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Jan Herman

Jan Herman

Käthe Kollwitz at MoMA

Finally got to see this intimate,, brooding retrospective.

‘The Highest and Most Difficult Achievement of Art’

"... is not to make us laugh or cry, nor to arouse our lust or rage, but to do what nature does — that is, to set us dreaming. The most beautiful words have this quality." Gustave Flaubert

New York City Opera Outdoor Puccini Celebration in the Heart of Manhattan

Huge crowds turned out for two boffo evenings of concert excerpts from Puccini's operas. It was part of Bryant Park's free, summer Picnic Performances. The music was provided by New York City Opera and Chorus, "famously dubbed 'The People's Opera' by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia at its founding in 1943.'" I attended on a beautiful, balmy Saturday evening.

‘Tucked among the illustrious dead . . .’

'... but still preposthumous, which I prefer to post mortem.' — jh That is Brion Gysin pictured on the cover of BEAT SCENE magazine.

Charles Plymell Takes Stage for New and Selected Poems

Plymell has as much in depth to say about death as Hemingway did and a lot more to say about it in terms of the present generation stillborn into a world that can offer nothing. — William S. Burroughs Plymell and his friends inventing the Wichita Vortex contribute to a tradition stretching back from Lamantia […]
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