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Algorithmic Theatre: Artists Need To Consider Their Role In Using AI

As the downsides to our increasingly mediated world become more apparent, working with AI no longer seems quite as defensible as it once did. And I’ve become more and more concerned about the role artists are playing in popularizing these technologies. - American Theatre

The Subscription Model Is Collapsing At American Theaters

"Subscribers were long the lifeblood of many performing arts organizations — a reliable income stream, and a guarantee that many seats would be filled. The pandemic hastened their disappearance for a number of reasons." - The New York Times

Toronto Theatre’s Audience Problem

As entertainment centres like Toronto become increasingly diverse, theatres that continue to program works with only their ever-shrinking base of traditional patrons in mind may fade into irrelevancy among the pool of potential audiences they need to attract, she added. - Toronto Star

Frank Rich Gathers The Oral History Of How Stephen Sondheim’s Final Musical Was Created

It was a big surprise when word came down that not only had Sondheim finished his long-rumored adaptation of two Luís Buñuel films, he had authorized a production. Here's an extended conversation between Rich, playwright Davd Ives, and director Joe Mantello about how Here We Are came together. - New York Magazine

London Police Remove Four Audience Members From “Grease” As Everyone Else Cheers

"Footage posted online shows eight police officers and staff from the Dominion Theatre lining the stairway in the balcony as audience members chant 'out, out, out!'." - The Guardian

This Is Not A Comedian

When a Québec comedy line-up was criticized for being all-male, the bar owner added one woman - but he made her up. - CBC

Heckling Is Not Just Welcomed, But Encouraged

It's amateur night at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater, and if you don't make the cut, you'll get tap-danced off the stage. - The New York Times

TikTok Stars Try Their Hands At Live Standup Comedy At The Edinburgh Fringe

"This is 'one great big Edinburgh experiment', says Coco Sarel, possibly as a caveat in case things go wrong. Sarel (900,000 followers) is one of four TikTok comedians who, she says, want to find out if they're any good at stand-up. 'Which is better than four LinkedIn comedians.'" - BBC

A Bio-Musical About Hunter S. Thompson? Now That’s A Gonzo Idea.

And it's not called Fear and Loathing, either. In fact, its title is The Untitled, Unauthorized Hunter S. Thompson Musical, it's premiering next week at the La Jolla Playhouse with a Tony winner in the title role, and the intent is to bring it to Broadway. - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Edith Wharton’s Never-Produced Play Is Finally Having Its Premiere

She wrote The Shadow of a Doubt in 1901 and came close to seeing it staged briefly on Broadway, only for the project to fall apart for still-unclear reasons. The script lay undiscovered until 2016, and it's now onstage at the Shaw Festival in Ontario. - The New York Times

A Masterclass In Biography-Writing: How Patti Hartigan Got To Know August Wilson

The blood’s memory really coursed through August. You also have to remember that the man read everything ever written—he was an autodidact. But he didn’t specifically research and say, “Okay, I’m writing a play about this era…” - American Theatre

“Fleabag” Has Been Casting A Long Shadow — Too Long — Over Women At The Edinburgh Fringe

"For a long time critics couldn't stop talking about the 'next Fleabag' in a way that may have been constraining for other women writing frank, funny solo pieces about their messy lives." Natasha Tripney talks with three of those women at this year's festival. - The Guardian

How Do You Translate A Musical Like “Chicago” Into Arabic?

You transpose it to Beirut.  It was a complicated endeavor, especially (given the huge differences between Arabic and English) for the songs. But it worked — in fact, says the Arabic lyricist, "It's like it was written to be a commentary on the judicial system in Lebanon." - The New York Times

Hey – Theatre Kids Are Running The World!

All of these power-adult former theater kids exist in a moment when the very things that used to make drama-loving teenagers an easy punchline have become strengths. Today, performing an outsize version of oneself is often rewarded. - The New York Times

Where Have Theatre Audiences Gone?

One expert says theatres have to invest in kids to inculcate a cultural habit "they might enjoy as they get older" - but, she adds, people in their 30s and 40s can't afford houses, so theatre as cultural investment? Unlikely. - Oregon ArtsWatch

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