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Retirees At The Getty Object To Offloading Their Pensions

Former employees of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles have slammed its decision to hand its pension plan over to an insurance company, describing the move as “deeply disappointing” for the “richest art institution in the world”. - The Art Newspaper

England To Spend An Extra $100 Million On Arts Outside London

"An additional £75m will be put towards creative arts outside of the capital between now and 2025, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has announced." - Yorkshire Post

Long Wharf Theatre Giving Up Its Longtime Home

As the company remade itself, it faced a real estate quandary: whether to renew its expiring lease at the New Haven Food Terminal, just off Interstate 95, where it has been performing for 57 years. - The New York Times

The Founders Of The Razzie Awards Explain Why And How They Do It

"We don't consider ourselves a slap in the face; we look at ourselves as a banana peel on the floor. … These people got paid $1 million or more, we assume. And if you got $1 million and you got nominated for a Razzie, you still have $1 million." - Vulture

Linguists Analyze “Q” Writings And Identify The Author

Two teams of forensic linguists say their analysis of the Q texts shows that Paul Furber, one of the first online commentators to call attention to the earliest messages, actually played the lead role in writing them. - The New York Times

Rescuing A Group Of Afghan Hip-Hop Dancers

A group of 19 breakdancers, parkourists, rappers and family members escaped Kabul days after the Taliban arrived and are now in hiding in a neighboring country. Asia One, a California breakdancing star who's been a long-distance mentor, is mobilizing to get them out safely. - The Guardian

Facebook Dying? Unlikely

Facebook has already profoundly transformed how we understand ourselves in the digital age in a way that cannot be undone. Whether it survives is almost irrelevant — the problems that swirl around it will persist. - Los Angeles Times

Henry Danton, Who Danced All Over The World And Still Taught Ballet At Age 100, Is Dead At 102

He started with Sadler's Wells Ballet in London in 1940, appeared with the Paris Opera Ballet and with touring companies across four continents, then taught the national ballets of Colombia and Venezuela as well as at Sarah Lawrence and Juilliard before not-retiring to Mississippi in his 70s. - AP

A Brief History Of Food Writing, From Ancient Greece To Pete Wells

"As with any compartmentalizing of genre, there is something in the title that implies a diminishment, as if today, as in ancient Greece, the act of eating were too frivolous to be worthy of serious meditation." - T — The New York Times Style Magazine

Time Was, Respectable Newspapers Hated Word Games — Even Crossword Puzzles

"As far as the journalistic establishment was concerned, crosswords were another mindless fad used (by tabloids) as a substitute for good editorial, to keep readers coming back — much like BuzzFeed quizzes were in the 2010s." Yet the ways that establishment described the effect of crosswords were tabloidesque. - The Big Think

The Audience At This Musical Behaved So Badly That The Director Just Ended The Show

Northern Ireland Opera's performance of Sondheim's Into the Woods in Belfast last Saturday was cut short at the intermission after spectators moved around and talked so much that the cast complained to house management and ushers were abused as they tried to maintain order. - Belfast Telegraph

The Problem With Orchestras Programming Movies With Live Accompaniment

It's a good idea: audiences like it, and excellent music gets revived in the context it was meant for. It's not the technical difficulty of synching precisely with the film. The difficulty, writes Michael Phillips, is with which movies are and aren't available and why. - MSN (Chicago Tribune)

Art Generated By Artificial Intelligence Cannot Be Copyrighted, Rules U.S. Copyright Office

"Last week, a three-person board reviewed a 2019 ruling against Steven Thaler, who tried to copyright a picture on behalf of an algorithm he dubbed Creativity Machine. The board found that Thaler's AI-created image didn't include an element of 'human authorship' — a necessary standard, it said, for protection." - The Verge

One-Third Of The Oscar Categories Will Be Moved Off This Year’s Live Telecast

Of the 23 competitive awards, eight — editing, sound, makeup, original score, production design, and the live action, animated, and documentary shorts — will be announced and presented before the main ceremony and then edited into the live broadcast. - The Hollywood Reporter

An End To International Touring For Orchestras?

Orchestras still face the possibility of disruption by future waves of the virus, making planning difficult. In some bustling international markets, including China, quarantine rules are so strict that tours are nearly impossible. - The New York Times

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