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Alfred Chester, a Double Reading

Who reads Alfred Chester these days? Anyone? His huge, posthumous volume of Moroccan letters is worth every page (even the ones I felt like skipping).

The Libertarian Penchant for BS

This video sounds sane, but 'tiz not my cuppa. As one of S/U's indefatigable staff of thousands says, "Slickish until it’s obvious what the agenda is."

Defsons for Mustill

We bloom only once and some of us never bloom — not even once. You were perennial.

Blogs Are Personal . . . Keeping Up With a Gen Z Artist’s...

Two bats, one cat, and several people. Also have a look at this art student's previously posted drawings..

A Straight Up Thanksgiving — It’s a Tradition

Our Thanksgiving team of William S. Burroughs and Norman O. Mustill has been a happy pairing since 2012. It still is. So here they are again, sweetened by Heathcote Williams's words in a narration-cum-montage by Alan Cox. It's all so delish.