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Seattle Rep Is Laying Off Most Of Its Artistic Staff

"Seattle Rep, the city’s preeminent regional theater company, is eliminating 17 staff positions over the course of the next several months, including the majority of its artistic, arts engagement and Public Works departments." - The Seattle Times

We All Know Theatre’s Odd Traditions. Here’s What’s Behind Them

No matter if it's a local stage show or a major Broadway production — or if it's a comedy, musical, or drama — these long-held theater traditions and superstitions are still going strong. - Interesting Facts

How Sleep No More Changed Theatre For Better

And for worse. “The world of the McKittrick, we believed (or let ourselves pretend to believe), was an enchanted one; not just by the witches who herald Macbeth’s downfall, but by a stranger and more widely suffused magic.” - Slate

Clips Of Comedians Interacting With Audience Members Often Go Very, Very Viral

“‘To be a stand-up comedian in today’s world, you have to be a content machine,’ said Gianmarco Soresi, a New York-based comic with about 700,000 TikTok followers.” - The New York Times

People Are So Lonely, And Theatres Are In So Much Financial Trouble

Can funding struggling theatre help solve our disconnect? Sarah Ruhl: "We are facing a public health emergency—and we need funding from the National Institutes of Health immediately. Let’s treat theatre as a proven method to stem the tide of debilitating isolation in this country.” - American Theatre

A Different Dolly Comes To Broadway

For Hello, I’m Dolly (some of us would get tickets simply based on the title), “the star is writing new songs to go along with some of her past hits and co-writing a stage story inspired by her life.” - The Guardian (UK) (AP)

The Cascade Of Calamities At Georgia Ensemble Theatre

For over 20 years, co-founders Bob and Anita Farley successfully ran the company in an inner suburb of Atlanta, and they made plans to pass the reins and retire 18 months apart. But Bob suddenly died, and his successor as artistic director left town before starting the job. Then came the pandemic. - ArtsATL

Two Seattle Companies Say They Will Merge

Seattle’s ACT Contemporary Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare Company — two of the city’s most enduring theater companies — may soon become one entity, the companies announced Wednesday. - Seattle Times

Broadway Box Office Grosses And Attendance Are Basically Flat From Last Season. That’s Worse Than It Sounds.

"'Every year our expenses go up at least five percent, if not more, because we so outpace inflation,' says Ken Davenport, producer of the Neil Diamond musical A Beautiful Noise. 'So flat is terrible.'" - The Hollywood Reporter

Subscriptions Now Come In Many Flavors. What’s Working?

Are subscriptions in free fall, and if so, what does that mean for the continuing health of theatres? Are subscriptions still a viable model, for either audiences or companies? - American Theatre

Why Was The New Deal’s Federal Theater Project So Inspiring? It Never Took Theater’s Virtue Or Relevance For Granted

"(Hallie) Flanagan and her colleagues made theater an important expression of the American democratic experiment through force of will, passion, and ingenuity. And although that experiment was destroyed through a mix of reactionary perfidy and liberal wimpiness, the meaning of its story is not solely contained in its ending." - The Atlantic (MSN)

How Broadway’s Latest Revival Of “Cabaret” Became A Red-Hot Ticket Despite (Or Because Of) Wildly Divergent Reviews

For every rave like Entertainment Weekly's ("jaw-droppingly gorgeous from start to finish"), there's a critique like this from The New York Times ("too often a misguided attempt to resuscitate the show breaks its ribs"). Director Rebecca Frecknall and stars Eddie Redmayne and Gayle Rankin consider why. - The Washington Post (MSN)

In An Unexpected Development, Disney Princesses Have Been Leading A Diversity Charge On Stage

One nonbinary Black actor who played Belle says, “I was really encouraged to do my own interpretation, ... and I got to have a say in my costumes—like, I wasn’t in a blue dress, I was in a blue jumpsuit, and wore red Doc Martens boots.” - American Theatre

The Three Friends From Texas Who Have Become Broadway Stars

The three "have offered one another couches to sleep on and airfare for auditions. They write and produce music and musicals together. They hype up one another before callback auditions, promote the others’ gigs on social media and cheer wildly from the mezzanine during performances.” - The New York Times

This Long-Awaited Festival Of Pacific Arts Will See The Revival Of A Dramatic Trilogy

The Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture, originally planned for 2020, is back - and “longtime collaborators playwright Alani Apio and artistic director Harry Wong III saw an opportunity to realize a shared dream 30 years in the making: to simultaneously stage all three plays in Apio’s The Kāmau Trilogy.” - American Theatre

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