Summer Special: Art Cops Double Feature

The Art Cop

While John Perreault is enjoying the beach on Long Island, the art cops try their hand at art criticism, above...and then, in the second video below, solve an art-world mystery: Why does the art world leave New York City in July and August? [Please note there is nothing wrong with the following video. If you look really carefully you can just about see Dominic and Dominic Two, talking and gesturing in their usual manner. This new installment of John Perreault's Art Cops is not meant to be a … [Read more...]

The Art Cops: Art School Confidential


On his Paris Biennial website, Jean-Baptiste Farkas claims over one trillion new artworks have been made since October 2009. And the clock keeps ticking: 1,685,740 new artworks per day.  Click here for counter. What are we going to do with all this art? Why is it being made? Who is making it? In the fourth installment of the world's first-and-only art criticism, animated cartoon, John Perreault's art cops investigate the art glut and its source. Sort … [Read more...]

Gustav Metzger: The Remix


  Gustav Metzger: Historic Photograph No.1: Liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, April 19-28, 1943, 1995/2009/2011     Metzger Rescued from the Footnotes of Art History   Gustav Metzger's first U.S. exhibition ever, the thought-provoking "Historic Photographs," is now at the New Museum (235 Bowery, NYC, to July 3, 2011). All 12 sculptures, forming a set originally made in 1995-96, are exhibited together for the first time.   Ironically, until now we have known … [Read more...]

Richard Serra, Drawing

                                                                        After Minimalism   Richard Serra was never burdened with the Minimalist strictures offered up by Donald Judd (or Dan Flavin or that old devil Ad Reinhardt) and certainly not by the lesser lights of Minimalism, who, let's face it, did not even … [Read more...]

Ben Patterson Scores: A Modest Proposal

    Ben Patterson, String Music, 1960. Getty Research Institute.  Benjamin Patterson's Variations for Double Bass, 1961. The concert was part of the exhibition Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of FLUX/us November 6, 2010 - January 23, 2011 at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. By all accounts Ben Patterson is a Fluxus pioneer. Even George Maciunas [ma-Chew-nis], the Andre Breton of Fluxus, places him at the beginnings of Fluxus.  See here one of  … [Read more...]

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Fear Eats the Soul

       Talking About Relational Aesthetics by John Perreault 2011       What Is Relational Aesthetics?   Formulated by French curator Nicolas Bourriaud to explain the work of his favored artists, Relational Aesthetics is difficult to pin down. Maybe it's like jazz. When Louis Armstrong was asked what jazz was, he answered, "If you have to ask, you'll never know." But Armstrong was not a French intellectual steeped, stewed or pickled in "theory."   In … [Read more...]

Glenn Ligon: Words Apart* PLUS ARTOPIA QUIZ!

 FLASH! SEE BELOW FOR FIRST ARTOPIA CONTEST!                                                 Words or Music? If you assume poetry and art are far apart, think again. If you think poetry is made of words and art not, well, as the 19th century … [Read more...]