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‘I Am That I Am’ ‘I Am That, Am I?’ Brion Gysin...

The Brooklyn-based publisher DABA is bringing out the most complete edition of Brion Gysin’s permutated poems published and

Q&A with Lucy Glendinning Extraordinary British Sculptor Works from Inside Out

Some of her pieces are to be exhibited at Art Miami (Nov. 30 – Dec. 5, 2021)

‘so like the realm of / love and ardor’

WORLD OF TROUBLE So like the realm of love and ardor the singularity of death has come to this — in a world of trouble we shrink, abandoned, into history. This multiplicity...

Once Again Remembering the President of Soul

Someone on my staff of thousands took a look at this blogpost and demanded that I repost it. Obedient

Reading Hannah Arendt Puts Me in Awe

In an essay about Isak Dinesen, whose fiction was closely drawn from her life, Arendt writes: Life may contain