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When Our TVs Disappear

One new TV "makes an image appear on what otherwise looks like a clear piece of glass." Another company has a screen that "looks more like an empty fish tank than a proper television set, with images that look like very nice holograms dancing around inside." But why? - Wired

Why Some Of The Best Children’s Books Are Written By People Without Kids

The best children's books aren't meant for teaching, and "aren’t advertisements for anything—not even the important things. They’re an advertisement for reading itself; for the entertainment value of the world itself." - The Paris Review

Cutting A Shakespeare Play Down To 80 Minutes Is Entirely Legitimate, Even At The RSC, Argues The Guardian’s Theatre Critic

Arifa Akbar: "Some trimmed-down Shakespeares – such as Simon Godwin’s Romeo and Juliet – are as rich as the originals, and not every staging of Much Ado About Nothing has to have its protracted comic interludes with Dogberry and his gang." Especially if it means missing the last train home from Stratford-upon-Avon. - The Guardian

Young Britons Just Don’t Bother With BBC News. A New Podcast Is Trying To Draw Them Back.

The Reliable Sauce podcast "sounds as if you are listening in to a conversation (the hosts) might have over a coffee, or on the tube back from work." The key to its success: it was conceived and is run by 20-something journalists, not executives in suits. - Nieman Lab

Royal Shakespeare Co. Launches New Low-Price Ticket Scheme

"The (company is) offering 25,000 tickets at £25 as the theatre’s new artistic directors aim to 'throw open the doors' to a more diverse crowd. … The ticketing plan will be on offer for the entire season and sit alongside the existing TikTok £10 scheme for 14- to 25-year-olds." - The Guardian

A Brief History Of Booing At The Theatre (Which Might Just Be A Good Thing)

"The more straight-faced, incendiary boo of displeasure has been all but silenced, bar lone tuts or harrumphs. But for centuries, theatregoing etiquette allowed for heckles and hisses alongside cheers and whistles, all permissible within the great debating chamber of drama." - The Guardian

Dear Audience Members, Please Get Better At Being In Public

Stop clapping so much! Stop drinking so much! Don't use your phone's flashlight to find your seats! And for pity's sake, stop eating potato chips during a movie or play! (And other possibly cranky advice from critics.) - The Guardian (UK)

The People Who Love A 24-Hour Marathon Reading Of Moby Dick

At the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Mass., "the first speaker took the lectern at noon after the strike of eight bells. 'Call me Ishmael,' the famous opening words, sent a ripple of applause through the room." - Slate

A Window Into A New Opera Festival

What the Prototype festival brings to audiences: Anything from Biblical translations to "a kind of nostalgic reminder of the loud, messy, nudity-filled, often self-serious, generally baffling shows that were once fixtures of downtown New York." - The New York Times

What The World Of Bestselling Celebrity Books Does To Regular Writers

It isn't pretty: "Publishing is competing with other forms of entertainment in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, and an author with existing name recognition is a tempting prospect." - The Guardian (UK)

To Solve Audience Confusion, Philadelphia Orchestra/Kimmel Center Renames Itself Ensemble Arts Philly

Following the 2021 merger of the orchestra with the organization that operates its concert hall and three other venues (and presents shows in a fourth), ticketholders sometimes didn't know which theater to go to. So the umbrella organization has taken a new name that doesn't include a venue. - The Philadelphia Inquirer (MSN)

As Streaming Becomes More Like Cable TV, Cable Companies Look To Rebundle Streaming

“There’s an opportunity for cable companies to rebundle streaming services in a way that is friendly to consumers,” MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett said. - The Wall Street Journal

Who Won Everything At The Globes?

This is the CBS live feed, which updates as awards are announced and will have the full list after the Globes end. - CBS News

In A Streaming World, What Are Three Million LPs Worth?

The ARChive of Contemporary Music "reportedly holds some of the world’s biggest collections of Broadway, African, punk, jazz, country and western, folk, hip hop, and experimental recordings" - and it's in trouble. - Wired

Elvis Costello Saw A Depressing Movie, So He Made A Musical From It, Of Course

Cold War (the 2018 movie, and the new musical) "is a microcosm of the tragedy of a Poland wallowing in hardship and paranoia." - Washington Post

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