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Uffizi Galleries Raise Ticket Price By 25%, And Italians Argue Over The Cost Of Culture For Ordinary People

"The Uffizi Galleries (in Florence) have hiked their ticket prices because of pressures from rising energy prices, … sparking a debate about how much people should be asked to pay for culture." - The Art Newspaper

The Popular New Place For Catching News Podcasts? YouTube

Polling from the firm Morning Consult that US podcast consumers, in the aggregate, prefer YouTube to audio-only platforms. Staffers from Slate, ESPN, and NPR tell Nieman Lab how and why they're posting their podcasts to the video site. - Nieman Lab

British Theatres Discover A New Target Audience: Female Novel-Readers

"(There is) a string of new stage shows based on hit books by female authors that were enjoyed largely by female readers. Waiting in the wings this spring are plays or musicals based on bestsellers that include Hamnet, The Time Traveler's Wife and The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher." - The Observer (UK)

British Theatre Audiences Behaving Even More Badly (We’re Talking Fists, Screams, And Urine)

"A front-of-house assistant at a theatre in the north says disruptive incidents now occur weekly and are increasingly serious: “Myself and my colleagues have been physically assaulted. We've broken up fights, stopped people urinating in their seats, been screamed at.'" - The Guardian

Why Abbott Elementary Has Teachers – And Millions Of Other Viewers – Hooked

It's all too real: "Philadelphia is the poorest of the country's 10 largest cities, and its school district has long suffered from chronic underfunding. The average Philly school is also more than 70 years old — most don't have central air conditioning and were built using lead and asbestos." - NPR

The Family Box Office Isn’t Dead

It just needed a couple of Brooklyn plumbers, a princess, and the Mushroom Kingdom to bring it back to life. (Super Marios Bros. generated numbers, both in the U.S. and abroad, "that one Hollywood trade news site called 'plumb insane.'") - The New York Times

A Critic Makes The Rounds Of Immersive Art Shows

Adam Platt: "As you move from one pleasantly distracting set piece to another, pondering when to ingest the lemon-flavored edible in your pocket, it feels like playing hooky — a reprieve from the hushed, ponderous solemnity of the Establishment museums and galleries." - New York Magazine

“There Is A Much Lower Ceiling Than There Used To Be”: Dallas’s Arts Institutions Face The Post-COVID Attendance Drop

"There is no question that, because of their size, Dallas's big seven arts groups depend more heavily on attendance than others in the region. Here, we take a look at the big seven and how they're coping." - MSN (The Dallas Morning News)

Cable TV’s Audiences Are Getting Older

A good example of this is Cartoon Network which advertises itself as targeting a core audience of boys and girls aged 6-12, now though most of its viewers are over the age of 18, with 75% of its viewers are now over the age of 18 and 43% over the age of 30, according to Statista. - CordCuttersNews

Music Lovers In Britain May Save Venues Through Grassroots Fundraising

"When the curtain comes down on the Music Venue Trust’s (MVT) #OwnOurVenues fundraising drive, it is expected to have raised close to £2.2m, a hemi-demi-semiquaver away from the £2.5m that it set out to achieve." - The Guardian (UK)

“Shucked” On Broadway: Why The Preview Grosses Are Low But The Seats Are Sold Out

"Lead producer Mike Bosner … and his team enacted the old-school practice of preview pricing: selling tickets for a show's pre-opening period at a significantly lower price point than after the show's official opening — and advertised this accordingly." - Broadway News

British Theatre Audiences Are Behaving So Badly That Nearly Half Of Front-House Staff Want To Quit

"Front-of-house staff facing violent assaults, theatregoers urinating in fire exits and mass brawls in auditoriums were among the incidents uncovered by the report from the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union (BECTU). … Almost half (45%) said they had considered leaving the industry due to poor audience behaviour." - The Guardian

When Spain’s Largest Newspaper Started A Book Club

The culture editors at El País had been considering starting a reading group for several years, but they only went ahead and launched the project in late 2022. In five months, the club had grown to over 1,100 members in Spain and Latin America. - Nieman Lab

The Greatest Show On Earth Is Mounting A Comeback

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are back, baby (in September) - without lions, tigers, or bears, but with a lot of roadies to handle all the gear. "You can’t downscale. ... You really have to reimagine and reinvent." - Fast Company

The EuroVision Final Will Be Shown In Movie Theatres For The First Time

Since the final in Liverpool sold out in 40 minutes, theatres across the UK will show the final. "Organisers say the screenings will encourage fancy dress and singalongs." - BBC

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