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David Chan talks about preparing musicians for today’s orchestras

David Chan, Head of the Orchestral Performance Program at the Manhattan School of Music and Concertmaster of New York’s MET Orchestra, talks about preparing musicians to join the orchestra of today.

Blake-Anthony Johnson talks about Chicago Sinfonietta’s new home

Blake-Anthony Johnson, President & CEO of Chicago Sinfonietta, shares news of Chicago Sinfonietta’s new home and the power of collaboration.

Aaron Diehl talks about the importance of lesser-known composers

Aaron Diehl, pianist and composer, talks about his passion for bringing lesser-known composers to the stage.

Charlie Ortiz talks about adaptive leadership

Charlie Ortiz, Executive Director of the WHIN Music Community Charter School, talks about the value of adaptive leadership in creating impact.

Libby Larsen talks about reframing the classical music canon

Libby Larsen, Composer, shares the history of the classical music canon and how we can reframe it.