Friday, October 15, 2021

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How To Survive Being The Subject Of A Documentary

It helps if you're also the writer-director of the documentary, or the sister or parents of said writer-director. But the intense focus is far from easy. - Los Angeles Times

An Attempt To Remake The Western, Via Covid Protocols And Great Britain

The Harder They Fall is "righteous and rowdy" - and has a Black British musician director who says that his music and films come from the same place: "When I’m writing and these words are coming out, so are melodies and song and score." - The Guardian (UK)

It’s Time To Start With Oscar Predictions

That seems wild, since this year's version was recent - and grim. "The Oscars’ class of 2020 included plenty of good films ... seen only on small screens, unleashed upon an isolated and atomized populace, in the middle of a brutal pandemic winter." - Vulture

This Netflix Exec Wants British Talent To Come Back To The UK

Fiona Lamptey's vision: "I really want to bring back our stars, like people that have to leave their home to go make a film that feels aspirational, or ambitious, and that they can get paid for ... those projects that kind of feel big for the U.K." - Variety

Union President Says A Contract Or A Strike Is Mere Days Away As IATSE Talks Wrap Until Monday

What issues remain? So many, the union says - "'the most grievous problems' in the companies’ workplaces." - Deadline

Do Streaming Release Strategies Even Matter?

Whether episodes are released week by week (Only Murders in the Building) or all at once to binge (Squid Game), well, experts haven't yet seen "any data proving one strategy is definitely and consistently better than the other." But: Viewers like choice. - Vulture

The Workers’ Fight That Could Transform Hollywood

These are some of the stories IATSE members have been sharing: "Eighteen-hour workdays with no lunch breaks. Car accidents caused by sleep deprivation. A crew member who returned to set the day after a miscarriage." - The Atlantic

What Runaway Hit “Squid Game” Shows About South Korea’s Problems (It Isn’t Pretty)

"(The Netflix series's success) might be somewhat ironic given that Squid Game is all about socioeconomic divides, the exploitation of the poor by the rich, and the desperation of Korea's financially destitute class of laid-off workers." - Vox

How San Francisco’s Last Video Store Survives

“Part of why I work so hard doing this is that I believe people should have access to more than what’s just currently in print. They should have access to the history of cinema, in as broad a scope as possible.” - San Francisco Examiner

60-Hour Workweeks Are Regular In Film And TV All Over The World: Survey

"A global survey of working conditions has found long working hours are now the norm across the film and television industries worldwide, with 50- to 60-hour workweeks common among production crewmembers in the 20 countries surveyed." - The Hollywood Reporter

European Movie Box Office Down 70 Percent In 2020

European movie theaters suffered a 70.4% year-on-year drop to €2.6 billion ($3 billion) in box office revenue in 2020. In terms of admissions, there was an annual drop of 68.4% to 430 million tickets sold. - Variety

First Time: UK Audiences For Streaming Beat Traditional TV

Out of almost a thousand 18-70 year olds who watch at least 5 hours of television per week, more are watching via streaming platforms than traditional pay-TV services, according to research conducted by the National Research Group. - Variety

Director Of New Version Of “Scenes From A Marriage” Explains Why He Flipped The Genders

"One of the problems that I had when I started working is that I couldn't live with Johan. … And whenever I tried to make him nicer, it just didn't work. So I just read the parts as the opposite gender, and suddenly something started to happen." - Salon

Inside The World Of Screen Subtitlers

It’s possible for subtitles and dubs to be so seamless that they feel invisible without pushing audiovisual translators ourselves out of sight. - Zocalo Public Square

Africa’s Film Industries Could Create 20 Million Jobs: UNESCO Study

"Most creative industries in (sub-Saharan) Africa were grossly underserved," — the major exceptions being Nigeria and Senegal — "in part due to the failure of policymakers and local authorities to protect and invest in audio-visual industries." - The Guardian

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