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The Arts and Social Justice — Bedfellows?

Diego Rivera, Triumph of the Revolution (1926) Today’s online edition of The American Purpose – an indispensable centrist voice pondering the

Dvorak’s Prophecy — A “Systematic Curatorial Effort”

The author most recently interviewed by Richard Aldous, in his always lively “Book Stack” series for The American

John McWhorter on “Dvorak’s Prophecy”

In his New York Times column two days ago, John McWhorter wrote of Dvorak’s Prophecy and the Vexed Fate

DVORAK’S PROPHECY on NPR — Are the Arts Still a “Fit Topic” for Historians?

At the conclusion of the National Public Radio feature I’ve produced about “The Fate of Black Classical Music,” Jenn White

Dvorak’s Prophecy — A Two-Hour Webcast

My brand-new book Dvorak’s Prophecy and the Vexed Fate of Black Classical Music (already a best book of the year