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What About Autumn Reading, Hunh?

How "summer reading" (and beach reads) became a Thing. - The New York Times

The Author Who Became A Vaccinator

And her worries about how neither profession seems to be doing much good in this world. "Wash your hands for 20 seconds as often as you like, but you’ll never get that damned spot out: your fingerprints are all over the Earth." - The Guardian (UK)

The Americans Who Transformed Ballet

Todd Bolender and Janet Reed "were expert ballet comedians, a rare talent, and intelligent, witty, well-read human beings" - and responsible for the establishment and quality of many, many U.S. ballet companies. - The Oregonian

Targeted Ads Are Way Beyond Annoying

They create political division and can promote incredibly dangerous theories. But there are ways to resist. - FastCompany

George Rhoads, Artist Of Intricate Machines That Move Billiard Balls And More, 95

Rhoads studied painting, but his fame came from his audiokinetic sculptures, "which ranged from tabletop size to more than 40 feet high, resembled a combination of planetariums, construction girders, carnival rides and pinball machines." - Washington Post

China Finally Allows In A Foreign Film

And it's ... a British Christmas movie about a cat? - Variety

France’s Call My Agent Hit Cult Popularity In The US, But Its Star Didn’t Really Know It

Actor Camille Cottin, who spent a lot of time with her family during the pandemic, is bemused by her popularity. "Now you tell me during the pandemic everybody watched ‘Call My Agent!,’ I was miles away, imagining that I was buried alive," she added with a grim laugh." - The New York Times

South America’s Largest Film Collection Goes Up In Flames

On Thursday, flames engulfed Brazil's Cinemateca Brasileira, whose collection includes "more than a million archival documents and around 250,000 film reels," with the extent of the damage as yet unknown. - Hyperallergic

Older Kindles May Stop Connecting To The Internet

And yes, you can blame 5G for this issue. - BBC

Turner Prize Winner Says UK Cut School Arts Funding To Cut Out Criticism From Artists

Artist Helen Cammock: "They’re trying to eradicate the subjects that encourage people to think, and the parts of culture that really loudly challenge the system that’s in place." - The Guardian (UK)

Do Olympic-Level Achievements Make People Happy?

That depends on when you ask them. (And yes, that has a bearing on the lives of the rest of us as well.) - The Atlantic

The Pleasure Of Falling Asleep With A Book

That is, with a book slipping out of your fingers, or falling on your face or stomach. - The New York Times

Broadway Announces New COVID Mandates For Its Reopening

Masks will also be required for audiences inside the theaters, except while eating or drinking in designated locations. - Deadline

How Can The Uffizi Sue Over An Image In The Public Domain?

Italian law strongly protects its heritage. The definition of cultural heritage itself under Italian law is broad: any works which “are of artistic, historical, archaeological and ethno-anthropological interest”. - The Conversation

A Good Death (From A Literary Perspective)

"I cannot expect to have a good death if my life did not accomplish certain specific things. And these things are not material." - Los Angeles Review of Books

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