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Has The Philadelphia Orchestra’s “Musical Diplomacy” To China Really Made A Difference?

In a Q&A, U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns says that yes, it has — even the recent visit by only 14 musicians (following the cancellation of a planned full tour). - MSN (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

“No Opera On A Dead Planet!”: Climate-Protesting Art Vandals Disrupt The (Other) Met

On Thursday (Nov. 30), during Act II of Wagner's Tannhäuser, as the characters were singing about a natural spring, activists on each side of the top balcony unfurling banners reading “No Opera on a Dead Planet” and chanting that the spring was fouled by climate change. - Hyperallergic

Don’t Like Music? Of Any Kind? There’s A Name For People Like That.

"That’s not a matter of preference, such as not caring for sports or pets; it’s a pathological condition. Accordingly, it’s been given one of those Greek-derived diag­nostic labels that allow us to imagine we’ve established a scientific truth rather than merely invented a term: 'musical anhedonia.'" - Literary Hub

After $167 Million in Renovation And Asbestos Removal, Bristol, England Has An Excellent New/Old Concert Hall

After a baby seagull under the roof dislodged a bunch of asbestos in 2017, what was then a very decrepit Colston Hall was closed for a major overhaul. It took three years longer than planned, at nearly triple the original budget, but the Bristol Beacon is now open. - BBC

The Damaged Music From Auschwitz, Heard In Public For The First Times

“Jews being held in concentration camps were unable to document what was happening to them by conventional means. Writing down or photographing this would have been impossible, so they turned to a long cultural tradition of telling their stories through songs and music." - Washington Post

Music Genres Mean Little To Most Fans These Days

In the digital age, around 100,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day, and they're sorted into one of more than 6,000 genre classifications. So how has this increasingly diverse landscape impacted the sub-cultures that organise themselves around music? - BBC

Who Says We Can’t Write New Music In A Thoroughly Baroque Style?

"Nuova Pratica, a group of up-and-coming performer-composers who aim to re-open the book on Baroque composition, … reject the idea that what they do is mere pastiche. …(Their) music issues an unspoken challenge to the idea that everything in the musical language of the Baroque has already been said." - Early Music America

GroupMuse: Building Classical Music Communities One Concert At A Time

"One of the big lessons on my mind recently is that certain types of communities are difficult to scale. We’ve spent a lot of years trying to grow as much as possible in order to maintain ourselves as an organization financially, and we’ve never found that the type of community we want to build has any shortcuts towards growth." - Van

Architect Rafael Viñoly’s Curved-Keyboard Piano Makes Its Carnegie Hall Debut

“It looks like you’re looking at a normal piano through funny mirrors,” says Jonathan Biss, who will play Beethoven’s “Emperor Concerto" on it with conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the Philadelphia Orchestra in a concert benefiting the foundation of the late architect, who died last March. - The New York Times

Chicago Symphony Is Bouncing Back From COVID Better Than Many Of Its Neighbors

Paid attendance and box office income are both nearing pre-pandemic levels, though they're still slightly below those of 2019. Says CEO Jeff Alexander, "We're building our way back. … We're happy. We could be happier." - Crain's Chicago Business

The Indispensable New Music Ensemble

With that sprawling stylistic range and its technical mastery, its enthusiastic curiosity about eminent and student composers alike, its precision and passion, the JACK has, since its founding in 2005, become one of contemporary music’s indispensable ensembles. - The New York Times

When A Music Festival Isn’t Really A Festival (We’re Looking At You, California)

Ideally, music festivals serve two purposes. They engage audiences by focusing on some topic in concentrated fashion and they generate interest in a given organization by presenting something out of the ordinary. But when they do neither, they mostly make observers wonder what went wrong—even when much went right. - The Wall Street Journal

UK University Music Programs Are Closing. Why?

The academic music sector is fractured, especially in relation to classical music. This mirrors wider cuts or proposed cuts to English National Opera, BBC Orchestras and other institutions, and needs major shifts in government policy if the situation is to be reversed. - The Critic

Who’s Afraid Of Arnold Schoenberg, And Why?

People "accept that a 'challenging' painting—or modern dance work, or play, or independent film—can be exciting, mind-expanding, really cool, and sort of out there precisely because it’s challenging. Why in classical contemporary music do so many people equate challenging with intimidating?" - The Atlantic

Britain’s Musicians Aren’t Feeling Great

A study shows nearly a third of professional musicians report poor mental health. Why? "Despite high levels of education and training among professional musicians, ... more than half the respondents have to work multiple jobs to keep up with the cost of living." - The Guardian (UK)

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