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This Year’s Booker Prize Winner:

Booker judges pronounced Damon Galgut the winner, praising his novel for its “unusual narrative style that balances Faulknerian exuberance with Nabokovian precision, pushes boundaries, and is a testament to the flourishing of the novel in the 21st century.” - The New York Times

DC City Council Approves Two New Arts Commission Members Over Objections Of Its Chairman

The controversy comes as the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities has dramatically reshaped its policies to focus on diversity and equity and to broaden its reach to serve the entire city. Its $38.4 million budget is one of the nation’s largest. - Washington Post

Jazz Guitarist Pat Martino, 77 — Overcame Amnesia To Perform Again

In 1980, brain surgery left him with no memory, but he painstakingly relearned the instrument, and his own past, and went on to three more decades of innovative musicianship. - The New York Times

The Cultural Revisionism Industry

Over the past few years, a certain genre of media has found opportunity in debunking false conceptions of the semi-recent past and meditating on the cultural factors which contributed to their initial spread. - Gawker

Rehabilitating Chuck Close

Where Close’s work ultimately lands in the canon of American art will serve as the art world’s first test case for how an artist who faced sexual harassment allegations in life will be remembered in death. - Artnet

Mark-Anthony Turnage Writes Music For A Soccer Match

Granted, this isn't just any match: it's the still-legendary 1989 English Premier League championship in which the London team Arsenal pulled off a dramatic last-minute win against Liverpool. Here the composer writes about how the unusual project came about. - The Guardian

What Do Hybrid Performances Look Like After COVID?

It may be counterintuitive, but the consensus view is the best way to produce the emotional intensity of a live performance is to create programming distinctly different from the work being done onstage. - San Francisco Classical Voice

Inigo Philbrick, “The Bernie Madoff Of Art Dealers”, Will Plead Guilty To Fraud

In 2020 he was indicted on multiple charges of wire fraud and identity theft and fled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, where he was ultimately arrested; deemed a flight risk, he's been in custody in New York ever since. - Artnet

JackTrip: Solving The Internet’s Latency Problem For Musicians?

“We now have 60,000 users and we just hit the 100,000-hour mark of people making music on our platform. We’re excited to be a part of solving this problem.” - San Francisco Classical Voice

After 80 Years, The “City Of Arts” Diego Rivera Dreamed Of Is Open

"The 13-building complex opened this weekend (in Mexico City) with around 64,600 square feet of gardens, workshops, and performance and exhibition spaces." Amazingly, the six-year project was completed for less than $1 million. - ARTnews

Orchestras Continue Progress On Diversity During COVID

With racial sensitivities heightened since the 2020 murder of George Floyd, classical music groups nationwide have increasingly highlighted BIPOC performers and composers. - Dallas Morning News

Not Your Grandfather’s Native American Dance Troupe

"When Indigenous Enterprise appeared on World of Dance, Kenneth Shirley described the group's style as 'Native American with a little bit of hip-hop.' And the influence of hip-hop is discernible in footwork and bounce, but most of all in attitude." - The New York Times

Mark Zuckerberg As Cultural Director Of The Internet? Er…

Though the term “metaverse” suggests a fully articulated sci-fi realm, Zuckerberg is using it to glamorize a network of virtual and augmented reality apps and gear, like headsets. - The New York Times

“Internet Culture” Reporting Is Technology Reporting (So Let’s Call It That, Okay?)

Taylor Lorenz: "Why aren't internet culture writers, who are primarily women and people of color, seen simply as technology or culture reporters? And do we really need the word 'internet' or 'digital' in front of things in the year 2021?" - Mirror

What Happened To Tony Soprano In The End? “Sopranos” Showrunner David Chase Finally ‘Fesses Up

Okay, it's not really a surprise, but we finally get confirmation from the guy who made the decision, along with his feelings about the brouhaha around the show's finale, what led him to make the prequel, and how he feels about film versus TV. - The Hollywood Reporter

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