busting campaign against their dancers, the majority of whom are fighting to unionize. … Furthermore, MCB management is trying to circumvent the legal process by denying their dancers the right to a union election." - American Guild of Musical Artists

Early Reactions In The Mediasphere To The NPR Editor’s Essay Accusing The Network Of Liberal Bias

Some came to Uri Berliner's defense, notably including one former senior NPR executive; others accused Berliner of using straw men or bad-faith arguments. A few pointed out that NPR's apparent lean away from conservativism in recent years is due to changes in conservatism, not NPR. - TheWrap

New York Philharmonic To Tour China This Summer

The five-concert tour to Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai, led by outgoing music director Jaap van Zweden and running from June 27 to July 3, will be the first visit by a full U.S. orchestra to the People's Republic since 2019. - AP

What’s Behind The Comeback Of Vinyl Records?

Where barely one million new vinyl albums were sold in the United States in 2006, that figure has grown every year since, soaring to just over 49 million units in 2023. - The Conversation

Inside The Artist’s Mind

How do artists think? As I considered my flailing artistic efforts, I realized I was begging for entrance into the artist’s head. If I could somehow make the process legible, I might find making art myself less intimidating. - New York Magazine

Museum Fires Employee After He Hung His Own Painting In Gallery

The museum fired a member of its technical services team after he was found to have hung one of his own paintings in a part of the gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary art, allowing him to share a space with works by pop art pioneer Warhol for an entire day. - The Guardian

Why Do We Make Saints Of Dead Composers?

The saint is worshiped alongside the divine, and in many faiths, the line between the two is blurred. In the world of classical music, we effectively worship the Great Dead Composers as saints, the ones who transmit perfection into the musical world. - Van

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