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Is The Australian Ballet Fighting Back Against Body-Shaming? Or Just Being Pissy About A Very Negative Review?

Artistic director David Hallberg and others are indignantly rebuking The Sydney Morning Herald, saying that "critique of dancers' bodies" is "not acceptable." The sentence in question: "The dancers are fabulous, although – and perhaps this was the lighting – (they) seem unusually thin this season." The assessment of the choreography, however, is blistering. - The Guardian

Barbara Hannigan Takes Her First Chief Conductor Job

The Canadian-born soprano/conductor will begin, as of August 2026, a three-year term as chief conductor and artistic director of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. She remains principal guest conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony in Sweden and takes the same position at Switzerland's Orchestre de chambre de Lausanne this summer. - Ludwig Van

Will Glasgow Ever Restore Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Burned Out School Of Art?

“People wept in the street when the magnificent Mackintosh building was nearly destroyed by two fires. So why, 10 years on and despite overwhelming support for restoration, is there still no plan—or funding—for its repair" - The Observer (UK)

Print Isn’t Dead As Christie’s Relies On Print Catalog After Cyberattack Takes Control Of Website

The auction house said that “the marquee sales that account for nearly half of its annual revenue would continue, despite the company having lost control of its official website last Thursday in a hack that is testing the loyalty of its ultrawealthy clients amid its spring auctions.” - The New York Times

A Secret List Of Abusers Is Set To Go Public At This Year’s Cannes Festival

“Rumours have been widespread … of the existence of a secret list of 10 men in the industry, including leading actors and directors, who have been abusive to women. The names, described as ‘explosive,’ are believed to have been sent anonymously to the National Centre for Cinema.” - The Observer (UK)

One Of The Great Black Broadway Musicals Premiered 50 Years Ago And Then Disappeared. Why?

John McWhorter makes the case for Raisin — a 1973 adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun with book by her former husband, Robert Nemiroff (with Charlotte Zaltzberg), music by Judd Woldin and lyrics by Robert Brittan — and suggests a plausible explanation for why it was forgotten. - The New York Times

Have American Universities Forgotten What, And Whom, They’re For?

For years, the numbers of fully-employed faculty have fallen as universities use poorly-paid adjunct professors instead. Yet tuition prices keep soaring. Why? Because the number of paid administrators keeps soaring, too. Maybe students and faculty should be eliminated so universities can be run by and for their bureaucrats? - The Atlantic (MSN)

Why The American Youth Symphony Orchestra Collapsed So Suddenly

"This is a cautionary tale of performing-arts nonprofits, of board burnout, of soaring costs in a post-COVID world, of the precarious state of philanthropy. The primary cause of death was that people — donors, audiences, players and board members — appeared to have taken for granted an institution they loved." - Los Angeles Times (Yahoo!)

From The American Youth Symphony’s Ashes, A New Orchestra Quickly Arose

"Conductor Anthony Parnther and the Musicians at Play Foundation speedily formed a new training orchestra, Civic Orchestra of Los Angeles, and scheduled an inaugural concert for April 28, on the same weekend that AYS was supposed to play the final concert of its season." - Los Angeles Times (Yahoo!)

The Supposedly Centuries Old Society Seeking To Refocus Our Attention Spans

That’s “the Order of the Third Bird—supposedly a secret international fellowship, going back centuries, of artists, authors, booksellers, professors, and avant-gardists. Participants in the Order would converge, flash-mob style, at museums, stare intensely at a work of art for half an hour, and vanish.” - The New Yorker

The Power Of Student Protest Art

Those dismissing the protests as incoherent "should stand back and consider the iconography. … The students may be making inconvenient or even irrational requests of the institution and the country at large, but they are framing those demands as part of a continuum of American values." - Washington Post

UCLA Faculty Protest At The Hammer Museum Gala

The faculty "protested Saturday night outside the UCLA Hammer Museum’s celebrity-heavy gala, calling for amnesty to be granted to pro-Palestinian students arrested on campus this week and demanding that Chancellor Gene Block resign immediately." - Los Angeles Times (MSN)

Frank Stella, Master Of Artistic Reinvention, Has Died At 87

"Stella was a dominant figure in postwar American art, a restless, relentless innovator whose explorations of color and form made him an outsize presence, endlessly discussed and constantly on exhibit." - The New York Times

The Asian American Literature Festival Returns, Big – Without The Smithsonian

The collective putting it on could use an equivalent funder, but they don’t trust the Smithsonian after last year’s sudden, unexplained cancellation weeks before the kick-off. - Washington Post (MSN)

The Vesuvius Challenge: How Three Young Researchers Figured Out How To Use AI To Read The Carbonized Herculaneum Scrolls

This episode of the podcast There's More to That tells the whole story, from how these papyruses buried by the Vesuvius eruption of 79 CE were discovered were rediscovered in the 1700s to how a trio of scientists solved the problem and won a $700,000 prize. (audio plus transcript) - Smithsonian Magazine

At The Royal Shakespeare Company, New Directors Know The Summer Stratford Audience Loves Tradition

"The hope must be that the more traditional audiences will move with the times, and come around to new visions. You can’t please all of the people all of the time — but you can do your best to take them with you." - The New York Times

Gustavo Dudamel Talks About Why He Resigned From The Paris Opera

"I had reached a point where I didn't have the physical time to digest everything that was going on in my professional and personal life. I wasn't happy, and I think that was the main reason I made the decision I did." - Le Monde (in English)

Author Paul Auster Dead At 77

"Called the 'dean of American post-modernists' and 'the most meta of American meta-fictional writers,' Auster blended history, politics, genre experiments, existential quests and self-conscious references to writers and writing. ... Starting in the 1970s, Auster completed more than 30 books, translated into dozens of languages." - AP

This New Award Is Dance’s Equivalent Of The Turner Prize

The £40,000 Rose International Dance Prize, administered by Sadler's Wells in London, will be awarded biennially starting in February 2025. As with the Turner, all of the finalists (four have been named for this cycle) will be on view (for two weeks at Sadler's Wells) before the winner is announced. - BBC

“Hell’s Kitchen” And “Stereophonic” Lead 2024 Tony Nominations

"The musical Hell’s Kitchen, fueled by Alicia Keys songs, and the play Stereophonic, about a ‘70s rock band at the edge of stardom, each earned a leading 13 Tony Award nominations Tuesday, a list that also saw a record number of women nominated for best director." - AP
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