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A Dance Critic Writes Her Farewell After A 50-Year Career

Jill Sykes: "There was remarkable generosity in the dance world towards an enthusiastic young observer, allowing me into the innermost work processes. I came across it in London and New York as well as Australia. I wonder if it would be possible in these less relaxed days." - The Sydney Morning Herald

Meet San Francisco Ballet’s New Leadership Team

Together, the company’s first-ever female leadership team will strive to innovate in ways that keep it at the vanguard of forward-thinking arts organizations while maintaining a passion for ballet that’s as lively as the art form itself. - Nob Hill Gazette

Dance Is Easing Some Pain For Survivors Of Civil War In Peru

The dance program Buenas Notícias, for those who suffered during the Shining Path insurgencies of the 1980s and '90s, "helps women connect with others who suffered during the insurgency and allows younger women to understand and support mothers and grandmothers." - The Guardian (UK)

Speaking Of AI, Why Are We So Creeped Out By Dancing Robots?

"People have been afraid of robots for as long as robots have existed. But robots that can dance — really dance — are distinctly unnerving." - The New York Times

How Juilliard’s Director Of The Dance Division Is Remaking The Program

In 2018, the school hired Alicia Graf Mack to head up its dance division, making her the youngest person, and the first woman of color, to lead the dance department in the institution’s 70-year history. Now in her fifth year, Mack’s tweaks, additions, and overhauls are beginning to spring to life. - Jezebel

Turns Out Alexei Ratmansky Is Leaving ABT To Go To New York City Ballet

Two weeks ago, the world's most admired living ballet choreographer announced that he's ending his 13 years as artist in residence at American Ballet Theater next summer. Now he's announced that he'll be starting an initial five-year term in a similar position at City Ballet. - The New York Times

ABT Director Susan Jaffe On How She Programs A Season

In this video interview, Jaffe talks with Dance Data Project founder Elizabeth Yntema about inspiration, engagement, production, and creating or incubating new works. - Dance Data Project

Ukrainian National Ballet’s New Artistic Director Is Japanese

A Japanese, that is, who has lived and worked in Kyiv ever since he arrived there as an 11-year-old dance student. Nobuhiro Terada went on to dance with the Kyiv Ballet (as it was called before the war) for two decades and then directed its ballet school. - Euronews

The Ukrainian Ballet Company Fighting From The Stage

"I still think about how I could do more for my country. I think about this every day, but while my friends and family fight for Ukraine, for now my contribution is to dance for Ukraine." - BBC

Milan Cancels Sergei Polunin’s “Rasputin” Following Social Media Protests

The run of performances was called off by the Arcimboldi Theater as "an act of 'political and moral responsibility,' given 'a climate of tensions and threats.'" Polunin, who was born and raised in Kherson, is a prominent supporter of both Putin and his war on Ukraine. - Reuters

What Should We Do With ‘Giselle’ And Other Problematic Story Ballets?

Sometimes, it's simply time to reimagine. - The New Yorker

Phnom Penh’s Gender-Bending All-Gay-Male Classical Dance Troupe

"Merging two cultural streams — the progressive and the conservative — that many see as mutually exclusive, Prumsodun Ok presents a new outlook on Khmer culture" with his company, Natyarasa, which now consists of ten professional dancers. - VOD (Cambodia)

“My” Dancers?

I started bristling at the commonplace phrase: “my dancers.” And I find it increasingly problematic, especially in light of our woefully overdue national reckoning with systemic racism and the most recent stripping of women’s agency over their own bodies. - Dance Magazine

“Nutcracker” As Vehicle For Dance Injuries

Accidents in "The Nutcracker" are so common there are injuries named after the ballet. A nutcracker fracture is a foot fracture of the cuboid bone. - Salon

Pointe Magazine’s Favorite Ballet Performances of 2022

"Here are 12 standout onstage moments from 2022, in chronological order, from large ensemble works to surprise star turns." - Pointe Magazine

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