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What’s Going On With Paramount’s Logo?

Uh, investor update: “Under its traditional mountain and stars, it shouts PARAMOUNT, using the all-caps styling and arched text of the Skydance logo instead of a more gently whispered Paramount.” - The Verge

This Woman Was A Power Player, And Screenwriter, In 1950s Hollywood

But Mary C McCall Jr was “airbrushed” from much of Hollywood history, perhaps because while “to screenwriters in the 1950s, she was a major power player, fighting for pay rises and striking rights. To the Hollywood studio heads, she was ‘the meanest bitch in town.’" - The Guardian (UK)

Goodbye, Redbox, The Wrong Idea At The Wrong Time

“Maybe if we could figure out where all the DVDs in those 24,000 kiosks were going we could start to stockpile for our discless future” - Wired

New British PM Says The BBC License Agreement Is On For Three More Years

“The Conservative government suggested in 2022 it would abolish the licence fee when its charter was up for renewal and move towards a voluntary funding model,” but Keir Starmer says it will stay the same for now, and for a few years. - BBC

Inside Out 2 Becomes Pixar’s Top-Earning Movie Of All Time

Inside Out 2 finished Tuesday with $1.251 billion in global ticket sales, including $543.5 million in North America, where it’s already the third-biggest animated pic of all time, and $708 million internationally, where is the eighth-biggest animated title ever. - The Hollywood Reporter

Turkish Telenovelas Conquer The World — And Help Bolster Turkey’s Tourism Industry

"The global popularity of Turkish TV dramas — dizi in Turkish — has thrust Turkey into the position of a leading exporter of television, greatly bolstering the nation’s international image and drawing millions of viewers and tourists worldwide to its historical and cultural sites which are backdrops to many of the shows." - AP

Redbox Collapses Completely And Will Be Liquidated

"Redbox’s network of 24,000 DVD rental kiosks and its streaming services will be shut down after its parent company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, converted its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case to a Chapter 7 liquidation proceeding on Wednesday." - Variety

How To Make Public Radio Sustainable? Combine Newsrooms

In the greater Appalachia region, the newsroom will bring together six public media outlets in Kentucky and Tennessee, with the possibility of adding more. - Inside Radio

Report: Film And TV Production In LA Down 40 Percent From “Peak TV”

The tracking company found that production in the United States was down about 40% in the second quarter of 2024 compared to peak-TV levels of filming activity during the same period in 2022. For nearly two years, Hollywood has suffered a stark decline in film and TV shoots. - Los Angeles Times

Is Using Generative AI In Documentaries Legitimate? We Asked Errol Morris.

"Film isn’t reality, no matter how it’s shot. … I guess people are so afraid of being tricked or manipulated that they feel if they impose a set of rules, somehow they don’t have to be afraid anymore. I would like to assure them that they still need to be afraid." - Nieman Lab

Hollywood Film Crews Argue That Their Long Working Hours Are Literally Life-Threatening

"When studio grip Rico Priem, 66, died on the freeway after pulling two 14-hour overnight shifts in a row on the Pomona set of the TV series 9-1-1 in May, a common refrain among crew members became, 'That could've been any of us.'" - Los Angeles Times (MSN)

Regal Movie Theatres Says It Will Spend $250 Million Upgrading Its Movie Theatres

The raise is intended to boost its already existing locations (425 theaters across the country) with enhancements like luxury recliners and other amenities.  - The Hollywood Reporter

CNN Is Laying Off 100 Staffers As Part of Overhaul Of Online Operations

"CEO Mark Thompson outlined his digital vision in a lengthy memo to staff Wednesday morning, announcing plans to build a flurry of digital products. … Thompson did emphasize that rather than the text-based experience it currently leans on, CNN will focus more on video in digital going forward." - The Hollywood Reporter

The South East Asian Film Industry Is Booming

“Covid, and industry issues that impacted Hollywood product flow, have ushered a period of growth for local and regional films, in some cases with record-breaking results." - The Guardian

His Saudi Cartoon Series Was A Hit. Even As He Was Publicly Celebrated, He Was Convicted Of Promoting Extremism.

As the conservative kingdom loosened up, Abdulaziz Almuzaini's show Masameer (often likened to South Park) got a fan base and he was feted as a star of Saudi Arabia's nascent entertainment industry. Yet he was convicted of promoting the very extremism that the series satirizes. - The New York Times

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