Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Interesting Side Effect Of Pandemic: Arts Audiences Are Growing Beyond Australia’s Big Cities

With overseas travel blocked, people from the state capitals are traveling to regional towns and boosting attendance there, and more local people are coming to venues as well. - Arts Hub (Australia)

The Outdoor Concerts In Ireland Where Musicians Arrive By Canal And Barge

Sounds gloriously picturesque: "There’s a tall lamp standing on the stone quayside at a lock in rural Co Carlow on a warm and clear evening. Beside it, a cream and green barge is moored, with a mixing desk on the bow and a few cables trailing on to the bank up towards the lamp." - Irish Times

Is Seeing Live Theatre Worth All Of The COVID Precautions And Stress?

Charles McNulty, in Los Angeles, says yes, but: "Anticipating the stress of the new COVID-19 protocols, I forgot the old stresses, the lunatic driving at Hollywood and Vine, the $25 parking fee ('credit card only, please'). The woman sitting behind me returned after intermission with a bag of potato chips." - Los Angeles Times

Broadway Wants Locals Back

But will they come in the midst of a Delta surge? - The New York Times

How Safe Are Music Concerts?

Ask Sweden. But also, ask Delta. And keep up the safe behavior: "From an infection prevention standpoint, it is still the safest to gather outside, masked and physically distanced. The other important aspect is vaccination. When vaccinated, and wearing a mask, it is safer to gather at outdoor events." - Seattle Times

Following In García Lorca’s Footsteps, Bringing Cinema To Remote Spanish Villages

In the 1930s, the poet and playwright co-founded La Barraca, a touring company that performed classical Spanish theatre in isolated hamlets. Now a project called La Barraca de Cine is bringing a screen and projector to any village that has no movie theater. - The Guardian

Broadway League Turns To Oprah To Convince Theatergoers To Come Back

Winfrey is narrator for the audio and video components of a multi-million-dollar campaign across print, broadcast, and social media to convince COVID-wary audience members to go ahead and see a show. - The New York Times

NBCUniversal Seeks To Boot Nielsen From Top Of Ratings Measurement Business

Nielsen had long been the undisputed master of counting broadcast media's audience, but its traditional methods have had trouble accurately measuring the number of people streaming programming online. NBCU has had enough and is actively assembling alternatives. - Variety

Texas Performance Venues In A Tight Spot Over Vaccine Passports

In June, Gov. Abbott signed a law making it illegal for most businesses to require proof of vaccination from customers. But a growing number of performers are refusing to play venues that don't require audience members to provide such proof. - The Dallas Morning News

The Clickbaitification Of Netflix

It may destroy the streaming giant. - Slate

The Popularity Of Immersive Art Rooms

We all need to escape sometimes, but what does that mean about the art? - Hyperallergic

The Betrayal Of Jeopardy’s Core Nerdery

Yes, the show was a traitor its audience, but worse, it ignored its own values. The system that briefly elevated Mike Richards (and still hasn't ended his producer career on the show) "took the thing that makes Jeopardy, for so many people, so important and beloved—its abiding conviction that facts are sacred—and betrayed it." - The Atlantic

San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House Gets New, Roomier Seats

San Francisco Opera chief Matthew Shilvock: "The seats have historically been patrons' No. 1 concern for the building. Letters to me. Letters to the box office. Letters to the city. And with some justification. We had springs coming through some of the seats." - The New York Times

Broadway Ticket Sales, Including For Hamilton And Wicked, Are Slow

Broadway isn't back, baby. Thanks, Delta. - CNBC

Blockbuster Series Have Become Incredibly Complicated, But Why?

There's "an endless succession of sequels, prequels, reboots, spin-offs and connected crossovers. This is all great news for diehard fans, but civilian punters now face either an online refresher course or utter confusion every time they enter the multiplex." - The Guardian (UK)

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