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Miami City Ballet Gets A New Executive Director

Currently, he serves as the executive director of the National Dance Institute, a non-profit arts education organization in New York that has impacted more than 2 million children through inclusive dance and music programs.- Miami Today

The Olympics Have A Detailed Plan For How To Score Breakdancing

"Officials compare each battle dancer’s moves and style to their opponent’s, with special scrutiny paid to categories called 'body' (physical moves), 'mind' (creativity in response to the music and the opponent’s moves), and 'soul' (interpretive flair and style)." - Fast Company

Professional Dance As Pure Silliness

"(With performers) wearing colourful inflated suits and roaming across streets, parks and city centres, La Grande Phrase (The Big Phrase) is a dance-work series by Montpellier-based Campagnie Didier Théron that explores ways to upend stereotypes of what a dancer should look like or do." - ArtsHub (Australia)

“A Justin Peck Ballet Doesn’t Look Like Anything Else”

"He is mathematical like Balanchine, but there's more of a lightness, an everyday quality that feels playful, even when the steps are technically arduous. … In honor of this peak Peck moment, we asked Peck and his collaborators to decode his artistic tics." - New York Magazine

Keeping Aztec Sacred Dance Alive In Los Angeles

"Twenty-two Indigenous dancers move as one in a circle with a man dancing in the middle. They call him 'el general.' Lazaro Arvizu has dedicated his life to promoting Danza Azteca, a spiritual Indigenous tradition from Mexico, in Los Angeles for more than four decades." - Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)

Meet Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s New Artistic Director

"Adam McKinney, a Milwaukee native who has danced with numerous companies around the country, succeeds Susan Jaffee, who departed in December to become artistic director of American Ballet Theatre after two years in Pittsburgh." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sweden Proposes To Do Away With Permits To Dance

The proposal made Thursday means that venues no longer would need a license to organize dances. Instead, as a general rule, they would only have to register with the police, which can be done verbally and does not cost anything. - AP

Now You Can See The Leonid Massine Ballet With Sets And Costumes By Matisse

Rouge et Noir was created for the Ballet Russe de Monte-Carlo in 1939.  Dance critic Ann Barzel filmed parts of the work in Chicago in 1949; that film, restored and synched to the Shostakovich score, is the finale of the Matisse exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. - The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Dance Data Project Moves Beyond Collecting Data On Women Leaders In Dance

"Intended to help address the gender and racial barriers that prevent women from securing leadership positions, the free online program "Raising the Barre: Curriculum for the Next Generation of Leadership in Dance" presents modules that home in on specific skills necessary for various administrative, artistic and executive leadership roles." - Dance Magazine

American Dance Institute Decides To Sell Lumberyard Performing Arts Center

Blame the loss of the Catskills incubator for city dancers on, what else, the pandemic - and donor priorities. - The New York Times

Andrew Litton Talks About Conducting For Ballet

It’s very hard to explain to musicians who don’t know ballet, but “One” is everything to a dancer — even though it may have nothing to do with the “One” in the score. - The New York Times

Tamara Rojo’s New Plan For San Francisco Ballet

"She is already eyeing possible significant changes, like negotiating a more flexible venue-sharing arrangement with the San Francisco Opera. ... That would allow the Ballet season to be spread across the year rather than crammed into four consecutive months, logistics hard on the dancers and, Rojo speculates, the audience." - San Francisco Chronicle

Wayne McGregor Looks Inside His Fellow Choreographers’ Notebooks

McGregor, who directed this year's Venice Biennale Danza, shares comments and images from the notebooks of 16 of the dance-makers he worked with, from Merce Cunningham to Azsure Barton to Sidi Larbi Charkaoui to the indigenous Australian troupe Marrugeku to flamenco iconoclast Rocío Molina. - AnOther Magazine

Why Ratmansky Is A Great Fit For NYCity Ballet

Really, the courtship between Ratmansky and City Ballet — a new New York City Ballet under the leadership of its artistic director, Jonathan Stafford, and Whelan — was in plain sight. - The New York Times

Patricia Barker Is Ending Her Productive, Turbulent Tenure Leading The Royal New Zealand Ballet

In her 5½ years as artistic director, she steered the company through the COVID crisis and a headquarters renovation, and she hired more Kiwis as dancers and choreographers. She also dealt with personnel problems that culminated in the firing of her husband, ballet master Michael Auer, for bullying. - Stuff (New Zealand)

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