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Why I Quit Being A Classical Musician

"I’ve been working to know myself apart from my identity as a musician, which I always held in higher regard than my inherent worth as a human being. Even for musicians, life is much bigger than music, but I never really understood that until now." - Medium

The Magic Of A Rare Bach Recording

Of vinyl, Ralph Kirkpatrick, a perfect winter for merging records - and a desire for order. "The forms and functions of the WTC offer something like an architectural experience — you wander through Bach’s arches, the keys catching and coloring the light." - MSN (The Washington Post)

Thriller: How A Famous Music School Was Airlifted Out Of Afghanistan

“It became clear, just in a matter of days, that the only way to salvage the school was to actually do a mass evacuation and airlift of the entire school community.” - Berkshire Eagle

We Hardly Knew Ya: Dausgaard Abruptly Quits Seattle Symphony

Seattle Symphony music director Thomas Dausgaard has abruptly stepped down from his post, midway through his third season at the top of Seattle’s flagship orchestra. - Seattle Times

The “Change” Binary Of Music

The urge to be static rose concurrently with the urge to change. And so, in the twenty-first century, we’re presented with a choice: to look ahead or to look down. Not back or backwards, not into the past (because pastness cannot be and is not always equated with stasis), but down. - NewMusicBox

A Rusty Old Water Tank In The Australian Outback Becomes A Chapel Of Music And Light

Deep in the red-dirt semidesert of interior New South Wales, composer Georges Lentz and architect Glenn Murcutt created the Cobar Sound Chapel, visually a cross between Peter Zumthor and James Turrell, with a 24-hour "digital string quartet" by Lentz on loop. - T — The New York Times Style Magazine

NLRB Orders Orchestra To Pay Musicians $276K For Missed Concerts

Local 171 of the American Federation of Musicians, representing 71 SSO musicians, had offered to forgo the settlement if board members would instead resign and the money go toward putting on a 2022 concert season. - MassLive

Grammy Awards Postponed Indefinitely

"Even though (usual venue) the Arena has a basketball or hockey game or a concert booked nearly every night until mid-April, enough artists and executives voiced reluctance about appearing to convince the Academy to postpone the show." - Variety

Checking In With Baritone Mariusz Kwiecień At His New Opera House

After 20-odd years singing leads at the world's top companies, Kwiecień retired from the stage in 2020 due to long-term injuries. He became artistic director at the opera house in the Polish city of Wrocław — just in time for the pandemic. - Limelight (Australia)

Vinyl Record Sales Are Booming – But The Pressing Plants Can’t Keep Up

Buyers want way more records than the only two remaining pressing facilities in Southern California, can supply. That’s true globally, too: There aren’t enough manufacturers to meet the renewed demand, and too few workers available to run them. - Los Angeles Times

Why Universal Music Group Supports A Far Right Senator

On Sunday, federal regulators put UMG’s PAC on notice, flagging the group for giving Marsha Blackburn more than the legal limit allowed in an election. - The Daily Beast

Conductor James Gaffigan Gets A Second European Opera House

The 43-year-old native New Yorker, who just began his first season as music director of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia, will become Generalmusikdirektor at the Komische Oper Berlin in the fall of 2023. - Broadway World

Boston-Area Church Pays “Royalties” For Performing African-American Spirituals

"Today, we as a church will begin the practice of collecting ‘royalties’ ... for the spirituals we sing and worship. Whenever we sing Negro spirituals. we will collect an offering that will support the development of Black musicians.” - WGBH

Classical Music Can Help Society Recover From The Pandemic, Says Director Of London’s Wigmore Hall

"Throughout the crisis, the industry has begun to construct a new narrative shaped to accommodate great artistic expression for everyone. As we rebuild our society and our economy, I'm convinced, more than ever, that participation in music is part of the solution for national recovery." - The Guardian

Latest Blockbuster Music Catalog Sale: David Bowie For $250 Million

The deal, for more than 400 songs, also includes soundtrack music; the material for Bowie’s short-lived band Tin Machine from the late 1980s and early ’90s; and other works. - The New York Times

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