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Film Version Of ‘Hamilton’ Is Eligible For Golden Globes And SAG Awards But Not Oscars. Here’s Why

Disney bought the rights to the specially shot and edited footage of the Broadway production and planned to release it in movie theaters — until the pandemic changed everything and the show was put on Disney+ instead. That's similar enough to other movies from 2020 that the Globes consider Hamilton eligible; SAG, oddly, puts it in the TV movie category. The Motion Picture Academy, on the other hand, made a deliberate decision to exclude the project from the Oscars. Reporter Scott Feinberg provides an explainer. - The Hollywood Reporter

When Theatre Comes Back To Stages It Will Be Different. But That’s OK

"While there have been times during the past year when theatre and all who work in it have felt helpless, unloved and ignored, there is also plenty of evidence that it does matter and can make itself matter – not just to its own community but beyond. When theatre doesn’t just think of itself, when it thinks beyond the next show and the box office, it can and does make a difference – over and over again." - The Stage

Reverse-Engineering Zoom To Make Online Theater

"Jared Mezzocchi has been systematically exploring what Zoom and the editing program Isadora can offer theatre practitioners during the pandemic. He has been working in the field for over a decade and has explored it from multiple points of view — designer, director, playwright, artistic director. … We Zoomed in November to talk about the production, how to reverse-engineer Zoom, Isadora as the way forward, and more." - HowlRound

Progress Report: BIPOC Representation In American Theatre

"Time will tell if theater grantmakers adopt the coalition’s demands en masse, and some of the demands have yet to make it into grantmakers’ toolboxes in a meaningful way. But at the very least, We See You has done a huge service for funders by creating a checklist of familiar, provocative, and disruptive action items." - Inside Philanthropy

The TikTok Musical That’s Already Earned $1 Million

At a running time of 51 minutes, and with perhaps only half the numbers required for a full adaptation of the 2007 animated Oscar-winner, this “Ratatouille” is a mere appetizer. But with a winning Tituss Burgess as the human embodiment of Remy, the Parisian rodent who can stir up a mean beef bourguignon, it is a promising first course. And the harbinger of a future property on the school circuit or maybe even in some professional incarnation. (Another leading indicator: The Actors Fund announced that the production surpassed $1 million in ticket sales on its premiere night.) - Washington Post

The Return Of The (High School) Radio Play

The teen actors couldn't perform outside because it was too cold, and they couldn't film because their school went virtual partway through the term. So voice recording and mixing, original music writing, sound creation, and general learning about radio drama it was. One senior actress: "You really have to concentrate on how you use different pitches and tones to convey to the audience what the scene is about. And that takes a lot of focus." - Colorado Public Radio

Theatremakers Want – And Need – A New New Deal

Hurray for the Save Our Stages money, but theatres need a lot more: "a new Federal Theatre Project (FTP), like the Depression-era government agency that directly employed artists to produce new work." Save not just the stages, but all of the workers of the stage as well. - The Undefeated

How Jewish Theatre Scrambled And Remade Itself For The Digital Year

As with every other kind of theatre, Jewish theaters and playwrights, actors and tech people, had a lot to figure out. The Jewish Playwriting Contest completely reimagined what it was asking, and to whom it was advertising - and got a huge bump in engagement. "It actually ended up being a really successful year for us." - Forward

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