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How A Drama School Class Handled Graduating Right Into The Pandemic

The theater students of the UNC School of the Arts Class of 2020 hadn't expected to be starting their careers right at the moment their chosen industry completely shut down. Here's a look at how they managed and where they are now. - The New York Times

Dallas Theatre Promises To Diversify, Then Announces An All-White Cast

“An effort was made. Was it good enough? Was it the right effort? Was it an effort that was still within the blind spots that we have? Possibly." - Dallas Morning News

Hearings On London’s Grenfell Tower Fire Made Into Theatre

Stage director Nicolas Kent and former Guardian security editor Richard Norton-Taylor have edited hundreds of hours of testimony, from early warnings to "bragging about fixing fire safety tests," into a verbatim theatre piece. - The Guardian

We Need To Diversify The Ranks Of Stage Managers, Too

"Black stage managers and their white allies … are establishing new organizations for racial equity, creating more opportunities for up-and-coming stage managers of color, and even examining aspects of their job that may do more harm than good." - The New York Times

Actors’ Equity Removes Mask And COVID Testing Requirements For ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Shows

Any Equity production where everyone backstage has had their shots may now let those folks do their work more or less as normal, though some safety rules are still in effect. But no meeting audience members at the stage door! - Playbill

What Makes Aristophanes Relevant Today? Call It ‘Patriotic Obscenity’

"When adversaries in politics go low, one has no choice but to go equally low, if not lower, in order to have the same visceral impact the same number of people. And what was revealed to me under the previous administration was that the fate of our whole democracy might hang on your wit and your ability to...

So Yale Theatre School Tuition Will Be Free. Is This A Good Thing?

The fascinating idea is that the free tuition even can expand exponentially to help yet more artists. It’s an interesting argument, rarely applied to philanthropy in education. - Chicago Tribune

How Do You Prove Opera Singers Can Act? Put Them In ‘King Lear’

Director Keith Warner assembled a cast made up entirely of opera singers, headed by such major names as John Tomlinson, Thomas Allen, Kim Begley, Louise Alder, Emma Bell, and Susan Bullock — several of whom studied drama seriously as young adults and have been wanting to try this for some time. - The Guardian

Chicago Tribune Puts Theater Critic Chris Jones In Charge Of Editorial Page

The move follows the paper's loss of 40 journalists since Alden Global Capital bought the Tribune earlier this year. Jones says he'll continue to review "the major shows" in town. - Robert Feder

Co-Founder Of Philly’s Wilma Theater To Depart After 40 Years

Blanka Zizka, who with then-husband Jiri turned a small, experimental company into a major regional theater, is stepping down just 17 months after she instituted a new rotating artistic directorship structure at the Wilma. - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Here’s What Will Be At The First Post-COVID Edinburgh Fringe

It's 170 shows rather than the 3,000+ that were standard pre-pandemic, there's still a big online component, many of the shows sill be outdoors, and the crowds will be a lot smaller, but the live, in-person Fringe is back. - BBC

David Geffen Gives $150 Million To Make Yale Drama School Tuition Free

The school said that, starting in August, it would eliminate tuition for all returning and future students in its masters, doctoral and certificate programs. Tuition at the school had been $32,800 per year. - The New York Times

‘Hamilton’ Has Grossed $650 Million. Why Did It Get At Least $30 Million In Pandemic Relief?

The Broadway production and each of the show's touring companies are incorporated separately, and each corporation can qualify for a $10 million Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. Lead producer Jeffrey Seller talked to the Times to justify applying for the money and explain what it's being used for. - The New York Times

Broadway’s ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ To Be Cut By Half

Before the pandemic, the award-winning hit played in two parts running a total of more than five hours. As theaters reopen, Cursed Child will remain as it was in Europe and Australia, but in North America it will be reduced to a single part, length as yet undetermined. - The New York Times

LA’s Echo Theater: 25 Years As A Hotbed Of Offbeat New Work

Artistic director Chris Fields: "We've had a very simple system at the Echo. We read a play every week amongst ourselves and talk about it. If we respond, we'll do a public reading. … Actors would invite other actors, many of them new transplants to L.A., and so we really started to develop our network. And that really trickled...

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