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Cheng Pei-pei, Hong Kong’s Queen Of Swords And Star Of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Has Died At 78

“In a career-spanning six decades, Cheng burst on to the scene in the 1960s, becoming a star for Shaw Brothers Studios, the Hong Kong production company modelled on the Hollywood studios that became internationally famous for action films and period martial arts epics” (aka wuxia). - The Hollywood Reporter

Say Goodbye To Basic Ad-Free Netflix

People who had the Basic plan, for $12 a month, will now have to dive into the depths of ads on streaming (not having to see ads used to be one of the entire selling points of streaming, but hey) for $7 a month, or pay a lot more for no ads. - NPR

Rethinking How Bridges Function As Public Space

The span’s 25,000 square meters is so spacious that the bridge can also double as a new public square. Flanked at both ends with newly planted thickets of trees, it will be closed to host one-off cultural and sporting events and function the rest of the time as a focal point for the neighborhoods on either side. - Bloomberg

Hot In London: Immersive Theatre With A Meal

Striving for a high-level experience also means embedding accuracy into the menu itself. For The Great Murder Mystery, the team at the Lost Estate spent hours researching the cuisine and cooking styles of the 1800s, with the big inspiration coming in the form of the “Gordon Ramsay of the day”, the French chef Alexis Soyer. - The Stage

The Artworld Hoax That Fooled Virginia Woolf

For most of their adult lives, the two women employed an elaborate hoax in which Hepworth’s paintings were exhibited and sold under Preece’s name. Their trick was particularly successful in the 1920s and ’30s, when they fooled not only Woolf and Bell, but other major art-world figures. - Hyperallergic

After The Activision Blizzard’s Merger With Microsoft, Workers Form Gaming’s Largest-Yet Union

Quality assurance workers for Activision, who play games constantly to find and report bugs, or problems, say they’re often the lowest-paid workers in the company even while "our work is integral to the success of the companies we work for and the titles we make." - The Verge

Can Buskers Revive Downtown San Francisco?

"The latest effort to breathe life into San Francisco’s struggling Mid-Market neighborhood involves bringing amateur musicians to the streets. The nonprofit Mid-Market Business Association unveiled a new initiative, Busk It!, on Thursday. The project aims to attract local musicians for weekly live performances on the sidewalks." - San Francisco Chronicle (MSN)

Why The Music Business Is Collapsing Around Us

A generation ago, this kind of laziness didn’t exist in the music business. Before streaming, everybody in the value chain needed new music. The record stores would go broke if people just listened to the old songs over and over. -

France Is Riveted By A Series About The Grooming Of Young Actresses

But this fascination may not be enough to change the industry. Juliet Godrèche, writer and director of the dark autobiographical tale, says, "People who are still in this industry are still not coming forward. ... The omertà in the industry is still so strong.” - The Guardian (UK)

Why Is ‘Barbie’ In The Oscars Race For ‘Adapted’ Screenplay?

Judd Apatow, for one, is not having it. Sure, there were dolls, but dolls aren't a narrative. "It’s insulting to the writers to say they were working off of existing material. ... There was no existing material or story." - Variety

“Bridgerton: The Experience”. “Money Heist: The Experience.” “Squid Game: The Experience”. Yep, They’re All Real.

"These activations offer titles another way to stand out, literally, amid a crowded mediascape. For series, specifically, they offer a way to retain fans between seasons." - The New York Times

Web Publishers Fear Google Search’s New AI Will Kill Their Traffic

While Google says the final shape of its AI product is far from set, publishers have seen enough to estimate that they will lose between 20% and 40% of their Google-generated traffic if anything resembling recent iterations rolls out widely. - The Wall Street Journal

In-Flight Entertainment Has Become Huge Business

The in-flight entertainment and connectivity market grew to US$5.9 billion as of 2019, a testament to its economic impact on both the airlines and the GDP of countries with airline carriers. - The Conversation

The British Independent Film Awards Really Liked A Supernatural Gay Drama

The film All of Us Strangers won best film, best screenplay, best director, best supporting actor and several craft awards. - Variety

New Technologies Usually Arrive In Clusters. So What’s Coming With AI?

The potential — and hype — surrounding machine learning, artificial intelligence, and especially generative AI is everywhere. Some are predicting a full suite of “this changes everything” advances in all industries, for all professions, and for people in their public and private lives. - Harvard Business Review

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