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The Speculative Future Of TV

ATSC 3.0 is to broadcast television what 5G was to mobile a few years ago: a mixture of buzzwords and real innovation, something that’s definitely coming, but no one really quite knows yet what its true impact will be. - The Verge

Does Streaming Availability Actually Help Some Of The Oscars Contenders?

"Streaming services are often thought of as a competitor for the movie theatre experience, but some in the industry see streaming as a benefit by keeping films in the conversation longer." - CBC

The Women Of Ted Lasso

And we don't mean the women Jason Sudeikis is dating, or the ones the fictional coach may date. Instead, it's the deep on and offscreen bond of Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and Keeley (Juno Temple) that changes the game. - Toronto Star

All The Oscar Winners, In One Place, All At Once

A compact little list instead of a 3.5+ hour event? You're on. - Los Angeles Times

What Should Have Won Best Picture, And The Very Few Times The Academy Has Gotten It Right

The updated list from Washington Post's critics, who started the article in 2016 but, as the writers say, "they just keep on handing out Oscars to the wrong movies." (The 1980s, yikes. But then Crash, oh no.) - Washington Post

How Hollywood Tried To Erase Anna May Wong, Its First Asian American Star

"She continued to be typecast as dragon ladies and China dolls ... always envisioned an alternative future for herself: 'Some day someone will write a story demanding a real Chinese girl — then perhaps I’ll have my chance,'" she said nearly a century ago, in 1928. - The New York Times

It’s The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year, For Some Movies, Anyway

How to watch the Oscars red carpet (this year, the red will be more beige) and the show itself, and here are also a few predictions for who, and what, will win. - The New York Times

YouTube Has Created A Huge Foreign-Language-Dubbing Industry

 “If you take the top 10,000 YouTube videos by performance and dub them in 20-plus languages, you could easily unlock an additional half a trillion to a trillion views,” he told Rest of World. - Rest of World

Why The Best Animated Feature Oscar Irks And Depresses Animators

"Independent films, movies aimed at adults, or those created in different art styles rarely get nominated, let alone win. The 17 animators interviewed for this story disagree on the award's success in championing animation, question its history of nominees and winners, and wonder whether its issues are ultimately fixable." - Vulture

NPR’s Michel Martin Is The Latest Host To Join “Morning Edition”

"Martin, who currently serves as a host of All Things Considered Weekends, will join Morning Edition on March 27. Martin joined NPR in 2006 to launch Tell Me More. She has been in her current role since 2015." - Inside Radio

Have The Oscars Really Become More Diverse?

While the Inclusion List shows that over the years the nominees have grown more diverse, the proportion of nominees who are part of an ethnic minority is still "nowhere near what it needs to be. - BBC

An Attempt To Fix The Oscars Broadcast?

To reinvigorate the red carpet preshow, Oscars organizers hired members of the Met Gala creative team. Expect much more star power, specialized lighting (to make a process that happens in daylight seem more like evening) and better integration with the theater’s entrance. - The New York Times

The Dominion Voting/Fox News Lawsuit: Who’s Really Responsible (And Thus Liable) For What Was Said On The Air?

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch: "I'm not the CEO of Fox News. I'm not responsible for the editorial on Fox News. I don't make editorial decisions on Fox News."  Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott: "I don't decide what's on Fox News." (Sure.) - Variety

The Messy, Convoluted, Expensive, And Sometimes Ugly Business Of Campaigning For Oscar Votes

Studios, agents, and sometimes the talent themselves try to manipulate Academy voters and the press by hiring consultants, buying ads, throwing events, pestering people, staging photo ops, and sometimes even dropping dirt on competitors. - The New York Times Magazine

Will Your Next Radio Host Be An AI? (It’s Already In Testing)

One of the advantages of RadioGPT is that it knows about an artist or a song or about a current event, so it can speak to a broad range of topics concisely and in an entertaining way. When we set up RadioGPT voices, this is not text-to-speech. This is setting up character and personality in A.I. - Slate

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