Friday, October 15, 2021

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Orchestra Conductors: Old Guys Rule

Orchestra conductors appear to live longer than people in any other profession. Famous conductors of the past, then in an era when life expectancy was around 50 years, lived well into their 80s and 90s. - San Francisco Classical Voice

Philadelphia Public Orchestra: Reinventing How Orchestras Work

Ari Benjamin Meyers explains that part of his inspiration for the public orchestra came from the lesser-known Fellini film Orchestra Rehearsal, in which the orchestra and conductor are used as metaphors for radical political change. - Philadelphia Magazine

How Do We Justify Touring Orchestras When It Worsens Climate Change?

I'm increasingly uncomfortable with attending concerts "interpreted by these internationally-touring orchestras when I realize that at least 80 people took a plane for a single concert; particularly when I know that I can listen to a similar interpretation of the same piece by a more local orchestra. - Van

How A Homeless Kid From Baltimore Eventually Became The New Mexico Symphony’s Principal Tubist

Imagination, hard work, and a big dose of luck propelled Richard Antoine White's career, he says. - Baltimore Sun

Musicians Flee Afghanistan And The Taliban

After trying for a month, "more than 100 young artists, teachers and their relatives affiliated with the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, a celebrated school that became a target of the Taliban," finally escaped, heading for Portugal. - The New York Times

Romania’s Enescu Festival Persists Despite The Pandemic

The Romanian "embodied an ideal of the complete musician in his roles as composer, virtuoso violinist and pianist, conductor, teacher and generous mentor to younger artists." And the country attracted 32 orchestras from 14 countries for the 25th Enescu Fest. - The New York Times

The New York Phil Is Essentially On Tour For Its Entire Season

Moving all of the instruments - and all of the music - is no small task. - The New York Times

The Chopin Competition Finally Opens Again In Poland

Before COVID lockdowns hit, the last competition in the series to be delayed was thanks to WWII. - Seattle Times (AP)

Did Los Angeles Just Experience Its Best Hollywood Bowl Season Ever?

Mark Swed thinks so - and it wasn't just post-shutdown elation, either. - Los Angeles Times

From Sistema To The Montreal Symphony’s New Music Director: Meet Rafael Payare

Winding up in the local El Sistema orchestra, he became a conductor almost by accident when handed a baton and told to conduct a piece: “I knew then that it was what I wanted to do.” - Toronto Star

Translating Proteins Into Music

We’re computational biologists who believe that hearing the sound of life at the molecular level could help inspire people to learn more about biology and the computational sciences. - The Conversation

New Vision For Orchestral Pops?

 Orchestral pops programming now ranges from film scores, cartoon medleys and video game music to rap artists and jazz and circus acts. It’s whatever fusion of orchestral music and flavor-of-the-day entertainment the ensemble selects. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Using Artificial Intelligence To Complete Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony

Yes, it has now been done, and the AI researcher (already known for robot-created art) who led the tech side of the project —working with pianist/musicologist Robert Levin as well as a composer and a computational music specialist — writes on how they went about it. - The Conversation

To Make Its Concert Halls COVID-Safe, Singapore Goes High-Tech

State-of-the-art filterless air purifiers and an "ionisation curtain" (a row of snake plants with ionisers attached to draw in aerosols) at the front of the stage are among the measures being taken to reassure live audiences. - The Straits Times (Singapore)

Violinist James Buswell Dead At 74

After debuting with the New York Philharmonic at seven and studying at Juilliard, he became one of the key members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. His recording of Barber's Violin Concerto, one of many he made for Naxos, was nominated for a Grammy. - The Strad

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