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Joe Horowitz

Joe Horowitz

Opera in South Africa: “You Get What You Deserve” One of the most remarkable developments in classical music today is the profusion of gifted Black South African

The Best Performance of the Worst Masterpiece? Gershwin’s Rhapsody performed by Alexander Tsfasman and Gennadi Rozhdestvensky Now that the centenary of Rhapsody in Blue (last Monday) has come

Happy Birthday to the “Worst Masterpiece”

February 12 marks the 100th birthday of Rhapsody in Blue. Via NPR, the daily newsmagazine “1A” is re-airing my “Gershwin Moment” documentary from last

The Boston Symphony In Trouble

Last week I heard the Boston Symphony

Rachmaninoff in Exile: “Implacable Poise and Sovereign Humanity”

Reviewing Fiona Maddocks’ beautiful new book on Sergei Rachmaninoff in exile for The American Scholar, I write:  “With the waning of modernism,
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