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With The Kiev City Ballet In Their Unexpected Exile

The company left Kyiv for a tour in France one day before Putin's army invaded. The city of Paris has given them a residency at the Théâtre du Châtelet, and nobody knows how long it will last. Here's a photo journal of their stay so far. - National Geographic

How Did A Classical Radio Station Get To No. 1 In The Ratings In Charlotte?

"Theories abound as to why non-commercial 'Classical 89.9' WDAV Charlotte suddenly went to No. 1 in Nielsen's January survey. Here are the numbers behind the improbable victory." - Inside Radio

During The Pandemic Shutdown, Unemployment Among US Arts Workers Was Double The National Average

"In the early months of the pandemic, unemployment in the arts and culture sector spiked to nearly 30% while the national rate hit about 15%. As new data becomes available, we explore demographic trends and study the effect of COVID-19 relief funds." - SMU Data Arts

New York City’s New Arts Czar Has Faced Some Pushback

Mayor Eric Adams's appointee to head the Department of Cultural Affairs is Laurie Cumbo, founder of Brooklyn's Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts and former City Council majority leader. The opposition to her, which includes Lin-Manuel Miranda, actually has nothing to do with the arts. - Artnet

The World’s Biggest Theatre Award Goes To A Little Company Of Disabled Actors In Regional Australia

Back to Back, a company made up of neurodiverse and disabled performers based in Geelong, a city about an hour southwest of Melbourne, has won the International Ibsen Award, created by the Norwegian government and worth 2.5 million kroner ($286,000). - The Guardian

LA’s New Academy Movie Museum Will Rethink How It Portrays Industry Founders

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures was not far past its 2021 opening when people began asking how, in a museum devoted to a diverse and varied examination of filmmaking, the people who created the industry were largely, and alarmingly, absent. - Los Angeles Times

Report: Hungarian Government Is Suppressing Artists

The report's authors say that Orbán and his party, FIDESZ, have achieved this through a combination of consolidated state power and pressure on artists that has resulted in self-censorship. - NPR

Scientists Watch A Memory Being Formed In A Living Brain

From earlier work, they had expected the brain to encode the memory by slightly tweaking its neural architecture. Instead, the researchers were surprised to find a major overhaul in the connections. - Wired

Lab In Virginia Working To Save Ukraine Treasures

Created last year in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution Cultural Rescue Initiative — a world leader in this field — the lab is compiling imagery of Ukraine’s cultural sites to help track attacks on them. - Washington Post

The iPhone Uses AI To Enhance Images. Is It Too Smart To Take Good Pictures?

A careful examination of the 13 Pro noted visual glitches caused by the device’s intelligent photography, including the erasure of bridge cables in a landscape shot. “Its complex, interwoven set of ‘smart’ software components don’t fit together quite right,” the report stated. - The New Yorker

The World Heritage Sites At Risk In Ukraine

Among the UNESCO World Heritage monuments in immediate danger of destruction is the irreplaceable 11th-century cathedral of St. Sophia in Kyiv. - The Conversation

Researchers Are Using AI To Understand Animal Language

Researchers are using AI to parse the “speech” of animals, enabling scientists to create systems that, for example, detect and monitor whale songs to alert nearby ships so they can avoid collisions. - The Wall Street Journal

The Oscars And Baseball: “Fixing” Them Is Making Them Worse

Last year’s broadcast saw a 58 percent drop in viewership from 2020, according to Nielsen. But it may be that viewers are tuning out because the shows have gotten worse. - Washington Post

Universal Music Buys An Ape NFT To Lead NFT Music Group

On Friday, Universal's 10:22PM label said it paid $360,817 to purchase Bored Ape #5537 - a female character now known as Manager Noët All, to lead the group it founded in November called Kingship. - Reuters

Rare Marvel Comic Sells For $2.4 Million

The book, Marvel Comics No. 1, published in 1939, is so valuable because it is known as the pay copy, in which the publisher recorded the payments he owed to the illustrators, said Stephen Fishler, the chief executive of ComicConnect, an online comic auction house. - The New York Times

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