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What The Writers Guild Learned From Its Fight With The Agencies

For one thing, it's OK to fight. Writers are also seeing back pay come in - and letting the union win it for them instead of fighting alone. And then there's at least one intangible: "I have seen ... an improvement in terms of how a writer looks at themselves and their value next to their representatives, that the...

Ripping Up The Netflix Streaming Playbook, And Winning

The Mouse - Disney Plus, in this case - has a huge back catalog, and it's also doing this little thing called dropping a new episode once a week. What even? Well: "They’re treating The Mandalorian like it’s Seinfeld—people tune in one week and they get a great publicity bump as people talk about it over the weekend and there are roundup...

Julie Delpy, Sci-Fi Movie Director

You probably know the French actor Julie Delpy from the Richard Linklater movie trilogy that begins with Before Sunrise, but she's been writing and directing movies for a while. She wanted to keep her new film real, but also deal with the near-future. "I am not saying that cloning is a good thing, but I’m saying, let’s not blind...

All Of The Updates And Winners From The Golden Globes

If you want to watch the text updates, here you go (as we post this, Best Supporting Actor has already been awarded - and muted). - The New York Times

Steve McQueen Will Let Critics Decide If ‘Small Axe’ Is TV Or Cinema

McQueen, whose series of (what some of us would call) films hasn't been entered for BAFTAs or Oscars, says, "I just make stuff. You are the guys who want to put labels on things. That limits your thoughts and your imagination. If you want to be limited by form then fine. But kids aren’t. It feels dusty. It feels...

If You Want To Watch The Golden Globes Tonight, Here’s How

And here's who is nominated, and who, and what, might win. - Los Angeles Times

Oscars So Puritanical? One Director Thinks So

As her movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always - a quiet but hair-raising quest movie about two 17-year-olds from Pennsylvania going to New York to obtain an abortion - teeters on the verge of awards nominations, director Eliza Hittman called out at least one Academy voter who refused to watch the movie. She wrote in a (now-deleted) Instagram caption, "This...

Why Having No Blockbusters Contending For The Oscars Is Actually Great For The Movies

The year of no movie theatres meant the year of no blockbusters; most have been pushed off for a year or more, and that's ... just fine? Justin Chang: "If the Oscars should go forward this year — and I think they should — then surely they should reflect that precarious new reality. They should also call for a...

A New York Times Reporter Tries To Learn ‘Podcast Voice’

Alexis Soloski: "It’s recognizable enough that Portlandia and Saturday Night Live can parody it. It suggests intimacy, a rumpled authenticity. Because if someone were faking it, they would, like, definitely cut out the filler words and upspeak. I mean, right? But the most seemingly unstudied performances are often the result of relentless rehearsal and calculation. So I wanted to...

Podcasting Is Becoming Big Business. Will That Ruin It?

Even as media companies pour billions into the industry, "its formats and business practices are still developing, leading producers, executives and talent to view the medium as akin to television circa 1949: lucrative and uncharted territory with plenty of room for experimentation and flag-planting. … But along with the optimism come worries that big money may stifle the D.I.Y....

Former Producer Accuses KCRW Of Systemic Racism

Cerise Castle said in a podcast interview and on social media on Monday that her time at KCRW was “marked by microaggressions, gaslighting, and blatant racism starting when I was physically prevented from entering the building multiple times within my first month of employment.” - Los Angeles Times

Gov’t Shuts Down Hungary’s Last Independent Radio Station

"When the faithful listeners to Klubrádió, a talk radio station that has been a beacon of free speech in Hungary, tuned in last Monday, February 15, they found only silence. … As an open forum for public discourse, Klubrádió has challenged a range of government policies, including those bearing on public memory and press freedom." - The Nation

Slate Suspends Podcast Host Mike Pesca After Internal Slack Chat About N-Word

Pesca, a public radio veteran who has been hosting Slate's daily news podcast, The Gist, since 2012, was suspended indefinitely without pay this week in the wake of a debate among staffers on the company's Slack channel about whether it is ever acceptable for a white journalist to use the n-word itself in a discussion of the slur's use...

Pandemic Has Knocked Out Oscar Campaign Season, So Awards May Get Weird

"The process helps winnow the field of competing films for upcoming awards shows, a kind of hive mind forming around the season's leading contenders. This year, that mind is looking blank." As the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter recently tweeted, "The usual consensus-building is gone, and voters are left to what they actually think." - The Washington...

Governor: NYC Movie Theatres Can Reopen

Governor Andrew Cuomo said "cinemas in the city will be permitted to operate at 25% capacity, with no more than 50 people. Moreover, other safety measures such as masks, social distancing and heightened sanitizing measures will be required." - Variety

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