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Music Catalogs Are Fetching Massive Prices For The Creators

But are those dollar values in any way justified? One trade publication said more than $5 billion "changed hands through music rights acquisitions last year, including publishing assets and recordings, with more to come in 2022." - Los Angeles Times

The Musician Who Painstakingly Assembled A Mobile Drum Set, Only To Have It All Stolen

Percussionist Sheriff Drumman "hand-crafted the metal that made the setup possible, cutting, shaping and bending each slab before adding the eye-catching details and the bright “#SheriffDrumman” sign hoisted high above." - Los Angeles Times

Ronnie Spector’s Spirit, And Sound, Echo Through Generations Of Music

Her fire and energy could not be contained. "Spector kept working and collaborating throughout her life ... but you get the feeling that, even if she’d spent the years slumped on a beanbag watching daytime soaps, her influence wouldn’t – couldn’t – have stopped spreading." - The Guardian (UK)

How Disney Came Up With Its Biggest Hit Since Frozen’s Let It Go

Don't talk about Bruno! But in reality: "Everyone is finding a different entry point, whether it’s a specific moment or character dynamic. There’s something in it for everybody and, honestly, it’s just delicious." - The New York Times

Inside Thomas Dausgaard’s Sudden Departure From The Seattle Symphony

Yes, music directors quit all the time, but virtually never in the middle of a season and, in the modern era, not effective immediately. - Post Alley

Toronto Symphony Picks A New Executive Director

Mark Williams currently serves as chief artistic and operations officer of the Cleveland Orchestra, reporting to music director Franz Welser-Most. - The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Omicron Is Soaring. Is It Ethical To Go To Concerts?

Is it a good or an ethical idea to go to a concert in the vortex of this unprecedented surge, what with local hospitals overwhelmed and understaffed and worse certain to come in the next weeks? Like so many questions during the last two years, we don’t have easy answers. - MSN (LATimes)

Why Classical Music Folks Should Stay Away From NFTs

Besides the fact that "the NFT market is essentially a game of hot potato: Ditch it before the music stops, or you're stuck with some lines of code and a hefty financial loss. … The question is whether NFTs are the right medium to encourage connections" between artists and audiences. - Van

She Gave Her First Piano Recital At Age Four. She’s Releasing A New Album At Age 97.

Ruth Slenczynska, the last surviving student of Sergei Rachmaninoff, will see her new recording of his music and that of Chopin issued on the Decca label, which first recorded her 66 years ago. - BBC

How Jazz Grew And Flourished In Japan

American troops brought jazz records with them; Japanese musicians picked up work entertaining the troops. There was a proliferation of jazz kissa (cafes), a distinctly Japanese phenomenon where locals could sit and listen to records for as long as they wanted. - The Guardian

Arkansas Symphony Announces Plans For New HQ (At A Surprising Price)

While the orchestra isn't changing performance venues, the 20,000-square-foot Stella Boyle Smith Music Center will include a 300-seat auditorium for rehearsals and student and chamber performances as well as offices, practice and education rooms, and instrument storage. The projected cost: only $9 million. - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Shaping The Noises Of Animals Into A Grand Symphonic Sound Installation

Composer-performer and "soundscape ecologist" Bernie Krause has used 5,000 hours of field recordings, made over 50 years and featuring 15,000 species, to create The Great Animal Orchestra, commissioned in 2016 by the Fondation Cartier in Paris and opening this year in the US and Australia in 2023. - Artnet

Three Major Rock Festivals Cancelled Within 24 Hours Down Under

The Grapevine Gathering in the Hunter Valley wine region and Unity Forever on the coast southeast of Melbourne have been called off, as have the touring punk festival Full Tilt's dates in Adelaide and Brisbane. Promoters have begged the federal government for a COVID cancellation insurance plan. - The Guardian

Why Thomas Dausgaard Abruptly Quit The Seattle Symphony?

Dausgaard, 58, had seemed a good fit for his position, which he had held just since fall 2019. But he was separated from the acclaimed orchestra for much of 2020 and 2021 because of pandemic-related travel restrictions. - The New York Times

It’s Not Just Vinyl: CDs Made A Comeback Last Year, Too

"The recorded music industry may no longer be laser-focused on the compact disc, but the format's sales grew in 2021 for the first time in 17 years, driven by superstar product boosted by retailer-exclusive collectibles, as well as by older catalog titles." - Inside Radio

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