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As Oscars Shortlist Is Released, Film Festivals Boost International Films

And nine of the 15 on the shortlist first came to attention at Cannes - though the winner of the Palme d'Or is not on the list. - Variety

Sundance’s Design Might Hint At The Film Festival Of The Future

The not-too-distant future, at that. "Film festivals have always struggled with accessibility issues that can be mitigated by allowing people to attend from home. So perhaps hybrid festivals are the future even in the best of times." - Wired

Ana De Armas Was In The Trailer For ‘Yesterday,’ But Not In The Movie

That's because her scenes got cut - and, after renting the movie partly based on her being in the trailer, some fans are so far from amused that they're suing. - Variety

The Pandemic Might Have Changed Indie Films Forever

As Sundance's virtual festival gets underway, the question hanging in the air is whether any indie film can succeed in traditional theatres. Older audiences are wary of the virus; thus, "the chances of success at the multiplex are now slimmer than ever." - Los Angeles Times

Almodovar Wants People To Remember Spain’s Past

Early on, "when Almodóvar started making films, he promised himself one thing: his movies would give the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco the ultimate two-fingered salute. ... They would simply act as if he had never existed." Now, he's changed his mind. - The Guardian (UK)

Netflix Won Big During The Early Pandemic, But Now It’s 2022

The streaming giant is facing big competition - and price hikes. - BBC

A Film Studio In Space? That’s The Plan — And Within Three Years, No Less

A company called Space Entertainment Enterprise intends to open a space station containing both a film and TV studio and a sports/performance arena for clients who want to produce work in a micro-gravity environment. The scheduled completion date is December 2024. - Variety

Could End Of The BBC’s License Fee Spell The End For Public Broadcasting?

The licence fee announcement needs to be seen as part of a wider legacy in which the government has questioned the relevance of the whole idea of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) and its role in the 21st century. - The Conversation

Streaming Boom Has Been A Career Boon For Older Actors

It's no secret that Hollywood has faced accusations of ageism, seeking younger audiences at the expense of older players both in front of and behind the camera. Yet the priorities and business model of streaming, and the abundance of content that it has created, appears to be tinkering with that math. - CNN

What’s The Optimum Length For A Radio Ad? This Study Says …

"Ads that ran for 30 seconds outperformed others on most key performance indicators such as engagement, brand effect, and recall, and were also heard as more trustworthy, likable and relevant," said Audacy's chief research officer about the study. - Inside Radio

YouTube To Cut Way Back On Its Plans For Original Programming

An executive announced that the platform will only go forward with programs that have already been contracted through the Black Voices and YouTube Kids Funds — a big change from earlier plans to present a lot of original content on the YouTube Premium paid subscription service. - The Hollywood Reporter

How Joss Whedon Went From Television Deity And Feminist Hero To Pariah

It's a long tale, and not a simple one, but it makes sense — even, in some ways (but not others), to Whedon himself. - New York Magazine

Why I Left The CBC

Those of us on the inside know just how swiftly — and how dramatically — the politics of the public broadcaster have shifted." - Bari Weiss

How The Ratings Hit “Yellowstone” Is Bucking Cultural Trends

Streaming was supposed to be the great equalizer, for either access to content or its segmentation into competitive platforms warring for their niche and slice of IP. Yellowstone presents a fascinating rebuke to these trends. - The Guardian

There’s Now A Whole Sub-Genre Of Movies About North American School Shootings

"There has been a range of films" — Zero Day (2002), Elephant (2003), Polytechnique (2009), Beautiful Boy (2010), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), Mass (2021), the documentary Bowling for Columbine (2002) — that have tried to make some kind of sense of these senseless, most horrifying atrocities." - BBC

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