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Major Financial Mismanagement Uncovered At Sacramento’s Capital Public Radio As University Takes Over Control

California State University Sacramento, the official licensee for CapRadio's two outlets (news/talk KXJZ 90.9 and classical KXPR 88.9), has assumed control of the stations from CapRadio's management and board after an audit revealed the irregularities that led to a financial crisis. - Inside Radio

This Museum Employee Committed An Unusually Brazen Theft

The unnamed, now-former collections management staffer at the Deutsches Museum in Munich took one painting right off the gallery wall, replaced it with a forgery and sold it at an auction house. He also stole three artworks from storage and sold two of them. Then he bought himself a Rolls-Royce. - CNN

How Asian-American Parents Teach Their Kids Heritage Languages They Themselves Can Barely Speak

"In the U.S., bringing a heritage language back into a family usually comes down to the efforts of individuals. The parents I spoke with who taught their children a heritage language that they themselves didn’t speak fluently had essentially organized their own lives around the effort." - MSN (The Atlantic)

Our Education System Was Created In Industrial Times. We Need An Upgrade

Such systems, sculpted for an industrial society, falter in the face of a postindustrial, information economy. Schools were built for a world before the vast library of human knowledge became instantly accessible at our fingertips, through the computers on our desks and smartphones in our pockets. - The Guardian

FTC: Time To Hold Amazon Accountable

Lina Khan made her reputation with a very different idea: What if pleasing the customer was not enough? Low prices, she argued in a 95-page examination of Amazon in the Yale Law Journal, can mask behavior that stifles competition and undermines society. - The New York Times 

What This AI-Created Image Tells Us About The Future Of Art

"If art is meant to be a portal, then the art of the future will have not one single exit, but unlimited gateways... This transition, as we are now experiencing it in the early days of the AI overhaul, will test our relationship to reality." - Wired

Writers And Producers Reach A Tentative Agreement

The strike is still alive, but picket lines (for the WGA) have been suspended. - Variety

Studios Allege They’ve Presented Their Final Offer To Writers

A "best and final offer" before today's meetings may lead to a deal soon, but the writers say this is a management-side leak and that the WGA needs to stay focused and strong. - The Hollywood Reporter

The Babysitting Nonprofit Helping Parents Go To Broadway Shows

"Helping people in theater take care of their children is part of core mission — an early initiative was hiring babysitters to watch children at auditions. Then the leadership realized that theater artists need audiences." - NPR

Inside The Science Of Figuring Out Crowds

Crowd science has long been working to understand how throngs can turn dangerous. It has borrowed from psychology and epidemiology, and now is also incorporating complex systems theory, physics, and physiology, combined with plentiful empirical data coupled with computer modeling. Scientists have even started turning their eyes toward the dangerous dynamics of virtual crowds. - Nautilus

Orchestra In Ontario Cancels All Performances And Practices

The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, founded in 1945, abruptly canceled its youth events on Saturday - and then deleted everything off its calendar for 2023-24. - CTV Kitchener

In Germany, Right-Wing Threats Lead To Museum Police Protection

The Zeche Zollern "wanted to create a space for visitors 'affected by racism' where they could experience the museum while 'protect themselves from further (even unconscious) discrimination,'" but the backlash is so intense there are now armed guards. - Hyperallergic

And Just Like That, Drew Barrymore Puts Her Show Back On Hiatus

The new Instagram video: "I have listened to everyone, and I am making the decision to pause the show’s premiere until the strike is over." - The New York Times

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Board Removes Former Rolling Stone Editor

Jann Wenner, a founder of the Hall of Fame, was removed after an interview in which he said "said that Black and female musicians 'didn’t articulate at the level' of the white musicians featured in his new book." - Variety

Report: Majority Of US Museum Workers Want To Quit

Two-thirds of museum workers are thinking about leaving their jobs, if not the field altogether, according to a survey out this month. The top reasons? Burnout and low pay. - The Art Newspaper

Oscar-Winning Writer Of “Moonlight” And “Choir Boys” Named Geffen Playhouse’s Artistic Director

"An ensemble member of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company," Tarell Alvin McCraney "is professor of playwriting at the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University and has earned a reputation as a passionate mentor. He will continue to teach at Yale while leading the Geffen Playhouse." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Evidence For A Putin War Crimes Trial In A New Report On Destruction Of Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage

"(The briefing) by the NGO Blue Shield International has tentatively made the claim that the Putin regime has premeditatively, systematically — and provably — targeted heritage sites in Ukraine. If the report is correct, the critical legal threshold needed to prosecute Putin for a war crime is now significantly closer." - The Art Newspaper

Is Google Search Now Just Sneaky, Janky Ad-Filled Spyware?

Possibly! The trial starts Tuesday. - Wired

Streaming Is Over

It is, obviously, a victim of its own success - but viewers are hurting too.- The Atlantic

When American Government Encouraged Artists To Critique

Clear-eyed, truthful portrayals of American history and contemporary affairs have long been disfavored as beneficiaries of public funding — though the movement to strip them out of classrooms, textbooks and school libraries has seldom been as ferocious as it is currently. - Los Angeles Times
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