Friday, October 15, 2021

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The Decline (And Fall?) Of Facebook

What I’m talking about is a kind of slow, steady decline that anyone who has ever seen a dying company up close can recognize. It’s a cloud of existential dread that hangs over an organization whose best days are behind it. - The New York Times

IATSE Members Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize Hollywood Strike

The vote by the affected members — cinematographers, electricians, video editors, costumers, and the like — was 98.7% in favor of greenlighting what would be the union's first-ever nationwide walkout on film and television production. - Variety

The Strange Saga Of Ozy Media Continues: We’re Not Shutting Down

“Last week was dramatic, it was difficult. At the end of the week we did suspend operations with a plan to wind down,” Carlos Watson said. “We’re making news today. This is our Lazarus moment.” - Forbes

A Fire In London Means The UK Is Missing Subtitles And Transcriptions

The interconnected world can be a real pain when TV subtitles and audio transcriptions just disappear into the smoke - and Deaf and blind audience members aren't happy. - BBC

The Golden Globes Try Again

Can adding 21 members, six of whom are Black, solve the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's PR issues? "While some within the organization believe that the Globes could still be resurrected for 2022, many outside the group ... remain skeptical that it is truly committed to change." - Los Angeles Times

Liverpool, Home To Peaky Blinders And The New Batman, Gets Its Own Film Studios

In addition to hosting Doctor Who and other shows, "the city has previously doubled up as New York for productions including Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Channel 4 hit series It's A Sin." - BBC

Wait, Why Does Seinfeld Look So Different On Netflix?

It's all about the ratios. - Slate

Hollywood’s Behind The Scenes Workers Are Ready To Bring It All To A Halt

"Hollywood couldn’t function without the set builders, costume designers, video engineers and other behind-the-scenes workers who keep the lights on and cameras rolling for the stars." Very true, and a strike vote is ongoing this weekend. - Washington Post

Streaming Was Supposed To Put A Pause On Piracy

But now it seems to be more prevalent than ever - in part because paying for all of the streaming services you might want costs a lot more than a pretty penny. - The Guardian (UK)

How Public Radio Could Help Save Local News

With a vast network of local licensees spread across urban and small-town America, public media stations should serve local audiences and provide a window on issues and conflicts in democratic governance that are bubbling up across the country. - Current

How Did Fox News’s Right-Wing Late-Night TV Host Beat Stephen Colbert In The Ratings?

Not only because Greg Gutfeld has no conservative competition in his time slot. "Right-wing comedy has become both a viable business strategy and a crucial element of conservative politics. … Whether or not this comedy is to your taste, it's working for Gutfeld and his audience." - The Conversation

Scarlett Johansson And Disney Settle Lawsuit Over “Black Widow” Pay

"Johansson had accused Disney of reneging on its promise to do a traditional theatrical release for Black Widow in favor of a simultaneous release on Disney Plus" — thus reducing the box office take and the bonuses based on that take provided for in her contract. - Variety

America As Internet Meme (What Could Go Wrong?)

The ultimate joke of Americancore might be that sense of disillusionment. - The New Yorker

Why Are Gen Zers And Young Millennials Binging On ‘The Sopranos’?

The streaming stats are high. There are multiple podcasts, a book, a new prequel (The Many Saints of Newark), and memes galore, many of them left-leaning. Willy Staley argues that the young'uns see a lot of themselves and their country in the show. - The New York Times Magazine

Toronto International Film Festival’s Joana Vicente Is New CEO Of Sundance

While in Toronto, she navigated how TIFF will meet the challenge of showcasing Hollywood and world cinema as younger filmmaking talent increasingly opts for streaming platforms rather than the traditional cinema house to get their latest work viewed by worldwide audiences. - The Hollywood Reporter

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