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WALL-E The Movie Got One Thing Alarmingly Correct

That is the prevalence of screens. They're just ... everywhere, all the time. - Slate

Indigenous Elders Who Get To Play Indigenous Elders

It's a relief for Tantoo Cardinal and Wes Studi, two Native actors who have starred in movies together for three decades but never shared a scene, to voice the Moon and Sun in a new Netflix series. - The New York Times

Casablanca Is Looking Pretty Good, At 80

"It was merely warmly received and successful, but not a sensation – but it won best picture, along with awards for its peerless screenplay and elegant direction, and is the rare film whose 'classic' status is practically axiomatic." - The Guardian (UK)

Why Streamers Are Cashing In On True Crime

"Streamers are doubling down on the genre, tapping into the huge appetite for true crime by developing scripted limited series based on actual stories and with notable actors like Nanjiani, many of whom are drawn to the format." - Los Angeles Times

Hollywood Has Classically Failed Arab Women

A new movie wants to change that. - The Guardian (UK)

Today Marks The 75th Anniversary Of Hollywood’s Blacklist

On that day, the heads of the major studios, with a few notable exceptions, agreed after a contentious two-day conference at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City to ban the Hollywood Ten and to not “knowingly” employ Communists. - Deadline

Iger’s Return Is A Chance For Disney To Pivot Strategies

The change in leadership gives Iger the opportunity to swerve away from Chapek’s fixation on Disney+. A similar redirection occurred this year at Warner Bros., where the CEO, Jason Kilar, who pushed the studio’s 2021 films to streaming, was replaced by David Zaslav. - The Atlantic

“Gangnam Style” Blew Up The Internet. Its Creator Had A Tough Time After That

The video, which now has some 4.6 billion views, was so culturally pervasive in 2012 that Barack Obama was asked about it on Election Day. NASA astronauts recorded a parody, and a North Korean state propaganda site evoked the dance move to mock a South Korean politician. - The New York Times

Best International Feature Oscar Gets A Big Change In Its Nomination Process

In previous years, participating Academy members would rate the films they saw on a point scale ranging from 7 to 10. Now they'll rank their preferences from 1st down to 15th.  It's expected that this change will lead to some surprises when the five nominees are revealed on December 21. - Variety

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” And “Tár” Lead 2023 Independent Spirit Award Nominations

Everything Everywhere All at Once received eight nods: best feature, director, screenplay, and editing, as well as four acting nominations.  Tár garnered seven nominations: two for acting (Cate Blanchett and Nina Hoss), plus cinematography, editing, screenplay, editing, and best feature. - The Hollywood Reporter

Why Streaming Can’t Be The Movies’ Only Revenue Stream

The problem with this—on top of the hope that each of these studios could replicate Netflix’s first-mover advantage—is that streaming never ever made sense as a one-stop replacement for every source of revenue, Covid or no. - The Bulwark

China’s Grandparents Are Becoming Social Media Stars

In this corner of the Chinese internet, octogenarians croon, septuagenarians tango and gray-haired fashionistas strut down catwalks and offer makeup tips to millions of fans. There’s even an 86-year-old man who just sits and plays video games like Call of Duty. - The New York Times

Pittsburgh Public Media Gets Quite A Donation: Another Radio Frequency

Martz Communications was operating WAMO (660 AM and 107.3 FM) as a hip-hop station until the company sold to the radio conglomerate Audacy, which bought all of WAMO's intellectual property but not the frequencies. So Martz is donating those to PPM, which operates "The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel." - Inside Radio

Why, And How, Disney Fired CEO Bob Chapek And Brought Back Bob Iger

"Sources with ties to the company say discontent among some board members had been building (and) there was discussion about replacing Chapek as far back as the directors' late June meeting. ... As for current and even former Disney insiders, the change did feel insane, though welcome." - The Hollywood Reporter

Amazon Makes Deep Cuts In Unprofitable Kindle, Alexa Workforces

All of these products are unprofitable and have lost $5 billion annually in the past few years. Most of these devices are loss leaders because Amazon normally subsidizes the cost to get more market share. - GoodReader

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