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Matthew VanBesien Talks Presenting

Matthew VanBesien, President of the University Musical Society of the University of Michigan, as he talks about the role of presenters in the arts. - Aaron Dworkin

Govan’s Folly? Stuck in the LACMA Quagmire

In decades of covering museum buildings, I’ve mostly refrained from “reviewing” a building that hasn’t gone up yet. That’s why I’ve hung back from commenting on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s capital project-in-progress. But an unsettling (literally) development led me to weigh in. - Lee Rosenbaum


An arts organization must come to matter to the community. When it matters, the community will support it. But how do arts organizations come to matter? The mindset that “We matter because we present great art.” does not cut it. It is only things that people see as important to their lives that fill this bill. - Doug Borwick

Looking for a Fugitive Rainbow — A Very Transient “Gift” to the Bidens

Laura Baptiste, the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s always-helpful chief of communications, found herself dealing with misinformation disseminated in a number of news reports after the inauguration festivities. - Lee Rosenbaum

Joseph Conyers on Being an Artist Entrepreneur

The Philadelphia Orchestra bassist and entrepreneur shares the passions that have fueled his success. - Aaron Dworkin

Ominous Juxtaposition? Biden Flanked by Duncanson’s “Rainbow” & Statue of a Murdered President

Am I the only one who gasped at the photo in this tweet? - Lee Rosenbaum

Trey Devey Shares his passion for Arts Education

“If we are empowered with creativity, with collaboration, with all of the skills that come from practicing the arts… that will lead to the breakthrough ideas.” Trey Devey, President of the Interlochen Center for the Arts, speaks to the power of arts education. - Aaron Dworkin

Capitol Offense: Metropolitan Museum Blasts “Domestic Terrorism” by “Treasonous Rioters”

Throwing caution to the winds, the Metropolitan Museum today went beyond the more measured words of a few other museums in its angry call to “bring to justice those responsible” for the “criminal actions” at the Capitol on Jan. 6. - Lee Rosenbaum


The viability of our industry depends upon developing relationships — making connections — with many new communities. The bases for success are respect and humility. - Doug Borwick

The Architect of the Capitol Assesses the Damage: Our Nation’s Art & Architecture (if we can keep it)

This was a week when blogging-as-usual struck me as irredeemably frivolous. Trying to promulgate commentary about art and the artworld seemed fatuous, at a time when our nation’s adherence to the rule of law, reason and humane values (and even its very existence) seemed at stake. - Lee Rosenbaum

Aaron Copland: “One Red to Another”

“If they were a strange sight to me, I was no less of a one to them. It was the first time that many of them had seen an ‘intellectual.’ I was being gradually drawn, you see, into the political struggle with the peasantry!" That’s Aaron Copland in 1934, reflecting upon addressing a Communist picnic in Minnesota. - Joseph Horowitz

Getting the Question(s) Right

As a blogger, I think I’m supposed to begin the New Year with reflections and projections. But the traumas of 2020 are still too fresh and the way forward is too murky. What I will do is suggest that at least one question I’ve seen raised about the nonprofit arts industry in 2021 is the wrong one. - Doug Borwick

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