Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Translating The Vocabulary Of The Online World From English

Speakers of other languages often have to use English for internet-specific terms; digital rights advocates find that there are no words in many other languages for things like data protection and surveillance. Here one activist writes about why and how she's working to change that. - The Nation

We Need Literature To Tell Untold Stories. But When Is It Appropriation?

How can writers tell and translate stories about marginalized groups without exploitation or appropriation? - Metropolitan (Japan)

Knopf Names Sonny Mehta’s Successor As Editor In Chief

Arguably the most prestigious division of the Penguin Random House conglomerate, Knopf has been without a leader since Mehta, who held the job for 32 years, died in late 2019. The new boss is Jordan Pavlin, whose current title at Knopf is editorial director. - The New York Times

The Serendipity Of Almanacs

Almanacs are an anomaly in the 2021 literary landscape, a choose-your-own adventure of print culture. So much of reading, especially online, is about seeking: looking for a fact, an image, a bit of information. - Los Angeles Review of Books

What Happens If An Archivist Sneezes On A Centuries-Old Manuscript?

First, for God's sake, he shouldn't wipe it off himself. (This lesson was learned the hard way.) Beyond that, there are ways of repairing the damage, or at least keeping it from getting worse. - The Atlantic

What Jerry Saltz’s Rejection Of Substack Really Means

"Some more enterprising major-media columnists sometimes compare Substack to the broadsheets of journalism’s early decades in the 1800s, though they do this, invariably, as a means of dismissing digital newsletters as retrograde." - Seth Abramson

The Man Who Saved The Slovenian Language

Over six centuries in the Habsburg empire and most of another in Yugoslavia, the tongue of this tiny Alpine land might well have faded away. But one dedicated (or obsessive) 18th-century priest/author/publisher led the effort to mold a bunch of hillbilly dialects into a serious language. - Atlas Obscura

Today’s Newsletter Boom – A New Literary Genre?

The first-person informality that has been present since the earliest days of web writing achieves its business apotheosis in the newsletter: from personal essay to personal brand. - New York Magazine

Turns Out Everything We ‘Knew’ About Kids And Reading Was Wrong

For instance, boys like fiction just as much as girls do. And developing brains need stories - that is, fiction - in order to grow. - LitHub

The Language That Poetry Shares With Comic Books

Eve Ewing, multihyphenate creative person (and sociology prof), calls writing poetry and writing comic books her most meaningful "cross-pollination." - The New York Times

Men Still Don’t Read Women

This remains true, with big financial and other consequences: "Why does this matter? For a start, it narrows men’s experiences of the world." - The Guardian (UK)

Chekhov, Munro, And Endings That Change It All

If you want to be surprised, to have everything recast for you in light of new information, read Alice Munro's stories to their ends. - LitHub

The NYer Short Story Cat Person Goes Viral Again

This time the discourse is about whether writers can, or should, use real-life details in their fiction. - The Guardian (UK)

Celebrating LA’s Spoken Word And Poetry Culture

Summertime tells the stories of "a diverse community of young artists who turned to poetry as a way of coping with hardship." - Los Angeles Times

Bookshop Fined By Hungarian Government For Selling Book Featuring LGBT Families

The shop has been fined for selling a children’s story depicting a day in the life of a child with same-sex parents, with officials condemning the picture book for featuring such families. - The Guardian

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