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Let’s Look At The Logic Of Netflix’s Christmas Movies

"Netflix’s Christmas rom-coms are not meant to be judged on a spectrum of 'good' to 'bad.' They are only to be understood on a spectrum from 'surreal approximation of human behavior' to 'perverting the physical rules of our known universe.”’ - Vulture

It’s Not You: Why It’s Getting More Difficult To Understand Movie Dialogue

"It's really a gumbo, an accumulation of problems that have been exacerbated over the last 10 years … that's kind of this time span where all of us in the filmmaking community are noticing that dialogue is harder and harder to understand." - Slash Film

After 25 Years, “Citizen Ruth” Is Relevant Again, And Star Laura Dern Is Very Pleased

In this Q&A, she says that in 1996, Harvey Weinstein and Miramax deliberately buried the movie, but that young people today (including her daughter's friends) have discovered it and love it, especially now that Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy. - Vulture

NPR Morning Edition Host Noel King Is Leaving For A Sort-Of Competitor

She is moving to Vox Media as editorial director and co-host (with current host Sean Rameswaram) of Today, Explained, Vox's morning news podcast. What's more, WNYC has agreed to distribute Today, Explained to public radio stations nationwide. - Axios

Female Filmmakers Are Rethinking And Reworking The Western

"These female-made Westerns are really tackling toxic masculinity and the ways in which men's attempts to prove themselves as men can backfire, rather than glorifying the myth of the cowboy as the older, traditional Western did." - BBC

The Rise Of The Media “Comfort Creator”

“With the terror of a global pandemic sending anxiety sky high and rendering TV one of the few safe entertainment outlets, the desire for comfort has become particularly noticeable.” - The New York Times

What’s The Right Length For A Podcast? That Depends …

Hosting platform Acast says that the average episode length of its 100 most popular podcasts is 38'10" — but it's not that simple. Comedy shows average 55½ minutes, news/politics programs 28 minutes. Podcasts aimed at commuters run about 40 minutes, those for people doing chores about 20. - Inside Radio

Media Consumers More Engaged By Audio Than Other Formats, Says Research

A study that used biometric feedback to measure immersion found that participants were more deeply engaged by content delivered via radio or podcasts than via TV or social media. (The research was commissioned, unsurprisingly, by a radio and podcast company, Audacy.) - Inside Radio

Australian PM Introduces New Laws To Unmask Online Trolls

"The online world should not be a wild west where bots and bigots and trolls and others are anonymously going around and can harm people. That is not what can happen in the real world, and there is no case for it to be able to be happening in the digital world." - Reuters

Afghan TV And Radio Try To Hang On Under The Taliban

More than 250 media outlets have closed since the takeover; those that remain are losing their audience because people are scared of being caught listening to music or watching anything unapproved. A few brave TV stations are still employing women. - The Guardian

It’s A Minor Miracle No One Died On The Set Of “The Wizard Of Oz”

"The drama behind the scenes … would make several people's heads melt like the Wicked Witch of the West." Margaret Hamilton caught on fire, the Tin Man's makeup sent Buddy Ebsen to the hospital (that's why Jack Haley replaced him), and the snowflakes were pure asbestos. - /Film

Hollywood Celebs Are Starting Their Own Creative High Schools

With so many projects in production, “there’s an enormous amount of jobs in editing, in visual effects, in makeup and hair, that we can, that we should, be able to access. Why not access it with all of this young talent that we have in our own backyard? - The Hollywood Reporter

When Non-Horror Movies Feel A Lot Like Horror

"How do you know if you’re watching a horror movie when there’s no killer or monster, exorcism or blood? It’s a decades-old question that’s being asked about new films that blur the line between a movie with horror and a horror movie." - The New York Times

Netflix May Dominate The First Awards Of The Season

The Gotham Awards sees Netflix's Passing and The Lost Daughter square off on the movie side, and let's not even get into what may happen with Squid Game for TV. - Variety

How Biden’s Antitrust Attitudes May Affect TV Deals

It's almost like a media long-tail development: "The sudden chill in the regulatory climate may fan the flames of another significant business trend. There’s a growing crowd of investors and private-equity groups ... waiting to pounce on small pieces of old empires." - Variety

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