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Joe Horowitz

Joe Horowitz

Stravinsky in Exile — A New View

The current issue of the New School’s quarterly journal “Social Research” is dedicated to the topic “Exile.” I’m pleased to

“A Validation Overwhelming and Unprecedented” — Babayan and Trifonov Perform Rachmaninoff

Today’s on-line installment of “The American Scholar” includes something of mine on a magnificent new recording of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Symphonic

Native America and American Music on NPR: “A Battleground” This Hamms Beer commercial, which I vividly remember from childhood and our brand-new black-and-white TV, signals “Indian music”

The “Worst Ever” Carmen — Take Two: A Way Forward

Kelli O’Hara, Renee Fleming, and Joyce DiDonato in “The Hours” In response to my two-day-old blog about the

The Met’s “Worst Ever” Carmen and What To Do About It

“Les tringles des sistres tintaient” –Clémentine Margaine as Carmen in act two of Bizet’s “Carmen.” (The truck tires rotate.) Photo:
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