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Meanwhile, In England

Warner Bros. is planning to expand the studios where they shot Barbie - to the tune of 4,000 more workers. - BBC

What’s Up With The Oscars Race In This Very, Very Weird Year?

All the major film festivals are over, and though the writers and actors' strikes continue, some movies are shaping up as awards season contenders (if we have an awards season). - The Guardian (UK)

Little Poems For Giacometti

Wait, why aren't we all writing poems about art? - LitHub

The National Gallery Reneges On Its Agreement About The Corcoran

"When the Corcoran was eviscerated, there was a pretense that somehow it would actually continue to exist — without its art, without its building, without its assets. No one believed that." But it's turned out to be even worse. - Washington Post

Hollywood’s Crew Members Make Candles, Do Tarot Readings To Get By

As the writers' strike passes its 140th day, "crew members have expressed frustration over the slow pace of negotiations." - Los Angeles Times

The Babysitting Nonprofit Helping Parents Go To Broadway Shows

"Helping people in theater take care of their children is part of core mission — an early initiative was hiring babysitters to watch children at auditions. Then the leadership realized that theater artists need audiences." - NPR

Death Of The Literary Feud

Literary feuds were a regular and entertaining occurrence in the British literary scene. When writers argued, the reading public looked on with the grin of schadenfreude. We all know the canonical examples. John le Carré and Salman Rushdie’s 1997 shouting match in the letters section of The Guardian. - The Critic

Amazon Streaming Announces Big Price Hike

In addition to free shipping and other benefits, for their monthly fee — currently at $14.99 — Prime members have been able to watch Prime Video films and series ad-free. Those who want to continue to do so next year will have to pay an additional fee, set at $2.99 per month in the U.S. - Deadline

Remember NFTs? Most Of Them Are Now Worthless

Out of the top collections, the most common price for an NFT is now $5-$100. - Business Insider

Booker Prize Shortlist: Only One UK Author Gets On

None of the six authors have been shortlisted for the prize before. - The Guardian

More Former Employees of David Adjaye Decry Working Conditions

“David would yell at and berate the people he found responsible for executing his vision. Only senior leadership would be directly bullied by him, but they would offload that anxiety on the rest of us." - Artnet

Is This Very Popular French Theme Park Selling A Reactionary Version Of French History?

"Puy du Fou has been voted the best amusement park on Earth despite having no rides, just swashbuckling re-enactment shows with fireballs, sword fights, shipwrecks and chariot races that draw millions in France, … despite criticism from some ... that its traditionalist framing of history is spurring rightwing culture wars." - The Guardian

Connections Between Classical Music And Heavy Metal

“Speaking broadly, I think both traditions value virtuosity and virtuosic display. Both traditions value advanced musicianship and instrumental ability, and don't mind openly showcasing those abilities.” - Van

Cassette By Cassette, One Pakistani Man Is Working To Preserve Afghan Musical History

In a small audio repair shop in Peshawar, across the Afghan-Pakistani border in Peshawar, refugee Mohammed Hasan Zamri collects old commercial cassettes and sometimes makes his own recordings of escaped musicians — protecting Afghan musical heritage from the destructive zeal of the Taliban. - The Guardian

Deflating: Sony Downsizes Its Podcasting Division

The company says a “significant percentage” of its podcast division has been laid-off. “Like many in the industry, we are further streamlining our structure as we continue to shift our creative strategy and focus on building big audiences across a select group of ongoing shows and our subscription business." - Inside Radio

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