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When This French Actress Had Trouble Landing Roles, She Made Her Own Play, And Her Own Way

"The production is testament to Blanc’s ability to forge a lasting career in a performance landscape that has often felt hostile to her. … last year, she became the first actress on the core syllabus for all French high school students studying theater." - The New York Times

Radio Hosts Are Another Profession On The Brink

As if radio work isn’t troubled enough, here comes artificial intelligence. - CBC

Theatre For A Complex, Multivocal Street In The Nation’s Capital City

“To be able to participate in this project is to not only get to learn more about history, but also to have an outlet for the grief that I feel." - American Theatre

Edinburgh International Festival Lowers Ticket Prices — A Lot

"More than half of the tickets will cost £30 or less, with £10 tickets on offer for every performance, while 2,000 free tickets will be distributed to young people. A half-price ticket offer will be extended to under-18s, those with disabilities or hearing impairments and to neurodivergent festival-goers." - The Guardian

With The Olympics Coming, Paris’s Museums Have Jacked Up Admission Prices

The Louvre is seen as the worst offender (tickets up from €17 to €22), though most other state museums have raised prices as well. The additional cash flowing into the Louvre will be an estimated €44.3 million. - Artnet

Los Angeles Loses Yet Another Landmark Cinema

Highland Park is yet another casualty of the pandemic, strikes, and multitude of streaming options. The theatre’s owner said, “It’s not the community’s fault or our fault. … The industry has been so bad that the theater was losing money every single week.” - Los Angeles Times

“Slave Play” In London Will Have Two Performances For Black Audiences, And Even The Prime Minister Has An Opinion

As during the play's Broadway run, the West End production will have "Black Out" nights, as playwright Jeremy O. Harris calls them, when Black playgoers can enjoy the show (in Harris's words) "free from the white gaze." More than in New York, some people are flipping out over this. - BBC

When Artists Can’t Go Home Again, All That’s Left Is The Art Itself

"To live as an artist in exile is among the most glorious triumphs of human will: a spiritual victory.” But the cost is tremendously high. - The New York Times

The Berlin Film Festival Stays Different

The Golden Bear goes to … a one-hour documentary about the return of some artwork? Yes. And “by awarding the top prize to Dahomey, the jury doubled down on Berlin’s distinctive, more political and less populist identity.” - The Guardian (UK)

Smart Glasses Provide Live Captioning For Plays

Philadelphia's Arden Theatre Co. is offering hearing-impaired patrons the use of high-tech eyewear that displays real-time captions, adjustable for placement, size and color. People's Light in nearby Malvern (which introduced them in 2019) and Arden are currently the only US theaters to offer the glasses. - The Philadelphia Inquirer (MSN)

This Upstart Has Surpassed Netflix To Become Africa’s Number-One Streamer

"Showmax — (a South African company) spun out of Africa’s largest entertainment (conglomerate), MultiChoice, in 2015 — had 2.1 million subscribers on the continent at the end of November 2023, as compared to 1.8 million for Netflix. … Showmax’s market share rose to nearly 39%, while Netflix dropped to 33.5%." - Rest of World

Lunchtime Theatre, With A Pint? How Very British

Actually - how very Scottish. A Play, A Pie, and A Pint premiered in Glasgow in 2004 and hasn’t stopped (aside from the early days of COVID-19) producing 48 new plays a year ever since. - BBC

The Paintings British Artists Love At Their National Gallery

The beloved paintings come from many places, but not any of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. - The Observer (UK)

The English National Opera Laid Off Singers And Musicians While They Were In Mid-Performance

“Many of the performers only saw details of their redundancy during the interval, when they opened the notification backstage. Despite this, they went back onstage to finish the performance." - MSN (The Telegraph UK)

New Biographies Of Recently Deceased Celebrities Are Coming From – You Knew It – AI

This is a "macabre new publishing subgenre: hasty, shoddy, A.I.-generated biographies of people who have just died." - The New York Times

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