Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Joe Horowitz


Charles Ives’ America

“’Charles Ives’ America’ is very likely the most important film ever made about American music” –

Arts Myopia

Here’s my piece in today’s “American Purpose,” Jeff Gedmin’s daily online magazine which valuably charts a centrist

On the State of the Arts Today: An Emergency

Nicolas Bejarano Isaza is a young trumpeter, born in Colombia, living in LA. He specializes in new

BURIED TREASURE: Farwell’s Forbidden “Hako” Quartet — Take Two

My most recent blog was yet another plea that the music of Arthur Farwell – America’s most important

BURIED TREASURE: Arthur Farwell’s “Hako” — Will String Quartets Have the Courage to Perform...

In the world of classical music, it sometimes happens that a major work lies dormant, undiscovered and unperformed,