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When LA’s Batting Cages Were Filled With Actresses

Once A League of Their Own - the movie - started casting, the batting cages of Los Angeles were filled with everyone from Courteney Cox to Laura Dern to Brooke Shields. - LitHub

Studio Ghibli Gets A New Owner And Lease On Life

After Hayao Miyazaki's animator son Goro refused to take over from his now-82-year-old father, Studio Ghibli's future was in doubt. - The Guardian (UK)

Every Streamer Wants To Be Hulu Now

It's clear why: Streamers make (a lot) more money off of cheap subscriptions ... and the ad dollars that support them. - Fast Company

Meanwhile, In England

Warner Bros. is planning to expand the studios where they shot Barbie - to the tune of 4,000 more workers. - BBC

What’s Up With The Oscars Race In This Very, Very Weird Year?

All the major film festivals are over, and though the writers and actors' strikes continue, some movies are shaping up as awards season contenders (if we have an awards season). - The Guardian (UK)

Hollywood’s Crew Members Make Candles, Do Tarot Readings To Get By

As the writers' strike passes its 140th day, "crew members have expressed frustration over the slow pace of negotiations." - Los Angeles Times

Amazon Streaming Announces Big Price Hike

In addition to free shipping and other benefits, for their monthly fee — currently at $14.99 — Prime members have been able to watch Prime Video films and series ad-free. Those who want to continue to do so next year will have to pay an additional fee, set at $2.99 per month in the U.S. - Deadline

Remember NFTs? Most Of Them Are Now Worthless

Out of the top collections, the most common price for an NFT is now $5-$100. - Business Insider

Deflating: Sony Downsizes Its Podcasting Division

The company says a “significant percentage” of its podcast division has been laid-off. “Like many in the industry, we are further streamlining our structure as we continue to shift our creative strategy and focus on building big audiences across a select group of ongoing shows and our subscription business." - Inside Radio

Skilled Craftspeople Put Out Of Work By The Hollywood Strikes Are Going Real-World

"Scenic painters who once added 'Disney dirt' to make walls look old are now working on actual old walls, prop fabricators who built mechanical dolls are building folding desks, and the warehouses that once supplied set decorators and prop masters with furniture are, in this lull, selling to the masses." - Curbed

“We’re All Trying To Figure Out How To Get People To Care About News And She Just Saved Journalism In A 30-Second Video”

"I kind of fell into this avenue of media literacy influencing to help Gen Z get invested back into print media," said Kelsey Russell (whose first video got 1.7 million views), acknowledging that the platform is popular precisely because attention spans are so short." - Yahoo! (TheWrap)

What Hollywood’s Striking Workers Are Doing While The Strike Continues

The strike has taken a toll on many less visible members of the industry, who say they are now looking outside the industry for work or considering leaving it altogether. - The Wall Street Journal

Rupert Murdoch Resigns As Chairman Of Fox Corp. And News Corp.

"Fox said Thursday that Murdoch would become chairman emeritus of both companies. His son, Lachlan, will become News Corp. chairman and continue as chief executive officer of Fox Corp." - AP

The UK Film Industry Has Been Thriving

According to the British Film Institute (BFI), spending on such productions reached a record £6.27bn last year, with most of that money coming from overseas. - BBC

How To End Doom Scrolling (It’s A Design Issue)

Like the perspectival evolution that occurred when frescoes affixed to walls gave way to portable paintings, shrinking the screen down to the size of a smartphone altered the content coming through it and our sense of free movement within it. - Wired

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