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Self-Knowledge, Purpose, and Chipotle with Cameron Terry

For my last podcast episode for a bit (don’t worry — it will be back soon enough!), I decided to focus on another one of my classmates in my NYU graduate program. Cameron Terry has many of the markers of a typical NYU student: he was super successful in his undergraduate institution — University of […]

“Confessing” With Sophie Weisskoff

Katie explores taboo, shame, embarrassment, and confessional playwriting with playwright and writer Sophie Weisskoff, whose play, Brainsmash, premieres this week at 59E59.

“So Much of My Power Lies In What I Can Do Myself”: Exploring the...

Katie explores the Catch-22 of being a freelance artist and the desire for personal agency with dancer and performing artist, Runako Campbell (Jagged Little Pill on Broadway, The Hours and Lohengrin at the Met, Vogue World for NYFW).

Two Is Better Than One: Exploring Partnering, “It” Factor, and Passion with Ryan Steele...

This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing not one, but TWO incredible dancers at the same time — a first for this iteration of Call Time. It helped that the aforementioned dancers are also recent co-stars and real-life best friends: Ryan Steele, whom you may have seen in Broadway’s Newsies (where […]