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Life As A Stunt Double Is Exciting, Weird, And Dangerous

"Mum ran a gymnastics club, so I was a solid acrobat. I’d trained through my teens as a dancer: choreo and movement mimicking came naturally. And, growing up on an vast rented 8,500 acre farm, I could ride horses before I could walk." - The Observer (UK)

At The BAFTAs, Some Expected Winners – And Some Surprises

No, Happy Valley’s intense final season didn’t win top drama - but Sarah Lancashire won for her portrayal of tough, vulnerable, smart cop-in-danger Catherine in that series. - The Guardian (UK)

Fiona Harvey, Alleged Real-Life ‘Martha’ Of Hit Show Baby Reindeer, Says She Will Sue The Writer And Netflix

“'They have billed it as a true story, and so has he, and it's not,’ Ms. Harvey said in the interview. ‘He is lying and they are lying.’” - BBC

Who Will Win The BAFTAs?

Succession, Happy Valley, and The Crown all came to an end last TV season, and they’ve been rewarded with large numbers of nominations. - BBC (MSN)

Vice Is, Sort Of, Saved

“Vice Media and Nashville-based Savage Ventures announced Thursday the formation of a joint venture and strategic partnership to “relaunch and grow” properties including, Munchies, Motherboard and Noisey” - but, crucially, not Vice News. - Variety

Academy Of Motion Pictures Announces $500M Fundraising Campaign

More than $100 million has already been pledged to the campaign, with significant contributions from Rolex, a long-time academy partner. - Los Angeles Times

Apple Apologizes For Horrifying Art-Crushing Ad

The advertisement titled "Crush" has over a million views on Apple's YouTube channel and was shared by CEO Tim Cook on social media platform X. It shows a variety of creative tools and objects such as a camera, guitar, piano and paint being destroyed by an industrial crusher. - Reuters

How Eight Dungeons And Dragons Nerds Built Themselves An Online Mini-Empire

"In nine years, the show (Critical Role), hosted on Twitch and YouTube, has become the team’s full-time job, spawning a transmedia kingdom of novels, comic books, animated series and original games, as well as a new membership program for fans launched Thursday." - The Washington Post (MSN)

If Sony And Apollo Buy Paramount Global, They Plan To Sell Off CBS And MTV

"The plan would include auctioning off CBS, cable channels like MTV and the Paramount Plus streaming service, said (sources). Paramount Pictures … would be combined with Sony’s (movie studio) business," and the new owners would likely keep Paramount's library of films and TV programs. - The New York Times

Yet Another Public Radio Station Is Offering Buyouts And Preparing For Layoffs

This time it's Southern California Public Radio, the entity that combines KPCC and the website LAist. All full- and part-time staffers in the newsroom who work at least 24 hours per week are eligible for the voluntary buyouts. - Los Angeles Times (Yahoo!)

Reconsidering Mary Poppins: Why The British Film Rating Board Keeps Reclassifying Old Movies

A distributor is legally required to ask for a new rating when it rereleases a movie that was classified before the introduction of the modern ratings in 1982. The B.B.F.C. said that about half of the theatrical releases it rerated in the past two years were mandatory submissions. - The New York Times

U.S. House Committee Begins Hearings To Investigate NPR For Alleged Bias

"NPR CEO Katherine Maher was a no-show today (at the hearing) but she will 'testify on a date in the near future that works for the Committee and Maher.' … House Committee on Energy and Commerce Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), unleashed an array of criticisms in her opening remarks." - Inside Radio

New Jersey Is Building A Billion-Dollar Studio Production Complex

The state economic development authority today approved a partnership with a $1+ billion studio complex including 22 sound stages set to rise in the Bergen Point neighborhood of Bayonne, New Jersey at the site of a former Texaco oil refinery. - Deadline

How Headline Language Shapes Perception Of Stories

 We found, for example, saying “Scientists believe methane emissions soared to a record in 2021” led readers to view methane levels as more a matter of opinion compared to saying “Scientists know…” - PNAS

AI Bots Are Flooding The Web With Fake Reviews And Comments

We found AdVon had been running a similar operation at the magazine Sports Illustrated, publishing product reviews using bylines of fake writers with fictional biographies and AI-generated profile pictures. - Futurism

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