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The Dicing Up Of Movies — A New Way To Consume Media

Mysterious movie-clip accounts, by editing films such as 12 Feet Deep into multipart sagas that anyone can watch on their phone, have offered TikTok users the ability to fall down a rabbit hole of sequential clips. - The Atlantic

Study Of Video Games: Male Characters Speak Twice As Much As Female Characters

Our analysis, published in the Royal Society Open Science today studied over 13,000 video game characters and found that twice as much dialogue is given to male characters than to female characters. - The Conversation

Trump’s Voice of America Chief Repeatedly Abused Power and Tried To Impose Political Loyalty Tests: Investigation

Just days after being confirmed as CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, Michael Pack was trying to fire executives suspected of insufficient loyalty to Trump. An inspector general's report found Pack "repeatedly abused the powers of his office, broke laws and regulations, and engaged in gross mismanagement." - NPR

The Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Has Begun

"Netflix is bringing its password-sharing deterrents to the U.S. On Tuesday, the streaming giant began rolling out its paid sharing feature in the U.S., which requires that all account users must be in the same household and live in the same location as the primary account holder." - The Hollywood Reporter

US Surgeon General Says Social Media Is “Profound Risk” To Youth

The surgeon general called on policymakers, tech companies, researchers and parents to “urgently take action” to safeguard against the potential risks. - The New York Times

Covering Cannes As A Journalist Is Glamorous And Exciting. It’s Also Grueling And Stressful

"One minute, your heart and mind are overthrown by a life-changing film (or) a miraculous performance. ... The next you're nearly sobbing with hunger and fatigue, wondering who exactly thought that watching a bunch of really intense movies from 8:30 a.m. to midnight was a good idea." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

EU Fines Meta, Facebook’s Corporate Parent, A Record $1.3 Billion For Sending European Users’ Data To The US

"Meta has been hit with a record-breaking $1.3 billion fine (€1.2 billion) by EU data regulators, and ordered to stop transferring the Facebook data of EU citizens to the US. … The fine exceeds the previous EU record of €746 million levied against Amazon in 2021 for similar violations." - The Verge

Steve McQueen’s New Documentary About Occupied Amsterdam Is Supposed To Be Challenging

"The weight of what happened was so heavy you can’t hold it in your head forever. If you forget things that’s OK because of the magnitude.... It’s a lot to juggle. Like a classical concert, you drift away in one place and come back into another." - Los Angeles Times

The Person Who Wrote Your Favorite TV Show Is Eating Ramen, Not Caviar

Essayist - and TV writer - Samantha Irby: "Some guy commented on my Instagram that I was destroying the American family, and I was like, me? ... Then I should be richer than this! Like what are you talking about? I’m wearing a shirt from Target! I’m, I’m ruining families." - LitHub

The 1980s Were A Formative Decade For Asian American Cinema

"You have people who are imagining what ‘Asian American’ can be in wildly different ways, that might not adhere perfectly to that sense of needing to be very clearly part of the Asian American movement. ... It was a moment of ‘anything goes,’ that there were no rules." - HuffPost

The Writers Strike Is Opening Some Barely Healed Wounds

To be honest, "as Hollywood has transformed since the 1950s, workers and their unions have contended with endemic insecurity". - Los Angeles Review of Books

The Landscape In Hollywood Had To Shift For ‘American Born Chinese’ To Get Made

"When I was growing up, it was a few networks trying to appeal to tens of millions of viewers, but ... look at what’s popular on streaming—it tends to be things that aren’t straight down the middle. People are more willing and able to dive in." - Time

The New Little Mermaid Has Responsibilities

Halle Bailey says she would have liked having a Black little mermaid when she was a kid. "That would have changed my whole perspective, my whole life, my confidence, my self-worth." - The Guardian (UK)

It’s The People You Meet Along The Way

That is, along the way of your quest to succeed at Zelda games, of course. "For me, it's been a way to begin to start opening up and forming friendships when I might not otherwise be willing to engage in conversation." - BBC

Stage Fright? Check Out What Katharine Hepburn Felt Like

The actress was basically terrified of audiences. "Now and again she’d puke in the wastebasket, because she was so wired and scared and 'Oh my God, what’ll they think? I’ve got to do a good job.'" - The Guardian (UK)

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