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100-Year-Old Historic Toronto Theatre To Be Torn Down

The proposal comes as a rash of other live performance venues have shuttered across the city in recent years. If the project moves forward, theatre artists and producers say the theatre’s closure would mark an immense loss for the city’s performing arts industry. - Toronto Star

Why Black Playwrights Canceling Productions Of Their Plays Has Become A Thing

"The steps by playwrights to halt productions of their own work reflects concerns by Black artists frustrated by what they see as a failure of theater administrators to live up to the lofty promises made during and after the spring of 2020." - The New York Times

Actors’ Equity Report Finds “Modest Improvement” In Diversity/Equity In US Theater Industry

"The latest installment of Actors' Equity Association's annual hiring and wage report – covering the year 2021 and titled 'Progress During an Atypical Year' – finds that the theater industry made small but steady progress in diversity and equity in union jobs for stage managers and actors." - Deadline

NYC’s Rattlestick Theatre Hires A New Artistic Director

Davis, who is particularly interested in developing new plays, previously served as artistic director of the American Theater Company in Chicago. He programmed experimental work there and box office revenue declined; his tenure ended with the shuttering of the theater company. - The New York Times

Belarus Free Theatre: “Nobody Can Go Back — We All Face Jail”

"In October 2021 (the company's) actors, directors and audience were all arrested. Released pending a trial, most were facing a prison sentence of up to eight years. (They) fled to Ukraine using a border resistance network. When Russia declared war …, the company crossed the border to Poland." - The Guardian

How To Become Bad Cinderella

First, watch In the Heights in high school. Linedy Genao: "I was like, ‘They said Dominican Republic on Broadway! I didn’t know that was allowed!’"- The New York Times

The Obies Were Announced Before The Ceremony, And ‘English’ Wins Best Play

OK? The American Theatre Wing "decided to announce the award recipients in advance to allow the evening to focus on a celebration of theater’s resilience. Acceptance speeches are being posted on the Wing’s YouTube channel." - The New York Times

Even In Canada, The Right-Wing Is Coming For Drag Performances

Not great! "It has become quite aggressive online and our drag queen performer has also been personally harassed," says the Kings Playhouse interim director. The Prince Edward Island theatre says it has postponed, not cancelled, the event.  - CBC

How Jewish Theatre Artists Deal With “The Merchant Of Venice” (Which, Yeah, Maybe Is Antisemitic)

"What does it cost a person if they are hateful, if they're driven by wealth? If they're racist or full of ugliness in their personal life? They shape their personality in self-diminishing ways. The human drama ... says: This society is ruining itself by letting people perpetuate these things." - The Guardian

Meet The Playwright Who Transported “Waiting For Godot” To Kashmir

"In his nearly two-decade long career, Arshad Mushtaq has directed the first-ever Kashmiri digital feature, produced television dramas, and written seven original plays along with five Kashmiri adaptations of foreign works" — one of which, Su Yee (his version of Godot), is the piece that first gained him wide attention. - Scroll (India)

Theatres In Ukraine Closed. Theatre Moved Into Homes

Kharkiv theatres closed at the start of the war; by the summer, the city’s famous puppet theatre performed a show about wartime in Bucha. Lapa has been hosting these performances at her house for the past three months. - The New Yorker

This TV Show, Arguably, Makes New York’s Theater Scene Possible

"From familiar character actors lacking household names like Ronald Guttman, Dennis Boutsikaris, and Jessica Hecht, to well-known crossover stars like Bebe Neuwirth, Roger Bart, Billy Porter, and Laura Benanti, Law & Order has always made room for Broadway actors." - Looper

Neo-Nazis Demonstrate Outside First Broadway Preview Of “Parade”, A Show About A Lynching

Members of a group calling itself the National Socialist Movement yelled slogans and accosted theatergoers just before the first preview performance of Jason Robert Brown's musical, which is about the false conviction and lynching of Leo Frank in Georgia in 1915. - Playbill

Evita And Imelda: The Problem With Making Real-Life Malefactors The Protagonists Of Musicals

Jesse Green: "Their harm is political, epochal, even as the songs they sing, encouraging empathy that may not otherwise be earned, invite us to give them a pass. ... (The danger isn't) that we risk forgiving (them). It's that we risk enjoying too much what we can't forgive." - The New York Times

Deep In Rural Virginia, A Theatre Helps Create New Black Plays

"The innovative structure of Barter Theatre's new Black Stories Black Voices program ... could well serve as a national model for inclusive art-making that embraces and empowers Black communities at mainstream theatres." - American Theatre

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