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Alice Jones talks about how entrepreneurship can transform arts students

Alice Jones, Assistant Dean of Community Engagement and Career Services at the Juilliard School, talks about their entrepreneurship program and how it transforms students.

Patricia Mooradian talks about moving the historic Jackson House to Greenfield Village

Patricia Mooradian, President & CEO of The Henry Ford, talks about The Jackson House, its historical importance and incorporating it into Greenfield Village.

Glyne Griffith talks about DEI initiatives in Dallas

Glyne Griffith II, Vice President of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Impact for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, shares the breadth and impact of their DEI initiatives.

Jeanette McCune talks about the positive impact of the arts on mental health

Jeanette McCune, Senior Director of School and Community Programs at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, shares the breadth of their work in community and the positive impact of the arts on mental health.

Wyona Lynch-McWhite talks about executive search and diverse senior leadership in the arts

Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Senior Vice President of Arts Consulting Group, shares the priorities in executive search and processes that result in diverse senior leadership in the arts.
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