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For Some Artists, Quarantine Has Been A Gift

The open secret among anyone who enjoys the pleasure of their own company, however, is that the public health strategy of sheltering-in-place to combat COVID-19 was never a burden. It was a breath of fresh air. - ArtsATL

The Hospitality Industry, Hard Hit By The Pandemic, Wonders If It Can Change Again

What's going to happen as more and more people are vaccinated to the industries that supported thousands of aspiring actors, musicians, and others in the arts? "There’s a reckoning in the hospitality industry right now as these workers — and their bosses — contemplate how much of the old normal they’re are willing to return to. The restaurant trade has...

Myanmar’s Latest Internet Shutdown Will Damage Everyone In The Country, Not Just Pro-Democracy Activists

The internet is as much part of our utilities as water and electricity. The shutdown in this globally linked economy is destructive, and only part of that is planned: "In addition to stifling speech, communication, and digital rights, the indiscriminate internet blackouts are destroying Myanmar's economy, halting pandemic-related remote schooling, and disrupting health care." - Wired

Canadian Theatres Use Lockdown To Upgrade

Venue operators are using their enforced downtime to scrub, buff and do major reconfigurations. In some cases, the work was commissioned and started before COVID-19. Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall, for example, closed in 2018 for a $135-million renovation that was scheduled to be completed as soon as this year, but now there’s not such a hurry. - The Globe...

A Find In The Middle Of The Kalahari Desert Shows A Remarkably Innovative Culture 105,000 Years Ago

The conclusion from these finds is that people in the African interior weren’t lagging behind coastal cultures at all. Some of the most important innovations in human prehistory happened in multiple areas of the continent at around the same time. - Ars Technica

Where The Candidates For Mayor Of New York City Stand On Arts And Culture

"New York City is heading into one of its most consequential elections in decades. … For the purposes of this inquiry, we asked eight leading Democratic candidates to spell out their specific proposals for arts and culture in New York City." - Artnet

Venice Finally Bans Big Cruise Ships From Lagoon And Historic District

"For years, campaigns to oust cruise ships from the lagoon have been gaining traction, with locals claiming that the ships' massive structures erode the seabed, effectively turning the lagoon into an offshoot of the Adriatic Sea. And now, finally, the Italian government has agreed with them, passing a decree to ban cruise ships and other large vessels from the...

What Good Is Criticism After Something Bad Happens?

Every day I’m thankful for the work I get to do. I am paid to watch, to think, to write. But this week, like so many others recently, it has felt pointless, even silly, to analyze fictional stories when real people are dying." - The New York Times

Now Clear: How Brexit Is A Disaster For UK Artists

“It is being slightly masked by Covid, but we are already seeing individuals losing their jobs because they don’t hold an EU passport. People are being told their application for a post is not welcome anymore, or that gigs are being postponed or cancelled because EU promoters are not certain whether British talent will be able to make it...

Cooper Union Says It Will Be Tuition-Free Again By 2029

The prestigious, competitive art/architecture/engineering school in Manhattan's East Village charged no fees to students from its opening in 1859 until 2012, when an overambitious building program and bad management decisions led to financial disaster and free tuition was abolished, much to the fury of students, alumni, and others. There were worries that the pandemic would hamper the fundraising necessary...

France Gets Another Nationwide Lockdown, But Arts Venues Could Open By Mid-May

With COVID caseloads on the rise again, President Macron announced a new set of restrictions, less strict than the first set introduced last year, running April 3 to at least May 2. He also said his office is preparing a timetable for "certain" cultural venues to accept visitors again, a process he hopes will start in mid-May, pandemic conditions...

How COVID Has Decimated Seattle Arts

As of January, 56% of the organizations surveyed still had staff furloughed or laid off due to the pandemic. That’s a decrease from the 74% of organizations that reported staff furloughs or layoffs in April 2020, when pandemic closures first started. Still, the amount these groups say they’re budgeting for personnel expenses in 2020-21 is 25% lower than in...

Massive Amounts Of Money Intended To Help South African Artists Through Pandemic Are Missing

The South African government allocated 300 million rand (roughly $20 million) to a rescue fund for artists who lost their livelihoods due to COVID-related lockdowns. Thousands of individuals and organizations applied and were approved for relief money which hasn't arrived. News reports have said that the money has disappeared; the Arts and Culture Minister claims that it was double-allocated....

The Royal Albert Hall At 150: A Strange History

Way, way beyond the Proms: To mark the sesquicentennial of the hall's opening (Queen Victoria was all verklempt), the Beeb recounts some of the more momentous and offbeat events to have happened there, from the first-ever sci-fi convention (also the public debut of the only-the-English-could-drink-it concoction Bovril) to a séance for Arthur Conan Doyle to the first-ever sumo match...

Extraordinary Times Call For A Different Kind Of Philanthropy

"Our field is rich with expertise and is ripe for bountiful partnerships. As we move through recovery, it will be critical that we center partnerships, form coalitions, and work together to elevate and support the arts. While the benefits of this are unprecedented, it will require a deep reassessment of who we are as funders, and how we work."...

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