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Happy Banned Theatre Week, From California

At Santa Monica College, "the campus police chief told if protesters breached backstage during a performance, they could grab fire extinguishers to defend themselves." - Los Angeles Times

Who Is Blocking Latinx Representation In Hollywood?

"Every culture, country or ethnic group is a fragile project held together by duct tape and shared myths. In the most literal sense, we are the stories we tell." - Los Angeles Times

Making A Hugely Popular Dance Game Accessible

Just Dance has more than 500 choreographed routines from around the world - and has now added dance routines for people using wheelchairs. - BBC

Face It, Prestige TV Is Over

"It’s a story of dizzying success, followed by hubristic overreach and cautious retreat." - The Observer (UK)

When The Final Curtain Is Only The Beginning Of The Evening

New York theatres are finally starting to take advantage of relaxed laws around alcohol so they can be their own theatre bars. It's a new mix for a city that had weirdly puritanical laws for a long time. - The New York Times

Can Small-Scale Arts Events Rebuild Community In Atomized American Society? This Project In Boston Is Giving It A Try

"'If you want to see a diverse and vibrant cultural community come to fruition, you have to build it," said Guy Ben-Aharon, founder of The Jar, which gathers small, disparate groups of people invited by "conveners" to evenings centered on particular artists from different disciplines. - MSN (The Washington Post)

TikTok Has Changed Book Publishing, And Here Are Some (Sexy) Specifics

First of all, romantasy is hot - and New Adult has made a wildly successful print return. Gen Z, this is all you. - Publishers Weekly

A ‘Shocking’ Play Is Canceled After A Firestorm Of Controversy Hits A California Community College

"After complaints from students and faculty ... , growing murmurs of protests at performances and an anonymous vote by student participants in the production, By the River Rivanna was canceled hours before its opening night."  - MSN (Los Angeles Times)

What Do Indigenous Viewers Think Of Scorsese’s Latest Epic?

"We have to remember that these were depictions of true, brutal premeditated murders of Indigenous people and so we should get upset and feel deeply uncomfortable" - The Guardian (UK)

Snow White And The Super Depressing Culture War

Can't we have anything nice? (Though - is Snow White actually nice at all?) - The Guardian (UK)

The Musical That Acquired Millions Of Online Fans Before It Ever Took The Stage

"Unlike Beetlejuice, Heathers or Dear Evan Hansen, which all parlayed onstage popularity into huge digital followings, Treason is turning the formula for musical success around. Its producers cultivated an online fandom for three years before raising the curtain on the show." - The New York Times

The New York Times’s First-Ever Mixtaper

"In the age of digital streaming platforms, the act of discovering music ... has become streamlined and anonymized," says Lindsay Zoladz. "I wanted to put some of the spontaneity and human connection back into that experience." - Nieman Lab

When Collectors Die

The BBC has recovered three missing episodes of shows from the 1960s - episodes it had probably thrown out. Luckily, collectors "saved them from the skip." - BBC

A 260-Year-Old Theatre Token May Be Honored In England

The token, one of very few originally issued between 1764 and 1766 for the Bristol Old Vic, allows the owner unlimited tickets to the theatre. - BBC

North American Opera Companies Offer Reciprocal Discounts Through A New “Opera Passport”

The initiative by Opera America, described as a discount exchange for traveling audience members, has 85 participating companies across the US and Canada offering a 10% discount on tickets to subscribers of any other participating company. - Ludwig Van

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