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Los Angeles, City Of Opera

The expected grandeur, the time and space business, the big emotions, big ideas and big voices, we’ve got it all. That's to be expected. But what really sets opera in L.A. apart is the art form's movement in new and profound ways can come from the unexpected sources. - Los Angeles Times (MSN)

Florida Grand Opera Appoints A New Director

Maria Todaro, an accomplished singer, stage director, fight choreographer and arts entrepreneur is stepping into her biggest role yet, ushering in an ambitious rebrand for Florida’s oldest opera company as the Florida Grand Opera’s new general director. - Miami Herald

San Francisco Opera, On A Financial Cliff, Looks To Asia

As the West’s oldest still-operational opera company faces a steep financial cliff, there’s another aria being sung across the Pacific Ocean—one SF Opera stands to benefit from. “If there was a big growth market for opera at the moment,” SFO Director Matthew Shilvock said, “it is in China.” - San Francisco Standard

The Astoundingly Rapid Fall Of Conductor François-Xavier Roth

It took about two days for this lavishly-praised maestro to lose or cancel all his future engagements, and he'll likely be fired from his positions. Yet why was Roth's behavior (sexting musicians) treated so much more harshly than, say, Gardiner's or Barenboim's (screaming and hitting them)? - Van

Mitsuko Uchida Gets Testy With The New York Times (And Arguably Disses Her Colleagues)

Q: "Tell me what excites you about the Ojai Festival." A: "You think I go to Ojai because I get excited? No. I go because there is music that I might want to do ..., and I might do it for the people who are involved." - The New York Times

Royal Swedish Opera Fined $300,000 For Workplace Death Of Stage Technician

The technician died in September of last year after falling more than 40 feet from a balcony while carrying out work. Authorities investigated the incident as a "work environment violation"; the lead prosecutor said that the company "had failed to investigate and assess the risk of the work in question." - AP

How Spotify Got Itself Into Several Great Big Messes At Once

"(CEO Daniel) Ek probably isn’t too bothered by the lawsuits, or the burdens of running a (post-massive-layoffs) operation, or outrage ... over a more expensive plan to 'justify adding things (they) don’t want' that undercuts the artists whose work makes Spotify what it is. At least the stock price is resurging." - Slate

Symphony For 1000 Smartphones

“Even in a Mahler symphony, the largest number of performers you could have is 120,” says the Chinese-American composer from his New York apartment. “In this case, there will be more than 1,000 – all of them will be creating the symphony together.” - The Guardian

Are Big Concert Ticket Sales Finally Softening?

Now with the streaming era and things like that, that it's really shifted, where instead of selling the tour to get people to buy the record, now it's the other way around, where you are releasing music to try to get people interested in the tour. - NPR

Inside Student Life At The Curtis Institute Of Music

Even among conservatories, it is exceptional, with a wide age range — from preadolescence to post-baccalaureate adulthood — and a personalized approach, of schedules and repertoire, for musicians who live almost entirely for their art. - The New York Times

San Francisco Symphony Board President And CEO Give Their First Interview Since Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Resignation

“Last season, we were facing what would have been roughly an $11 million deficit on a roughly $80 million budget. … We’ve had a lot of conversation internally as we’ve been doing the planning for ’24-’25 and beyond, to make sure we understand what level of resources we have.” - San Francisco Chronicle (MSN)

Exit Interview: Antonio Pappano On His 22 Years As Music Director Of London’s Royal Opera

"I believe that an opera performance should be something unified — so that what’s going on in the orchestra pit and onstage make complete sense together. … The love for opera is very strong — the desire to create something that’s dramaturgically interesting, where the music is jumping off the page." - The New York Times

Big Shift In Popularity Of Giant Music Festivals

Events like Lovers & Friends, with big R&B names from decades past, sell out immediately while Coachella sales plummet. - The Guardian

Is Queen’s Song Catalog Really Worth $1 Billion?

If the group achieve the $1 billion price tag, it will be the biggest deal of its kind, surpassing the $500 million (£393 million) that Sony paid to acquire Bruce Springsteen’s catalogue in late 2021. - BBC

The Orchestra Messiah?

His Decca recordings of Sibelius and Stravinsky are unconvincing — ceviche in patches, if not totally raw. His live concerts are perhaps more exciting, but the potential is priced above the tangible product. How four fine orchestras put their future in such soft hands is a mystery, unless they all bought into the same brand. - The Critic

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