Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Establishing Serious Theatre In The French Countryside

The Federation of Local Festivals and Theaters, formally launched this month at the Avignon Festival, is made up of 17 rural companies started by young theatre grads who "found themselves frustrated with the rigid structure of France's theater world." - The New York Times

The Pandemic Has Shown Us That Museums Should Give Up On Blockbuster Shows: Chris Dercon

Says the former director of Tate Modern, now at Paris's Grand Palais, "We probably cannot afford to ship works back and forth, and will have to think of … how a museum can do more for a local community instead of catering to economic models for tourists." - Artnet

Provincetown And Its Performers Step Nervously Back Into Action

The arts-dependent Cape Cod town got clobbered by last year's lockdowns, but with vaccination rates up and caseloads down this summer, the scene joyfully geared up — until it was hit with a cluster of "breakthrough" COVID cases among people who'd had their shots. - The New York Times

AMC Will Accept Bitcoin For Movie Tickets

The company's CEO says AMC will be technologically equipped to start accepting Bitcoin payments for U.S. movie tickets and concessions ordered online by the end of the year. - Deadline

Visitors Are Flocking Back To Berlin’s Museum Island

Free admission on Sundays certainly helps: tens of thousands are showing up on weekends. - Bloomberg CityLab

As Golden Gate Park Enacts A Car Ban, Its Museums Stress Out

The road through the park has been closed since the start of the pandemic - and so have the museums. But now, as museums reopen? The closure to cars "has become a flash point." - The New York Times

Live Music Venues Try To Adapt To Delta Variant, New Rules

While the music promoter Live Nation said that artists or bands themselves could set masking and vaccination requirements, some venues in places like L.A. are requiring proof of vaccination along with the county's mask mandate. - Los Angeles Times

A Return To Broadway, But Not To Normal

Playwright Antoinette Nwandu changed the ending of her play Pass Over before its debut as the first show to open since Broadway closed in March of 2020. "I no longer wanted to work on a play that ended with the murder of a Black man. ... I want to focus on life." - The New York Times

Edinburgh Fringe Fest Is Missing A Few Things

No spontaneous performances, no flyers being handed out, not as many shows: Organizers hope the in-person Festival is also missing the Delta variant. - BBC

Traveling Talkies: India’s Itinerant Cinema Tents Are Fading Away

Starting in the 1950s, small companies would roam the village festival circuit, setting up tents and showing old films with aging projectors cast off from the cities. Yet, as cell phones and internet service reach rural India, the market for traveling talkies is disappearing. - Atlas Obscura

What About Autumn Reading, Hunh?

How "summer reading" (and beach reads) became a Thing. - The New York Times

Virtual Docents — The Best Museum Idea To Come Out Of The Pandemic?

The Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum developed a way to provide guides when COVID kept them from coming in: visitors can stop at strategically placed monitors and talk with offsite docents in real time. Folks on both sides of the screen seem to love it. - Slate

Netflix CEO: The Movie Business Is In Revolution

 In four short years, Netflix has done more to reshape the way that movies are made, distributed and consumed than perhaps any other single company in the history of the film business. - Variety

Which Countries In Europe Are Using “Vaccine Passports” For Arts Venues, And How

"Countries across Europe are extending the use of so called vaccine passports or health passes to allow for entry into bars, cultural sites or sporting events, but some countries are employing them more than others. Here's what you need to know." - The Local

Young People Are Using France’s Culture Pass To Buy … Manga

Granted, the program was only just gearing up when the pandemic closed arts venues, but officials' hopes that 18-year-olds would use their few-strings-attached €300 to sample high culture are being punctured by reality. - The New York Times

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